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Game Vs. 49ers: Head Coach Andy Reid

On injuries sustained in the game: "(DT Antonio) Dixon has a tricep strain, and he'll have an MRI in the morning. (DE) Trent Cole has a calf strain, and he'll have an MRI in the morning. (LT) Jason Peters has a hamstring strain, and he'll have an MRI in the morning."

On the loss: "Absolutely terrible job by myself and my football team today. When you have the lead in the National Football League, you build on it and you continue to score points when given the opportunity. In all areas we were terrible today. We had a lot of yards, but we didn't punch it in, and we were just 2-for-7 in the red zone. Defensively, we gave up three scoring drives in the second half. Our young kicker (Alex Henery) has got to figure it out too, just like everybody else on our football team. When you have opportunities to score points, you score points."

On whether the defense has been mainly responsible for surrendering three straight fourth quarter leads: "If it was just a defensive game, I would tell you yes. But it's an offensive game too. Nobody is pointing fingers at anybody. We're all going to take a look at each other and look in the mirror a little bit and figure it out."

On whether the team can bounce back from a loss like this one: "Yes."

On the offensive problems in the red zone: "They're all different. The bottom line is that I have to make sure I put the players in the right position to make plays, and then we have to make the plays. Obviously we need to continue to work on our snap count and make sure we're not jumping offside."

On what has gone wrong in the team's last three fourth quarters: "It's a variety of things. I wish I could tell you it was one thing, but it is a variety of things."

On the play of quarterback Michael Vick: "None of us feel like we played very good."

On the struggle of the defense in the second half: "It's offense and defense. You can't sit on leads. You can't do that as a football team. That's what I did with our team here, and we lost the game."

On the decision to not resign David Akers and the irony of Akers being on the opposite sideline on a day that rookie kicker Alex Henery missed two key field goals: "I'm not into irony, but it will probably make a good story for (the media)."

On whether he still feels the Eagles are a playoff team: "We're trying to win football games. We're not worried about playoffs right now. We're worried about winning football games."

On whether any problems were repeated today from previous fourth quarter setbacks: "We didn't score enough points offensively, and we didn't shut them down enough defensively. That's the common denominator."

On not running RB LeSean McCoy from more two tight end sets today: "We did what we did. You saw what we had in mind. We did what we had in mind. We just needed to score more touchdowns."

On whether the team is not sharing in his sense of urgency: "I have to do a better job as the head football coach. It's my football team, and I have to do a better job with it."

On whether the team is letting down its guard in the second half: "The bottom line is, (San Francisco) scored too many points, and we didn't score enough points in the second half. That's the bottom line. That includes all of us."

On whether he is surprised that the team is at its current stage despite the influx of new players:"You have to play as a football team. My responsibility is to get the football team to play as a football team. I don't care how much talent you have, you have to play as a football team. That's my responsibility with that."

On whether CB Nnamdi Asomugha is not the player the team thought he was: "I don't feel that way. We all have to do better. Not one guy or one side of the ball. That's not what it is. We all need to do better."

On whether the team is strong enough defensively up the middle: "We'll continue to improve. That's what we're going to do. We're going to get better. It's not that one thing, that's not what it is. It's a combination of things, and I have to get that right."

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