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First-Round Pick Lane Johnson

On when he started thinking Philadelphia could be where he would end up: "After Miami got off the clock and picked up Dion Jordan, that's where I thought I was going for a while due to the absence of Jake Long to the Rams. After that took place, I had a good vibe for Philly. After I got a phone call from a Pennsylvania number, I knew it was time."

On what head coach Chip Kelly and offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland told him about how he would fit in with the Eagles: "I think they like effort and the guys who can move. I don't know exactly what type of offense they're going to be, but I know that at Oregon, they ran a very fast-paced offense that was very similar to Oklahoma and I think I fit with what they need."

On what he knows about the Eagles offensive line: "I know Evan Mathis, I've heard of him a little bit. I actually almost went with Vincent Taylor [who is] Jason Peters' agent. I know Jason Peters is a guy who went undrafted and is one of, if not the best tackle in the league. I'm so fortunate to be with these guys and learn as much as I can."

On whether he has a preference between left and right tackle: "I really don't care. I try to be as balanced as possible. Whatever Coach Kelly and [the coaches] need, I'm going to do."

On whether he was surprised when he was moved to offensive tackle and whether it was a tough transition: "I think the toughest was actually from quarterback to tight end—from being such a glorified position to going to tight end where your hand is in the dirt and there's a lot of physicality involved. So that was probably the toughest transition. Going to tackle my junior year was a lot of a learning experience and it kind of felt very weird because I had been a skill position player my whole life. Going to tackle was kind of a weird experience, but going into my senior year, I knew I had the talent and I just kept working and developing and things went well for me."

On how he thinks Chip Kelly's fast-paced offense might suit him: "I'm excited. I think Coach Kelly brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the Eagles. I know we're all anticipating what's going to happen and so am I. I'm ready to get started and I'm very fortunate to be with the Eagles."

On whether he thinks his style of play will match well with the city of Philadelphia: "Yeah, I view myself as kind of an aggressive player on the field, but off the field I'm a down-to-earth guy. I'm not arrogant at all. I know Philly is a good blue-collar town that works its tail off and they're very passionate about their sports, especially football."

On whether he thinks he's ready to start now: "I think I am, yes sir."

On how important he thinks the combine was for him in terms of moving up the draft board: "I think it was important, but one of my main areas of focus was having a good Senior Bowl to show people that I'm a football player and not just a test athlete. Once I had a good week there, I knew the combine was going to be icing on the cake with the tests and numbers and stuff. It's all part of the process and it's finally over."

On whether he cares that Evan Mathis has his number: "That's part of it. He's been there longer than me. Just reading about Mathis, he's kind of a freaky dude himself, as far as athlete-wise, so I'm fine with whatever number I get."

On how early he had the Eagles on his radar as a place he would end up: "Back in January, I had no clue if I was even going to be in the first round. Moving forward, coming down to the few weeks before draft day, I had a feeling it was either going to be Philadelphia, San Diego, maybe Arizona, maybe Detroit and possibly Miami. After Miami traded up for Dion [Jordan], I knew that Philly was probably going to take me, so that's where I ended up."

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