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G Wells, C/G Cole, G Jean-Gilles

G Reggie Wells

On how his first practice with the team went and whether the trade was a shock for him: "Yeah, for being somewhere for as long as I was, it's different. But I'm excited about the move. I'm happy to be out here and I'm just trying to grasp it as fast as I can."

On how he is going to fit in with the offense: "Just bolster it as best I can. They haven't told me really anything other than that, just come in and they think I'm someone who can help make them a lot better in whatever way they think I can. We'll take it as it comes. I'm not going to rush it or anything, but I came out here to play and give my best. I'm glad I have that chance and I'm glad they gave me that chance."

On what happened in Arizona: "Sometimes it's just time to move on. I had some good years out there and still have some guys who I care for greatly out there, but they went their separate way and I went mine. So that's that."

On whether he still feels he's a starter in the NFL: "Oh, without a doubt. I wouldn't have left there if I didn't and I think I proved that this training camp. (I'm) just coming out here for a fresh start, really."

On having the versatility to play multiple spots on the offensive line: "Yeah, over these years I've been at a few different positions, so just coming in and trying to learn the scheme and learn how they do things here and then we'll take it from there as far as position and everything."

On whether offensive line coach Juan Castillo had the chance to talk to him about what they do here and the differences between here and Arizona: "Yeah, we got some good film work in today and I think anywhere you go it's going to be different to a certain degree, but certain things are the same. You just have to know how to equate them to what you already know and what you've already learned. I know Juan and know of Juan from other people, so I'm just going to take it all in."

G/C Nick Cole

On preparing differently for various offensive line positions: "No, not really. A lot of it is pretty much the same thing. You might have a little tweak here and there, but that's why you do extra stuff. Make sure you're ready."

On whether he sensed that he would be the eventual starter: "I didn't know what was going on. The way I do, I always make it hard for whomever. Whatever the decision may be, I try to give it 100 percent. That's how I work with me."

On bringing in another guy (Wells) to push him: "NFL, baby. Always competing. Fight to keep a job."

On how his knee is doing: "Good. I'm ready."

On whether he scored points with the coaches after coming back so quickly from the knee injury: "I'm always tough, but I just have to get right. Better off getting right than going out there and then not being right and messing up, then you don't have a chance."

On whether he has a preference of guard or center: "Doesn't really matter, as long as I'm out there. Whenever you get an opportunity to play, you have to roll with it."

On whether he lost some confidence at center early in camp: "No. I never lose confidence, I just always go. My mindset is to go. I never lose confidence."

G Max Jean-Gilles

On having other options around the league after being released by the team yesterday: "I mean, I love Philly. They wanted me here, so I love being here, man. I'm here."

On whether he asked why he was the one the team chose to cut: "No. Everything happens for a reason. I don't question it. I'm here, I got a job, so I'm good."

On what his reaction was when the team informed him on the move:"I was actually getting a tattoo and I was kind of shocked from the pain and then they called me at the same time and I was like, 'Woah, what's going on?' It was okay."

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