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FB Leonard Weaver, RB Eldra Buckley and LB Stewart Bradley

**FB Leonard Weaver

On whether he has to assume a bigger leadership role because the team is so young:**

"No. I don't think so because if you think about it, before I was here they had young guys and they still went to the playoffs, they still had playoff runs. I just think what Andy Reid has done, he develops a program where if young guys come in, they're in and they're going to be in a position where they can succeed. So, I think that's what he does a good job of because we have young guys who have playoff experience from last year, who came in, and (WR) Jeremy Maclin is one of them, (WR) DeSean Jackson. So, we have guys out here who are young guys, but they're veteran leaders."

* On whether it is an advantage to have young players with veteran experience:*
"It's a big advantage because that game time experience kicks in when you're in the playoffs, fourth quarter, minute to go, you need to score a touchdown after tying the game. It helps those guys relax and say, 'hey, man, we've got guys around here we can trust.'"

On whether he is excited to get out of camp and play some games: "We are so at that point right now. Were ready to go ahead and play Jacksonville, we're ready to get out there and show a little bit of what we've been working on and how we've improved, so we're ready for that."

**RB Eldra Buckley

On whether there is something specific he is working on to improve:**

"I feel like I have a lot to improve in, so going into this year I want to improve on everything and become as good as I can at everything I do."

On whether there are a couple areas, specifically, to improve on: "I mean new things. Like I was saying, a big part of the game is the mental focus and I have to get my mental focus down to the 'T', so I have no excuses."

On whether he was trash-talking with CB Asante Samuel after the big hit: "No, I didn't say anything back. He had a good lick. He came up and he threw his body into me. I felt the lick, definitely, but through the grace of God I was able to stay up and keep running."

On whether he wants to improve on the off-the-field mental aspects: "It's everything. Going into meetings and focusing in, doing the little things. Different people need to do different things to step their game up and I want to be able to do anything I can to step my game up and be better."

* On how he feels about his physical running style:*
"I feel good about it. But like I said, it's not just about the physical style. This offense is a versatile offense, so you have to be able to do everything. In that aspect I feel comfortable. Now, I have to go a step above and do other aspects of the game."

On whether he is excited to start playing against other teams: "I'm ready. We've been banging up together all week, so it's going to be exciting."

On whether the hit from Samuel fired him up: "It's an adrenaline rush, but that's the whole game. That's why you play the game, for the adrenaline rush."

On how he feels he fits into the running back picture: "My job is to come out and work hard and continue to get better and do the best I can."

**LB Stewart Bradley

On whether it will be a second or third year guy stepping into the leadership role:**

"I think it's the reality that those guys are on the older part of our team, so obviously they're going to step up and fill the leadership roles."

On how the number one defense felt working against the twos during live drills: "Yea, we felt good. We're just trying to get ready for the season, flying around and make some plays."

* On the unique personalities of WR DeSean Jackson and CB Asante Samuel:*
"They're great guys and fun to play with. They're high volume guys and we like that. DeSean has a lot of fun trash-talking and stuff and that's his personality. I think that's the most important thing is that guys are honest and true to their personalities without trying to be something they're not."

On whether Jackson has a quiet side to his personality: "I think, this is camp, guys are tired and sometimes you don't feel like yelling and screaming and sometimes you do. I don't think it's as deep of an issue like there are two sides to him. DeSean's always DeSean and he's always a jovial guy and fun to be around."

On whether he is excited to play against another team: "I think it's going to be fun to hit some different colored jerseys for a change, after camp, and that's what training camp does for you. You have enough contact and enough live drills that by the end you're ready to play a different team."

On whether he feels good physically: "I feel good. Obviously, we're in camp, but everything feels good."

**SS Quintin Mikell

On the leadership dynamic of the team and how it's changed since Brian Dawkins was here:**

"Even when Dawkins was here, obviously he was more on the forefront but we always had a lead by committee type thing and that's what it is now, we have myself, (LB) Stew(art) (Bradley), (LB) Ernie (Sims), we have a lot of guys that are respected on this team and around the league and that's really all you need, so in terms of leadership really it's about what your putting on the field and if people are going to follow that, and we have guys that can do it."

On whether it is an advantage to have young veterans: "It's good to have experience and be young. Sometimes you can get old and you can be telling the guys certain things but you can go out there and not execute and they're not going to listen. But if they know that I'm the type of guy that can go hang out with them and go to barbeques at their house and my house and at the same time I can get on them or they can get on me, we're all on the same level. That's what makes a team."

On whether it was hard having a new defensive coordinator last year: "That's exactly what I was talking about at the end of the year. We had from the beginning like you're saying, he didn't get a whole year to plan, he was kind of thrown in there, and then we lost all kinds of linebackers, we lost Dawkins, we got a lot of stuff that we had to just kind of fix on-the-run. And this is the first year that he's had the whole offseason to plan and put everything together. And even our playbook is organized differently, everything is way different and I think that you'll see the results of the change."

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