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FS Nate Allen, FB Leonard Weaver, WR Hank Baskett

**FS Nate Allen

On how he has been able to handle being the starting safety as a rookie:**

"A lot of it, you just have to be mentally tough and you just have to learn - you have to ask a lot of questions and take in all the advice you get from the vet guys and coaches and try not to make the same mistake twice."

On whether he has ever felt overwhelmed: "There's been a couple times, especially during the OTA's and training camp. But, like [Defensive Coordinator] Coach [Sean] McDermott was saying, there's going to be times where you feel overwhelmed, but you just have to grind through it and when it comes down to it, play ball."

On whether he is recognizing plays on the field quicker: "Starting too, starting too. But, like I always say, I have a lot of work to do and I'm just learning as I go. You know, I'm getting a feel for it still and I feel good with where I'm at right now. I always have room to improve and always get better."

On whether they gameplanned for the Kansas City game: "We gameplanned a little bit, you know, not too much. I'm not sure exactly what a regular week is like. But I mean, we gameplanned a little bit, and yeah, we just went out there and played ball really and stuck to what we do."

On where he gets his mental toughness from: "I mean, it's something that's developed, I guess. Over the years, you go through so many adverse situations that you have no choice because you have to have a short memory. Especially on this level because you're going to give up plays, adverse situations are going to happen, but you just have to move past it."

* On whether he is getting anxious for the first regular season game:*
"I'm excited; I'm ready. I'm looking toward this (New York) Jets game right now though because I'm not sure exactly how it works. I don't know how much I'm going to be playing. So, I'm just going to get ready like I'm playing all four quarters and just get ready for the Jets. And then, week of the Green Bay (Packers) game, get ready for Green Bay."

**FB Leonard Weaver

On how he prepares and helps the rest of the team prepare for the fourth preseason game since he's not expected to see a lot of playing time:**

"Well, right now we're preparing for Green Bay, and that's exactly what we're doing. We're looking at film and kind of getting ourselves prepared and obviously mentally getting prepared. This week for us is a rest week, of course, in a sense of being able to relax the body, but at the same time having your mind still go. So, during the game we'll be helping the young guys kind of work through the things that they're not doing so good at, or that they need help on and just kind of really coaching them up."

On whether he looks forward to helping the young guys: "Oh yeah, definitely, for sure. I mean, I think that's something that goes a long way. I think that's something that I've been taught my whole career being with (former Seattle Seahawk fullback) Mack Strong and (former Seattle Seahawk running back) Shaun Alexander. They kind of took me under their wings and showed me how to do things. So, that's exactly what we do here."

On whether he is worried about some of the inconsistencies from the first team offense in the preseason: "No, we're not worried at all. I mean, because all of the inconsistencies, so called, are definitely correctable. And we have time to correct them and so we're going to take full advantage of that time and we're going to make the corrections as such."

On whether there will be more focus from players because the offense has been inconsistent: "I really believe so. I think there's definitely going to be a more focused attention. I think there's definitely going to be more attention to detail. The things that we came out and sought to do, that we didn't do, we're definitely going to do. It's definitely going to be a different vibe and a different team that you see come out week one when we're preparing for Green Bay."

** WR Hank Baskett

On kickoff coverage struggles:**

"We just have to get down to the basics again. On kickoffs, sometimes you see the opportunity to make a big play and sometimes you might go around a guy, because you think it's going around, but things happen so fast and you have those kickoff returners that just hit it with a full head of steam. We have to work on that, that's what we've been trying to do. It's gotten better every week, and that's what's good. In the preseason, you want to get better every week and hit the beginning of the season rolling."

On whether he has played one particular position on kickoff coverage or if he has played multiple spots: "For so many years, I've played the same spot, either the L2 or the R2. We've got to contain. Our job is, no matter what, don't let anybody outside of you. That's pretty much what my job's been."

On whether he has different players play to the left and right of him during the course of training camp: "It's training camp. You're rolling guys in. Everybody has to get on film. The coaches have to see what everybody can do. One day, maybe one guy's beside you, and the next day, maybe another. That also helps getting that mold down, for kickoffs and punt coverage and things like that. It takes time to completely gel together because you have to constantly rotate guys in, so the more practice you can get together, and then you start rolling through the preseason, you start fine tuning things. That's what the preseason's for, to fine tune things."

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