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Game Vs. Bears: Eagles Locker Room


On the Eagles failure to convert third downs late in the game: "It definitely affects the game. Anytime you have a third down, you want to make sure you convert, but the Bears did a great job of playing great defense and it just didn't come out our way."

On the Eagles Offensive line and whether they had a lot on their shoulders tonight: "Definitely. Our line does a great job and they're out there every play. As a team, we did what we could to put ourselves in a great position to win, but I tip my hat to the Bears. They played a great game."

On the health of Donovan McNabb and others on the team affecting the Eagles offensive play calling: "Yeah, it was definitely more limited. We don't have the same depth as we do when we're healthy. A few are dinged up, a few are hurt, but you can't worry about that. We still had a game to win today. We just didn't get the job done."


On his feelings regarding tonight's game: "I'm frustrated, but I still think we played good defense. We'll have to go back to the drawing board and work on some things that we made some mistakes on tonight. But, we battled. We stayed in it, yeah, but we just can't get in the hole like that. I give it up to the Bears' defense though. They came out and did a lot of good things."

On the Eagles' game plan for tonight's game versus the Bears: "We have confidence in our offense and we knew that they were going to get it done. But sometimes things don't work out. We're not supposed to let the Bears score 24 points and our goal was to keep them under 17, as it is every week. But we didn't keep them down and we didn't score enough points."


On game planning for the Eagles' next game versus Washington: "We just have to put this game behind us. Hopefully, we'll get back to full strength this week and then come out with some fireworks."


On his play tonight and the missed field goals: "I thought I really hit the ball well. I hit it where I wanted it to go, but in dropping the trajectory down to drive them through, it became more of me miscalculating how much the ball was going to move than my actual kick. Other than letting everyone down, I was just hoping for a chance to redeem myself at the end."

On whether his accuracy tonight was due to Soldier Field: "It's not Soldier Field. Out there tonight, it was a right to left wind. I put one kick just outside the pole, thinking it would come back, because when we were warming up, the ball was really pulling hard to the left. So I just wanted to keep it a little lower and power it. But when I did, it kept a straight line and didn't come back at all. And with the second one, I hit it right where I wanted to, but it tailed back to the right against the wind at about the goal line."

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