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Game Vs. 49ers: Locker Room Offense

RB Ronnie Brown

On what the mindset was when he fumbled the ball near the goaline: "I mean, it was a design play, you know, I just have to make a better decision with the ball. No matter if it's a pass or a run, I just have to make a better decision. I think I tried to out think myself a little bit. It was a pass play and I was thinking once the guy slipped off, you know, just try to throw the ball away and give us another chance on fourth down and not take a loss where we can go for it on fourth down if possible. I just have to make a better decision with the ball."

On whether it was a pass-run option or was he just going to throw the football: "I just have to make a better decision. You know, if it's called a pass and it's designed to pass and it breaks down, whatever the situation may be, I have to make a better decision. When the guy had me in his grasp I should have made a decision and just ate it then just take the three points."

On whom the receiver was on the designed play: "One of the tight ends."

On whether the play was for him to go into the line and then run-pass option: "I mean, it was a design where it was a pass-run option. I just didn't make a good decision with the ball."

On how much that play hurts after looking back at the game and seeing how it was decided: "It was tough. Obviously you're on the three yard line, two yard line and it's one of those red zone plays where you have the opportunity to put points on the board. Whether it's three or seven (points), you're pretty much in that area. If you just hold on to the ball, now you have the chance to kick a field goal on fourth down and go up some more points. You just have to make the best of those opportunities when you get down there."

On why it seems so hard for this team to succeed on short-yardage plays: "It's just execution. It's going to take all 11 guys (to get) on the same page. Whether it may be one guy here or one guy there, it's different things, but those things add up. Whether it's us not putting the ball in the right place, not blocking the right way – whatever it may be, making a bad decision with the ball – whatever it is, it's different things each time, but at the same time, those things add up when you don't get a chance to put the points on the board. I think you obviously see the effects that it's had these last few weeks."

WR DeSean Jackson

On whether he sees a resolution to the team's rough 1-3 start: "This is just something we have to figure out. As far as people panicking, a lot of people are probably giving up on us and we care less about that. We have a job to do inside this locker room. We're supposed to go out there and play as a team and try to win as many games as possible. From paper, I know our team is a lot better than what our record says. We're on the road for our next game (at Buffalo) so we need to figure out what to do to get this thing rolling."

On how he can say improvement will come when the same mistakes are being made: "Well, the same things are happening, so somewhere down the line we're going to have to stop them. The bad thing is that the things we're doing are causing us to lose games. This is a league of high-powered offenses, defense and special teams—so, anytime we come into a game we're aware of that. The worst team and the best team is still a team in the NFL and the guys get paid just like we do, so we just have to bring our 'A' game out. Sometimes our 'A' game may not be there, but we still have to find a way to win. Today I felt we were in great shape being up 23-3—the second half was just brutal." 

On what the difference was in the second half: "It was just that they (49ers) were able to put points on the board. It was very frustrating. I think they were doing things as they were doing in the first half. Anytime you have a 20-point lead in the NFL, you have to be able to cover that up and win that game. But, I don't know. We have to look at that film and see what happened. We just can't keep causing ourselves to lose games—I think that's the case right now. It's a reality check for everybody on this team: from the offense to the last person on this roster. We just got to do whatever we have to do and it starts on the practice field, and hopefully we get it going."

On if he thinks focus is a problem: "Definitely. That's part of the reason. People are relaxing, but I don't know. I was always told to go out there and play four quarters regardless of the score. We came out of half time as if it was 0-0. I think the mentality of us going out there and us stepping on them, and just being able to go out there and put pressure on them really wasn't seen in the second half. But, as a team we kept fighting and we just tried to do everything we could to get it in there and win, but we couldn't do it."

On having a big game on the same day the team fell short: "Like I always say, it's great for me to go out there and have breakout games with stats or whatever the case may be, but none of that stuff really matters to me at the end of the day if we lose a game—That's what we like to do. I can't recall being here and starting 1-3. I've never been here before when that's happened. Things are different right now, so we just have to fight back and can't give up—it's a long season. We still have 12 games left, so we have to be able to go out there and win out."

K Alex Henery

On whether he was disappointed with his performance today: "I was very disappointed. I got off to a good start and those last two misses were my fault."

On how he will try to bounce back from today: "I will just do what I do with every kick. Just go out there and hit the next one. Just go out there and forget about the last one."

On whether he was thinking about the first miss when he missed his second field goal: "No, I pride myself on that. They were different hashes and I though I had the second one, but I pushed it and didn't get my hip through."

On what happened with his first miss: "It was the same thing. I didn't get my hips through. I was hitting a good ball, it went straight, just not straight through the posts."

On what head coach Andy Reid told him after his second miss: "He told me that we were going to get the ball back and that I should be ready to hit the game winner."

On whether his heart sunk after WR Jeremy Maclin's fumble, knowing he would not have a chance to redeem himself: "Being as competitive as I am, I just wanted to make the next one. It is how everyone should be."

On whether the weather had anything to do with his performance today: "I don't blame anything today on the conditions. There was a little breeze, but when I was kicking the ball it wasn't affected. My ball went straight, right outside the post. It was my fault and nothing the wind did."

On how tough it will be to rebound after this loss: "It's over with now. There is nothing I can do now. I will just go out there, practice and strive to be 100 percent. That is pretty much all I can do."

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