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Game V. Redskins: Locker Room Offense

RB Eldra Buckley

On the coaches sticking with him after a couple failed attempts near the end zone: "It meant a lot. If the coaches believe in you enough to keep you down in on the goal line and to know that you can do it, I had to look up and help them out and get it in there."

On his touchdown boosting the team's chance to win: "The whole game we thought we were going to win the game. It never went out of our minds that we were going to win that game. We just had to find a way to do it, and we went and did it."

On how it felt to score his first career touchdown: "It felt good. It felt really good to go in there. It was a tough one. They defended it. We went in there and pushed up front and got in there."

On the consecutive fourth quarter comeback victories: "It shows a lot. It shows the heart of this team. It shows how we battle. We go together in practice everyday. We work hard. We believe in each other. That's all it takes in the locker room -- we believe in each other, and it works out."

WR Jeremy Maclin

On the long catch he made during the game-winning drive: "It felt good. First, to know that (QB) Don (Donovan McNabb) had the confidence to throw the ball to me, especially after (WR) Jason (Avant) came up big today. It felt good to go out there and make the play, just being reliable to your quarterback."

On the consecutive fourth quarter comeback victories: "I think it goes back to the couple (games) that we lost in the fourth quarter. You look at San Diego and you look at Oakland -- especially Oakland -- we don't like that feeling. We don't like knowing that we had an opportunity to go out there and win the game…(and) we didn't do it. I think the offense definitely put it on our shoulders to go out there and do some things, and the defense stepped up big as well."

On playing the second half without injured WR DeSean Jackson: "Unfortunately for him, he got hurt. Hopefully, I'm praying for him, that he'll be better. When a guy goes down, other guys have to step up. That's what we've got to do and I think we've got the guys on the team to do that. Jason proved, surely, he can make some plays out there, and I think I did my fair share, too, so I'm happy that we got the win."

On the win not being as easy as people might have expected: "It's a division opponent. They've seen us once already this year, so they kind of got the feel of us. They're getting better each week. Any win in the NFL is a good win. That's one thing I've learned now, being in the league for my first year. I'm pretty sure we're all excited for the win."

On how important of a win this was in regard to the playoff chase: "It's very big. We want to control our own destiny and right now we have an opportunity to do so. Hopefully, we can keep this thing going."

FB Leonard Weaver

On how important of a win this was at this point in the season: "It's very important because it's a division game, and obviously for playoff slots later on in the season, so it's very important for us to get it. It was a key win today."

On the message he was trying to send when he was pounding his chest while looking at the Eagles' sideline: "I was kind of letting them know, 'Let's continue to keep running it.' When you get down there (near the goal line), it's something that we've kind of struggled with, and I take pride in that because a lot of that is on me. So I was just saying, 'Hey let's keep running that thing.' And we finally got it in there. (It was) no frustration with getting the ball. I think I toted it a little bit today, and I'm pretty happy. I'm pretty content right now."

On the consecutive fourth quarter comeback victories: "Well obviously the stigma has been around that we can't win and come from behind, and we've done it twice in a row. And you never want to be in that position in the first place, but it just goes to show you that we have the talent and ability to be able to do it as a team, and we did it today."

On being able to come back and win without DeSean Jackson: "It speaks volumes of the players who stepped up today. Maclin stepped up, made some key catches. Jason Avant did (too). Then the rookies, (RB LeSean) McCoy, and Buckley stepped in on the goal line. Those guys played great today. Offensive line did good. It was a great all-around team effort and it showed the character we have."

RB LeSean McCoy

On what this win means to him: "It means a lot to me. To have a lot of trust for our younger guys to come out, step up, make some plays at a critical time in the game. That's a sign that they have some confidence in us."

On the key to the two-point conversion shovel pass: "We do a lot of stuff out of that formation, mostly passing. We figured they would think it's a pass. They actually got a lot more penetration than we expected. They kind of rushed McNabb so much, and he just pitched it, it kind of got my defender to come around and it opened up for me. We did a great job and got it in there."

On young players like himself and Maclin contributing so much to the win: "I think it's a sign of the confidence they have in us, and we were working hard these last couple weeks, trying to get it together. They put faith in us, and we showed up."

On whether he's stopped being looked at as a rookie: "I think any player in this league is a competitor. I think you have that attitude to approach anything in this league. You've got to play as a competitor."

WR Jason Avant

On the 90-yard drive that led to tying the game: "We don't think about it like that. Football is instinctive. We go out there and just think one play at a time. We don't think about having to go 90 yards. We think about getting the first first down. Everything begins to happen when guys make plays. Donovan was accurate and some guys stepped up, Jeremy made a couple big plays, and we got a win."

On making the halftime adjustment to the gameplan to take more shots deep: "You can get kind of comfortable, defensively, if they know we're going short, playing the run game, playing the three-step (drop), playing those types of things. In order to keep them honest, you've got to threaten them deep. If you get some chances deep, you've got to continue to take those opportunities."

On the trust he and Donovan have now and how it's evolved: "I think that it has a lot to do with different things, on-and-off the field. I know him from (offseason training together in) Arizona. We're out there working hard, going to get a bite to eat, learning each other. We're in bible study together, talking about the goodness of The Lord. And I believe that just playing on the field, just getting timing -- it's a process with those types of things, getting your quarterback to trust you. We're just thankful to have a good quarterback like him."

On his teammates attributing the win to his big plays: "We're a team. If it wouldn't have been me, it would have been someone else. I just thank God for an opportunity to go out there and be able to play. It wasn't about me. It was about the team. I was just in that position at that time -- next week it may be someone else."

On the consecutive fourth quarter comeback victories: "That's what good teams do. There are going to be games when you don't play your best game, but it's all about how you end the game. There are going to be some more games this season where we may not play as well, but we've got to come and finish games out in the fourth quarters, and when you're in position, you've got to take advantage of it."

K David Akers

On the onside kick to start the game: "Even though they ended up scoring a touchdown, there are going to be teams looking at that and are going to need to prepare for that."

On when they decided to do a play like that: "It's decided before the game. We practice it and sometimes the situation doesn't occur when you get to kick off. We call it a back door where it looks like you're going to kick it to the deep left and you swing around on it. The back side returners will go ahead and go set up on the other side of the field and they're not ready for the ball."

On if some of the Redskins' players knew it was coming: "There is absolutely no way they knew it was coming because it looked exactly like a regular kick off. There is no way. If the ball didn't hit one of us, it would have been a first down for us."

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