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FS Nate Allen Conference Call

On finding out that the Eagles were drafting him: "I got the phone call from all the coaches and they just said they were going with me and they were about to announce it."

On having a feeling that he was going to end up with the Eagles: "I really had no idea, but I was excited wherever and I'm just so excited right now to be an Eagle. I couldn't be more excited. I'm at a loss of words I'm so excited. I'm so thankful they had the faith in me and they're just giving me the opportunity to make their franchise better."

On how much interaction he had with the Eagles leading up to the draft: "I met with them at the combine, but didn't go to a visit. They definitely showed interest at the combine and I was just myself and told them what I could do. I'm just so thankful that they chose me."

On his strengths as a player: "Whatever they need me to do. Whether it be special teams, whatever they need me to do, I'll do it; I'm there. I'm just really excited to be an Eagle and just help them win a Super Bowl."

On how being a quarterback in high school helped him with his switch to the secondary: "I think it was definitely beneficial. It's a big step from being a college quarterback. Just as far as knowing what quarterbacks look at, their checks maybe, how they look off receivers. Just the quarterback mentality a little."

On whether former Eagles safety J.R. Reed informed him on what the Eagles fans are like: "He said they're tough. They have a passion for it; they love it. I'm just really excited to play, I'm excited."

On how he feels about the Eagles acquiring this pick through the Donovan McNabb trade: "It's great. I'm just honored to be an Eagle. I'm just glad coach [Andy] Reid and everybody had faith in me. I'm so glad and I'm just ready to get up and just start working hard and I'm just excited. I'm at a loss of words, I'm so excited."

On whether he played any nickel in college: "No, I didn't play any nickel. Just basically all safety."

On critics saying he is inconsistent at tackling: "That's their opinion and I'm just going to come in and try to show everybody that I can tackle, be a consistent tackler and just always improve. I can always improve in everything."

On added pressure because he was taken with the McNabb pick: "Not really. Just being in the NFL Draft is an honor to me, just being considered with the whole Donovan McNabb thing. I'm just so thrilled and excited and I'm ready to get up there and start working hard."

On Eagles picking a safety: "Yeah, I had no idea. I was just waiting and I was praying to the Lord that whatever was going to happen was going to happen. I just put it in the Lord's hands and I'm just excited. I'm glad the Eagles are giving me a chance and I'm so thankful for this opportunity."

On playing strong versus free safety at South Florida: "We pretty much were interchangeable, so I'm pretty comfortable at strong or free."

On communication with Eagles throughout this process: "I've been talking to them a little bit, but the most, the biggest time I talked was at the combine and just sat down and watched a little tape with them and just went over some stuff."

On how he expects to contribute: "I definitely want to come in and play right away, but wherever they need me. Wherever I'm needed, special teams, anywhere, nickel, wherever I'm needed to help them win I'm there."

On his draft party: "I have my family here. I have a bunch of friends. I had to go in my room and close the door because it's so loud out there."

On where he is: "I'm at home in Fort Myers, Florida."

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