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Game Vs. 49ers: Head Coach Mike Singletary

On what happened at the start of the fourth quarter: "At that time, I was contemplating putting (QB) David Carr in the game. And after talking to (QB) Alex (Smith), decided not to."

On what Smith said to convince Singletary to keep him in the game:"I'm not going to go through that. It was exchanges that we had on the sideline, and that's personal."

On whether he was angry with anything that Smith had done:"The bottom line is, it was just something that we talked about, and I'd rather keep it personal."

On whether he changed his mind based on what Smith said or how he said it: "What he said."

On how he feels Smith responded to that:"We went and scored."

On whether he leaves the game feeling better abut the quarterback because of his response: "I leave this game feeling disappointed that I think a pretty decent football team are 0-5. Disappointed for that because we put ourselves in this situation and only we can get ourselves out. I think the best team that we've played so far is the San Francisco 49ers."

On whether they are maybe not as good as he thinks because of the record:"Well, I look at it like this. Obviously when you're 0-5, it can be taken many different ways. As head coach, I chose to see it in the way that I feel that we are a decent football team. We haven't given ourselves a chance to find out how good we are."

On whether he will consider a quarterback change after this week: "I've got to get back and look at the film, and we'll go from there."

On whether he is open to a quarterback change: "It's possible."

On how much of the loss he blames on turnovers: "Well if you look at the stats, the more turnovers you have, the less of a chance you have of winning the game. That's a fact. So the thing that we knew we could not do was turnover the ball. But yet, we did it. So we just have to keep working at it."

On whether he considered taking Smith out to improve the play or just to get him out of the game:"I thought at the moment, I really wanted to see what his response would be. More than anything, in a situation like that, a quarterback, a quarterback that has anything in him, is going to have something to say about that. And we were in the situation, how do we get out of the situation? Hopefully you're part of the solution. And I think in the conversation that we had, I felt he felt he was part of the solution. And we went forward from there."

On his comparison to the conversation he had with former 49ers QB Shaun Hill at the end of the 2008 season:"Similar. Similar."

On whether Smith reacted similarly to Hill at that point: "Totally different responses, but the same result."

On whether he expected Smith's reaction when he decided to challenge him:"I really didn't know what to expect. I just knew that I needed to see where he was once I did."

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