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Game V. Redskins: S Quintin Mikell

On whether the result of last week's fourth quarter had an effect on the way they played today: "Yes. I think whenever we're on the field in that situation, as a defense, we expect to win the game. We've been there before and we don't like to win all of them like this but it's nice to know that we've done it and we can keep doing it."

On whether he feels as though there is some momentum: "I feel like it. It seems like everything bad that can happen has happened and we keep coming out on top. We need these kinds of games because, down the stretch, everyone is going to be tough like this. I feel like we keep conquering and conquering and eventually we're going to be where we need to be."

On what Washington did so well on third downs: "They were getting those first downs. They did a lot of quick passing, getting the ball out quickly, trying to counter our blitzes and (Redskins QB) Jason Campbell– he always plays well against us but we did enough today to win."

On the mentality he and the defense had on the Redskins last possession: "We were going to make sure we won the game. Everybody was hyped up. We knew that this was it and, as a defensive player, if we want to be considered one of the better defenses in the league and in Eagles history, we've got to come out on top in this kind of situation. So, we were excited for that."

On how he would describe their huddle towards the end of the game: "At the end, everybody was excited. That's the situation that you look for to put it on our backs at home and come out on top. We felt like we let ourselves down a lot, especially in the first three quarters, and we started playing better towards the end and that's what we wanted to do."

On how he would describe the current scenario for the team being 7-4 going into December: "I think we're starting to come together. We still haven't played a perfect game, obviously, but I think everybody's starting to believe, everybody's starting to pull together and we're fighting. It's a one game season from here on out so I think everybody's excited for what we can do."

In regards to linebackers, whether he felt that they found some solid packages today: "Yes. Actually, for the last couple of weeks we've stuck to what we do and I think it's working so far. (LB, Jeremiah) Trotter and (LB, Joe) Mays and all of those guys are getting better each week. They're playing hard and that's all we need. I'm proud of our linebackers. They've been taking a lot of hits this year but they come every week and they're ready to fight."

On whether it was a shock to start the game with the Redskins at the Eagles 19 yard line: "Before that play, the defense got together and we said 'We may or may not get this. If we don't get this, we've got to be ready to play.' I don't think we were shocked, I just think that gave them momentum right off the bat. I just think that they made some good calls, some good plays in the beginning and we just didn't start out on top but it happens."

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