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Game Vs. 49ers: QB Michael Vick

On whether he is shocked by the outcome of the game: "First off, I want to thank God for another opportunity to go out and do what I was put on this earth to do. Secondly, I want to give credit to the San Francisco 49ers. They played a great game. So I take my hat off to them. But, yeah. It's shocking. It's frustrating. I really don't know what to say. "

On what he and the rest of the team are feeling: "I think right now we just have to figure it all out. You know, you take the coaches out of the equation and you rely on the players, my teammates, to figure out what needs to be done. Our coaches can only give us so much. We have to take into consideration ourselves, that we go out and make it happen and that's about it. They can't come on the field and play for us. We have to go out and make it work. How we've got to get it done is how we've got to get it done."

On how he feels walking out with a 1-3 record tonight: "My feeling? Do I really have to explain that? … It's frustrating. It's tough. I don't know. I can't put that in words."

On whether this is as frustrating as it's ever been for him: "Yeah, absolutely. We all had high expectations and we still do. Don't get me wrong. It's still a long season and we just have to dig deep. We've got to dig deep. There's really nothing else to be said. It's self-explanatory. It's right there for everybody to see what is taking place, how it's been done, what hasn't been done and what needs to be done. I think that's just the bottom line. I take sole responsibility. Maybe there are a lot of things that I can do better and I've got to figure it out but it's frustrating. I won't continue to use that word but yeah, it's tough."

On whether Eagles head coach Andy Reid is too conservative when sitting on a lead in the fourth quarter: "Absolutely not.  I don't agree with that.  I mean there's three phases that you have to excel each and every Sunday for 16 weeks – offense, defense and special teams.  Offense has to do their part, defense has to do their part, special teams have to do their part, it's a collective effort. So no, it's not the coaches being conservative. It's not the coaches in general.  I think it's us as players having to figure out what needs done in the moment.  In the moment. And everything has to be right. Everybody has to be in the right place. Certain times in the game you have to gut check.  I've been there plenty of times, played in enough games in this league to know when it's time to gut check. And everybody has to have that."  

On injuring a finger on his throwing hand: "Yeah my finger popped out of place in the first half and I was just determined to finish the game, regardless of how I had to do it. And I did it.  Wish the outcome could have been a bit different, but it is what it is." 

On whether the team has the right players to be effective in short yardage situations: "I think we do. I think we have the right personnel to get it done.  And you know you get down there in the red zone and you're just so anxious and you want it so bad.  It's just discipline, being disciplined and like I said, the collective effort of everybody being on the same page.  And you're not going to score each and every time you're in the red zone and sometimes you have to give the defense credit.  Their team (San Francisco) is the number one defense in the league in the red zone.  So they did a great job, but the field goals add up as well."

On what it takes to "gut check" and have the mentality to close out close games: "I heard Steve Young a couple of weeks ago mention when he played it was a sense that came over him and the sense was: "Over my dead body." I will not lose this game. I will not let this guy in front of me beat me.  From my perspective I will not let this defense overcome what I'm trying to overcome.  It's just the "over my dead body" attitude that you have to take.  And you have to be willing to give everything you got and at the same time stand fundamentally sound, be mentally sharp and letting your physical abilities show. That's gut check. Some people have it and some people don't but we're going to find out who's got it."

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