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Former Vick Teammate Reese On Signing

Former Eagle Ike Reese has an interesting perspective on the Eagles signing of Michael Vick, having played with the former Falcons quarterback in 2005 and 2006. Although Reese is unsure of what role Vick will play in the Eagles offense, he is glad that the team is giving the embattled QB a shot.

"I'm pleasantly surprised because I think the guy deserves another chance," Reese said, "I just didn't think it would be here ... because I didn't see where he would fit."

But on the field, Reese says he hasn't seen anyone as talented as Vick.

"This is what I've always said about Mike (Vick)," Reese said, "And I really realized it when I played with him for two years. There's not a quarterback in the league that has the physical tools that Vick has. And that includes the two guys on the field tonight (Donovan McNabb and Tom Brady).

"But, it's up here (pointing to his head) where he has trouble learning the offense sometimes."

Reese says that it's a good situation for Vick because McNabb is so comfortable in his role as the quarterback, that he will have no problem with the addition of a talent like Vick to the roster.

"I think for (Vick) it's a benefit to be under this coaching staff because that's what Andy (Reid) does is coach quarterbacks," Reese said. "But the guy hasn't played in two years."

So we have no idea what kind of player he'll be, Reese said.

As for Vick's locker room presence, Reese said that Vick was never a disruptive teammate in any way.

"Michael Vick was Atlanta, period," Reese said. "One thing I'll give him credit for is that he didn't carry himself that way. He's more of an introverted kind of guy."

Mostly, Reese is stunned because this is not a move he saw coming.

"One thing the Eagles have always been," Reese said, "Is at least one step, somtimes two, ahead of most of us as far as what they plan on doing."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 10:26 p.m., August 13

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