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Eagles Locker Room: Offense


On the run game in the third quarter: "I think the coaches did a good job of getting a beat on what they were trying to do. We adjusted at halftime and coming out in the second half, we thought we had a solid idea of what we were going to get to in the run game."

On if the adjustment was trying to get more to the perimeter of the defense: "It was really indicative of how they were doing it. We kind of got a beat on what they were trying to do not to get into specifics. It enabled us to get into really, really good plays. We were getting into some good plays in the first half as well, but I thought the second half was better plays that were conducive to what they were trying to do defensively."

On how he felt from a health perspective after missing time: "Obviously it's not 100%. There were a couple of times in there where I got a little banged up, but nothing major. For the most part, I felt pretty good out there."

On wearing the Texans defense down in the second half: "No question. I think we really did a good job running our tempo plays today, getting up to the ball and snapping it. You could definitely see on their faces in the game that they were pretty fatigued."


On ability to make it down the field and make plays: "One place we thought they were vulnerable was in the secondary. Their safeties were getting a little nosey. I was able to get over the top of the defense."

On the way Mark Sanchez played: "I think he played well. There is maybe one throw he may want back, but other than that I think he played well. He has played a lot of football in this league. He plays at a high level. I think he is \one of the more game ready backup quarterbacks in this league and I think he is ready whenever his number is called."

On Nick Foles's injury and what it means: "I don't know the extent of it, but like I said, we've got a guy in Mark (Sanchez) who can step up and win some games so I am excited about him being back there and we will continue to move forward."

On his difficult situation last year versus where he is this year: "Just playing football, man. When I went down last year, the one thing I told myself was to come back and give myself a chance, to be better than what I was. This year I have had my number called quite a bit and all I can do is be reliable for my team."

On this being the best year of his career: "I don't know. All I can do is be better each and every day."

On signing a one-year contract and if he took a gamble in doing so: "I'm not going to necessarily call it gambling. I just did what was best for my situation, me and my family. That was what was right with the ability to make something happen during the season. When the time comes, it will take care of itself."

On his three deep touchdowns this year: "Those are what receivers live for. Even growing up as a kid the first thing you do is go deep, but you have to do it within the offense and do it at the right times and I think we hit them at the right time."

On Sanchez's first play being deep: "We wanted to ease him in. We saw something that they were kind of doing and there was a chance for us to get over the top and make a big play. I've got to keep my head after the play."

On what happened after the aforementioned play: "He was holding my legs. He wouldn't let my legs go. I kind of got upset a little bit, but that is part of football."

On the Texans losing players to injuries and if that helped: "One thing about me, it really doesn't matter who is on the other side of the football, I am going to go out there any play football."

On the people who doubted him and if there is any satisfaction now that he is doing well: "I am not satisfied yet. As far as the people who doubted me, they are entitled to their opinions. I had an organization that believed in me and organization that was with me every day of my rehab and understood what was going on. That is all I really needed, I didn't need all the negativity."

On the challenge on his second touchdown catch: "I had control of the football. The only problem was did the point of the football hit the ground? Yeah, but the ball never moved. That is one of those throws where the quarterback gave me a chance to make a play."

On the chemistry between him and Sanchez despite not having run many routes in practice: "I think it is there. We run routes over there and stuff like that we get a chance to get on the same page. Obviously it is a little different when there is no defense over there. Now, we have no time to get it, we have to be on track."

On Nick Foles throwing style versus Mark Sanchez's: "Nick throws with a little more touch, but he also has the ability to zip it in if he needs to. You just have to be able to catch the football."


On QB Nick Foles' injury: "I feel awful for Nick. That's my guy. From the time I've been here, Nick's been nothing but helpful to me. In my process as getting better as a player, he's been consistent. I've been able to watch and take under him how to approach the NFL as a professional. He's never once raised his voice at me and I've made plenty of mistakes. He always continues to be a positive influence and a positive role model. So, that definitely hurts the team, but we have to focus on the mission and have Mark (Sanchez) and Nick's back and just continue to move forward."

On QB Mark Sanchez: "Mark is a baller. It's everything we expected. We knew we wouldn't have to change the offense at all. He's been doing that since he was here at OTAs and minicamp, so we're confident in Mark. We know that he can go in there and make plays, he's a franchise quarterback. We just have to go in and continue to move better forward."


On his yardage total: "It's weird. Every time I get 100 yards it's a big deal. I'm used to just doing it. I thought the guys are coming together. I felt the guys up front, (Jason) Kelce, played well. I'm happy to have him there. His ability to make the calls and get guys set on the line. We're working it. Each week we're winning games. We lost a tough one last one. We bounced back today."

