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FS Brian Dawkins

On his ankle injury: "It wouldn't say I was scared; I would say I was frustrated more than anything because I wanted to finish out that last little bit of action with the ones out there and get off the field. It was frustrating in that respect."

On how much his ankle has progressed since the initial injury: "It's just one of those things that, when you have an injury after the game, you get a little sore. After that, it starts feeling a lot better."

On whether he worries about injuries more at this point in his career: "I don't worry about them at all, actually. They are going to happen regardless. I've had ankle injuries in the past and it's the same thing — you go out on the field, you play ball. If you get injured, you get treatment and get back on the field. That's pretty much the way I am."

On whether he is concerned about his right foot since many of his injuries have been on that foot: "I didn't really pay attention to it until you said something about it. I really don't pay attention to any of that stuff. The Lis Franc (in 2003) was different, because that injury is not as common. If you have an ankle twist or a sprain, you know it's part of the game; they are going to happen at times. I don't even pay attention to it."

On whether he knew it wasn't a serious injury: "I just had faith that it wasn't going to be anything, and just from my past experiences with things like this, I didn't feel anything that would tell me anything different than what I was thinking—that it was just a sprain."

On whether he will be ready for the regular season: "That's the plan."

On how QB Donovan McNabb has looked so far in the preseason: "First and foremost, he's healthy. I've said it in the past that when you go into a season or into a game and you have a kink in your armor, it's a little tough. When you have nothing going on, and you can concentrate completely and let your athletic ability show, you play. He's a gifted cat anyway, especially when he's healthy. He already has control of the offense, he knows the playbook inside and out, so now he can just go out and do what he does, which is put the throws like he's putting them, being able to step into that medium not thinking about it. You're seeing what Donovan does."

On whether he laughs at statements about McNabb being near the end: "I do. Those statements, to give a blunt word, just ridiculous. To question what Donovan has meant to this organization, to me as an individual, since he has come here. I remember the time before Donovan and I remember the time with Donovan. There have been two completely different stories with the consistency back there at quarterback. I've said that we are going to go where 5 and number 36 (RB Brian Westbrook) lead us. That's not going to change anytime soon, I hope."

On whether he sees WR DeSean Jackson as a player who can give other teams problems in the secondary: "Absolutely. When you have a receiver who can get up the field like he gets up the field, obviously, making it look effortless. The thing I've seen a lot of good receivers have is a step-back move—to be able to catch the ball, and once you catch it, make the first guy pause and stop his feet because you have a step-back move. That's what he has; he has the ability to step back once he catches the ball and make that first cat miss. Then he has the acceleration to get away from him really fast. Not a lot of people have that. He definitely has it."

On whether he has a timetable for his return to practice: "As soon as possible. I'm going to listen to (head athletic trainer) Rick (Burkholder) and those guys and they're going to tell me what I need to do. We're going to, as soon as possible, get back out there. I want to make sure I keep my conditioning where it is right now; I'm in a pretty good spot. I'm going to do what I need to get back on the field and make sure I keep my conditioning where it is."

On whether it's important that he makes it back to practice before the regular season starts: "You really want to ask that question? It's obviously important. I've always said I'm a practice guy; I like to practice. I like to put myself in tough situations and practice, so that when game time comes, the game is hopefully a lot slower than it already is for me. I'm a practice guy and I like to practice."

On how he feels about the backup safeties: "I feel great about those guys behind us. We've seen a lot of big hits and big plays this preseason. Two of the guys, especially, have already had a lot of playing time under their belts anyway - (S) J.R. (Reed) and (S) Sean (Considine). I think you see a lot of potential in (S Quintin) Demps and (S) Marcus (Paschal) also in his limited time. You've seen him put some hits up. That's always been a key in an organization, period, for you to have quality depth. Not just depth, but quality depth, and I believe we have that."

On whether head coach Andy Reid has asked the starters to play a little bit more than usual in this preseason: "I think he's leaning on us a lot more. We do have a pretty young team and I think he's leaning on us to lead the way of how this season is going to go. Whether it's practice or eating habits, whatever the case is, he's leaning on us to show the young guys how we're going to do things this year. That's a smart move on his part. He's also leaning on us to do what we're supposed to do, obviously, by giving us more reps to be ready for the season. I think he's also leaning on us to do what we're supposed to do."

On whether he thinks Reid might be tweaking things to try to get off to a better start than in years past: "It could be. That's something you'll have to ask him. I doubt he gives an answer for it, but you can ask him. I don't know. Hopefully it will be the right recipe to start off really nice and then end up strong like we always do."

On how he handles a player like Demps, who is talented but has a little bit of cockiness to him: "I think that obviously there is a fine line that you have to (walk). You don't have to, some guys don't care, they're dancing on the side anyway and staying cocky the whole time. How I have been is to be humble but hungry. I show my emotions, I'm going to play with emotion, you know that. If I have anything to say to Demps, it's to continue do what you are doing. Have fun, and if that means doing your little finger roll off of the touchdown, do your finger roll. Don't allow people to tell you that you can't do that, because that's taking away from who you are. At the same time, just stay humble. If anything, I would tell him those two things."

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