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FS Brian Dawkins

On when the team got the "at-ease" feeling:"I really don't know the exact point that it happened but it happened and it's still here. Everybody, I believe, is feeling the same thing. And that is a great feeling to have when your whole team is feeling the same way going into another tough game with this confidence."

On how he and QB Donovan McNabb play different leadership roles on this team:"It's all about just being who you are and not trying to step outside of what you do and what you're comfortable doing. Don, that's his personality, and he's always been that way. I have a good time when I joke around the guys, but when it's game time, it's completely different; I'm a completely different person. My thoughts and my actions are completely different. We're both leading and we're leading in different ways but leading nonetheless."

On what he thinks about his legacy: "No time for that. It's about the here and now; legacy is afterwards. You sit down and talk about that with your kids after you are done. Right now, it's about here and now, and anything outside of that will just distract you from doing what you're supposed to do and that's taking care of right now."

On whether he talks to younger players about seizing the opportunity:"We don't sit down and have huddles and 'let's talk.' We don't do that. Because whatever time you feel led to speak to guy about a situation, you talk to them. This situation is no different. For the most part, with your actions you show more than – more than anything you can say, some of your biggest sermons will be your actions and not your words. I try to lead by the things that I do on the field with them."

On how different it is to play when you are tight:"It's difficult to play when you are tight because you're thinking a lot. That means you are not completely and totally comfortable with what you're either asked to do, or the opponent and what they potentially can do. You're thinking. You're worrying. And anytime that you operate in the worrying spirit, you're not going to be able to go out and go full speed, and so that just rocks on your heels a little bit. So, when you are loose, you know what you are supposed to do. You're not thinking about where I'm supposed to be, then you can let your athleticism show and you can let your playmaking ability show."

On whether he can recall a time when he was tight: "Not right off hand I can't recall that."

On what he thinks it will take for head coach Andy Reid to be completely embraced by the city of Philadelphia: "You have to understand where we are. Here in Philadelphia they love you to death but they are still going to criticize you. They are still going to get on you. They are still going to ask questions. You have to have thick skin to play here, to coach here. Everybody can't coach, everybody can't play here. So obviously Andy is doing something that a lot of coaches could not succeed in by having thick skin, holding fast to what he believes in, and continue to move on. They are still going to question you regardless of success. As soon as you have a string of failure they are still going to question you, so you understand that. You just go out and do what you do and that's what Andy has done; he has stayed the course in what he believes."

On how Reid is famous for not revealing much information, and who he thinks the real Reid is that the rest of the world doesn't see: "It's hard to tell you that. You have to experience (it). You know, he'll crack a joke every once in a while. We talk quite a bit on the phone from time to time. We have our conversations and we talk about different things, sometimes it's not about football. So, it's just one of those dynamics that he's going to tell what he needs to tell to those people who he thinks needs to hear what he has to say, if that makes any sense. You know, when he gets in front of you guys, he's going to tell you what he thinks you need to hear and that's usually not a lot."

On whether it is special to have former Eagles RB Duce Staley as an honorary captain this Sunday: "For the young guys, it's another old guy coming back. For us who played with him and went through the wars with him, and knowing what Duce was to our offense, which at one point he was our offense, everything went through Duce. I know it means a lot to Duce to be in that position and it's good to see him back in the house."

On whether it is harder to defend Arizona with RB Edgerrin James running more: "We're asked the same questions here, it's no different. When we have a balanced attack here what do we say? It's a lot more difficult to defend. It's the same thing there. They have a more balanced attack that makes it that much more (difficult) to defend the passing attack. Our job is plain and simple; we have to not allow that run to get going, not allow a lot of big plays to happen, get turnovers, and keep the points down."

On whether having experience is overestimated or whether it is important: "It can go both ways. You have seen teams that have no experience that went out and beat a team with experience, so it all comes down to execution in the end. Whatever team that goes out and executes the gameplan, doesn't have turnovers, creates turnovers, doesn't allow big plays; they are going to win the football game so it matters not. The only thing that experience can do sometimes is if you have played a lot of games in the past that have been down to the wire or very gritty games, sometimes that team will have a better understanding of how to pull out those close games. I think that there is something to that."

On whether he thinks the Eagles' wide receivers are underrated: "Yes. They are."

On what he thinks makes them underrated: "First of all, the guy who is throwing them the ball, you know I'm kind of partial to 'Five' and knowing when he's healthy and his mind, I believe, can be completely focused on this game, which I don't believe it was before the babies were born, he's one of the best quarterbacks in this game. And then each one, being the receivers I'm talking about now, brings different things to the table, and for Donovan to be able to spread the ball to each one to their strengths, it makes this offense a very tough one to defend, I believe anyway."

On whether this group needs the Super Bowl to validate the last eight years:"I'm focusing on this year. To me that validation falls into that legacy question. We speak about those things after this is over with. When this over with we can have this same press conference and we'll talk about some different things, but right now those things in the past are just that, past. This is the present and we have to concentrate on it."

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