On the different between the first and second half: "Just staying with the run. Even in the first half, I think had 50 yards going into the half. I think somewhere between four and five a pop. We just ran the ball well. I think once we started running on them, getting it going, it wears the defense down and we can gash them. The guys up front played tremendous against very, very tough assignments and blocked well. (Mark) Sanchez made some pretty good calls and was able to keep them honest for the most part. Just watching, they play different teams on tape, to watch how they play us. Everybody plays the run so different, especially come playoffs."

On the touchdown drive where he and RB Chris Polk ran the ball every play on the drive: "Just got tired. I mean, we wore them down. That defense is a good defense. The special players that they have on that defense they kind of play off of just talent. We just played smash mouth. Just ran at them. So, yeah, I think that's probably the different on that drive. Just kept going with it."

On being in first place in the NFC East: "I mean, we can't worry about that. We just have to play every game to win and control what we can control, and that is win games. We'll have our chance with Dallas soon enough."

On if he could sense the Texans slowing down: "Yeah. They were tired. Chip (Kelly) does a great job of showing so much different looks and different formations. It gives you so much to prepare for. You've got to do certain things when teams try to come in and stack the box and stop the run."


On the depth of The Eagles' offensive line: "We're winning. That means we've got depth. Bench has got to step in. When one goes down, the next goes up. We've got depth at the offensive line. You just keep rolling when someone goes down."

On igniting the running game: "Just blocking and staying on your block until you finish. We had them on their toes. They were wearing down with their hands on their hip. We just kept going and we wore them down in the fourth quarter."

On if he noticed a difference with backup C Jason Kelce back in the game: "Of course. Shady (LeSean McCoy) got going with 100 and something yards and (Chris) Polk came in and was big for us. (Darren) Sproles broke a couple."

On being 6-2 after all the injuries: "It shows we have character. Like I said before, when one goes down the other steps up."

On if he likes blocking for three running backs: "Of course. (Chris) Polk is a whole different runner. He's a pounder. He's a get-up-in-there, power type of runner, plus he can hit the outside zone also. (Darren) Sproles is so quick, he's everything. Shady's (LeSean McCoy) a dancer. You just have to wrap him up or he'll break all the tackles. You get on a block, try to finish a block and you know something good is about to happen."

On what his thoughts were when QB Nick Foles left the game with an injury: "Actually I didn't even know Foles was out. (I saw) the bomb to (Jeremy) Maclin and I turned around to congratulate him and it was (Mark) Sanchez. I didn't even know the guy was out. For Sanchez to come in for Foles was big time. Lot of confidence with Sanchez, a lot of swagger. Even though he's a humble guy, on the field the confidence from him gets everyone else going, so I like him."

On what goes through his mind watching G Todd Herremans playing with a torn bicep: "It just shows his character; hard working guy who won't come out for nothing. He didn't have no breaks in his bone, he had a torn bicep but the guy came out and fought with us as long as he could and I think he got rolled up or something with an ankle, but the guy fought with us today and I appreciate it."


On the four-play scoring drive on all running plays: "It shows that we had been stopping ourselves earlier in the game. If we play the way we know we can play we are going to be able to move the ball and the other team isn't going to be able to stop us."

On if the running game is now a three-headed monster: "It has always been a three-headed monster. Just based off who we have been playing and schemes, we haven't really been able to get to it, but now it's rolling. We did a lot of good things today, but we also did a lot of bad things today. We are improving every week and we continue to get better. We still haven't reached our full potential yet. We still had some turnovers today, and we have to stop doing that."

On if it is hard to be so productive when you are not receiving many carries: "It's hard for me because I am not an electric one play type of running back. I am more someone who is going to keep on grinding it. Now I am learning that when I get in there just to make the most of it and to take what the defense gives you."

On getting to play downhill football today: "I felt right at home again today. Getting to be in the "I" formation right behind the quarterback and just running it downhill, that's my type of football and what I love to do."

On his rushing touchdown: "The offensive line did a great job clearing a path. It parted like the red sea and I just hit it hard. I just didn't want to get stopped, couldn't be stopped."

On most of the turnovers have come from the passing game, would that change the way they run the offense: "I don't know about that…We still haven't played the game we are able to play yet. We are still getting better and still working out the kinks. That is what is so scary about this offense and this whole team, we still have mistakes we can correct. We continue to get better and closer to playing the football we know we can play."


On if he's had a chance to talk to QB Nick Foles: "Just briefly. The injury stuff I will wait until that gets announced and DeMeco (Ryans) too. Two guys, big time players on our team and definitely not something you want to see happen. That's tough. The most important part is you got to switch your focus from lamenting over a guy that is hurt and you have to get your focus on the game. That's coach's policy next man up, something happens you have to be ready to go and I think we were."

On how you prepare for a moment like today: "You know you just have to stay ready. I think Coach Musgrave, Coach Stoutland, all of our offensive coaches do a great job of making sure the starters get reps, the second team guys get reps. You know I stand behind Nick (Foles) every time in walkthroughs and stuff just making sure I am taking all the mental reps. You never want to get caught off guard so I was just happy I prepared well, happy I was ready and happy I could help the team."

On if it felt good to throw the ball deep: "How about that, huh? I was expecting maybe a handoff or a quick screen, ease my way in but you know Coach Kelly. I said it to Tony Siragusa if he was a basketball coach he would bring you off the bench shooting three pointers so that's the way it goes you have to be ready."

On if the running game's job was to give you breathing room: "Hats off to the offensive linemen. They did really well up front. They did an awesome job up front. All three backs got in there and got their touches and made the most of them. I just thought we ran the ball well and threw the ball well at times. A couple throws I got to clean up and we will get some rhythm going next weekend and see what happens. I was really proud of the guys up front. (Jason) Kelce coming back from an injury, Todd Herremans playing with an injury and then (Andrew) Gardner stepping up. That's some big time play right there. (Matt) Tobin's been at it all year for (Evan) Mathis. We got a lot of tough people and good football players."

On comfort level in the scheme: "I felt good. I enjoy it. I saw it early in the preseason and I felt good. We can push the pace like that that's my favorite. We will see how it goes."

On his mindset right now: "Nothing changes. How do I prepare to play? How do I prepare to watch a game? It's the same. I might get less reps as a backup but I am watching the same amount of film, I am doing the same amount of drills, I am taking advantage of my time that I can during the week and I can't cut corners or l'll get caught off guard out there. This league will expose you and you got to be ready."

On how he reflects on his first game in a long time: "It's been a while. It all comes back quickly. I don't want to use the phrase it's like riding a bike. I wish it was that easy and that defense didn't make it that easy. It just felt good to get back out there. It felt good to make some calls, to scramble a little bit, get hit a little bit. All that stuff was really fun. We are very fortunate to play like this. I am just really proud of the team, those guys really rallied. We did a great job on all three phases."

On if it was his first option to throw to WR Jordan Matthews: "We got a couple different options. I don't want to get to into scheme. Coach Kelly likes to hold his cards so I don't want to say too much but Jordan made a heck of a catch."

On what worked with WR Jeremy Maclin: "You got to get the ball near him and that guy will do the rest. It's the same thing with (Riley) Cooper and same thing with (Brent) Celek, (Zach) Ertz. That's the beauty of playing quarterback in this system, there are so many weapons. When those guys touch the ball you give them a clean throw and they will make you look good. So I just will keep doing that."

On linebacker injuries: "We adjusted some stuff up front. Coach Kelly is real good with that second half adjustment and we saw some of that personnel stuff going in and out, guys getting hurt, and players out on the perimeter, they had a couple corners go down. Their front seven, which is one of the best we have played, those guys were shuffling around a little bit. We tried to take advantage of everything we can and we have great push up front in the run game. Great push. On fourth downs. Third and short. All the way down to the very last play before we started taking a knee. We needed to get a first down and we did."

On if there were any nerves before he went in: "I felt like I was ready, like I was prepared. Of course you are a little nervous and want to get the first play out of the way. Thanks to Chip we threw it right down the field so that will get your nerves gone. I played in this stadium before. This was my first start here so it brought back a lot of good memories and just tried to get some positive plays and help the team."

On what he sees from WR Jeremy Maclin: "He is having the heck of a year. He picked a great year to sign a one year deal. He's playing his butt off man. He's in the right spot. He and (Riley) Cooper and they have to respect other people. It's not like they are just honing in on that. They have to respect (Zach) Ertz, (Brent) Celek and the backs in the backfield so that all blends to guys getting the ball and spreading it around."

On how much does C Jason Kelce mean to this team: "It was great to have Kelce back. He brings a lot of fire but I can't tell you how proud I was of (David) Molk and the guy I played with all preseason. He had played all these games and now I come in and he's out. It was kind of a shuffling going on there but what a heck of a job just demanding that thing up front, the anchor up front on those front five. He's a special player and we love him."

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