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Eagles Locker Room: Defense/ST

Defensive Coordinator Bill Davis

On whether the elusiveness of Seahawks QB Russell Wilson caused a problem defensively:

"You know going in, that's part of his deal. He's going to run around and the guys chasing him are going to get exhausted, the guys in coverage get exhausted. In a couple of our zones we didn't get everybody plastered and he found them, but that's what he does, it wasn't a surprise what he did to us today. That's part of the reason they're the defending champs because they find ways to make plays and they made a lot more than we did today."

On whether the flags thrown on third down have a major effect:

"Anytime you have penalties, they kill you. It's tough to get out of a drive when you have too many penalties, especially when they happen on third down. So penalties and plastering coverage and some bad calls, I didn't have a very good day today. They outplayed us and all the credit goes to them, we had a bad day."

On what broke down defensively on Wilson's touchdown run:

"I was telling the guys that it was a bad call. I all-out blitzed and I put [LB] Trent Cole in a bad spot and then the read option hit the all-out blitz. And then Trent is responsible but, as he's going forward for his blitz he got outflanked quick and it was a bad call. I wish I had that one back."

On how it seemed that every blitz call ended up with a reception against a safety:

"Again I went all in and was trying to keep them off-balance and I went all-out blitz and they had nice protection. That gave them one more second to hold it and [Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin] put a nice move on [S] Malcom Jenkins. I wish I had those two calls back as well."

LB Trent Cole

On whether the time of possession had an effect on the defense:

"We're a team here. We're going to play no matter what situation as a defense that we're put in. We know we have one job to do and that's to get off the field."

On whether his defensive responsibilities shift depending on the situation with Seahawks QB Russell Wilson:

"It all depends on the play call. You got a guy who is very fast like Russell Wilson who is a talented quarterback. You have to keep him contained and keep the run under control as well."

On whether it was satisfying on keeping Wilson contained in the fourth quarter:

"It's just another play. It's behind me because once you make a play, you go and move on to the next play. Because you know it's done and over with."

On whether he would like to see the Seahawks again in a potential playoff matchup:

"Oh yes. Them and Green Bay, it doesn't matter who we see. But like I said, the Seattle Seahawks are a great team and they did what they had to do to come in here and win the ball game."

CB Cary Williams

On the difficulty of the defense being on the field for 40 minutes tonight:

"You can't complain about it, it's just football. It just is what it is and you have to understand that whatever cards are dealt as a defense you have to go out there and play your hardest for 60 minutes. Whether you're out there for the whole 60 minutes or only 10 minutes, it doesn't matter. Obviously they were the better team today and there is room for improvement. "

On CB Bradley Fletcher's pass interference penalty:

"It was a bang-bang play. Obviously, it's the perception by the refs; it's not my job to referee the game, I'm just supposed to play the game. They got some calls, we didn't, and that's all in the fairness of football."

On how the referees called the game:

"They just made the calls they made and we have to live with it as a defense. We can't complain about it."

*On how close the Eagles are to defeating the teams in the NFC that are on their way to the playoffs: *

"I think we're right there. There's some room for improvement; we can get better at some things and we're striving for that every day."

CB Bradley Fletcher

"On whether the referees were allowing both teams to play in the secondary and if he thought his pass interference call stood out:

"I wasn't expecting the call, but that's what was called so that's the way it goes."

On whether he knew much about the officiating crew:

"I didn't know exactly who the referees were tonight. I was just focused on playing Seattle."

On whether he finds that different crews call different types of penalties:

"I just play the game. Whoever the refs are, they're going to call the game the way they're going to call the game. I'm just worried about my game when I get out on the field and how I'm going to help the team."

On how tough it was facing Seahawks QB Russell Wilson:

"He's able to extend plays. We had to stay with his receivers down field and I know it was tough getting pressure up front. When we have the chance to face him again, we'll do a lot better."

On whether he was surprised about the pass interference call and if he asked for an explanation on the call:

"I was. I wasn't expecting that, but that's how the game goes. And no, I didn't ask because at the time I just wanted to get to the next play."

LB Connor Barwin

On the inability to keep Seahawks QB Russell Wilson in the pocket:

"There were a couple times when we had missed assignment and that hurt us. You can't do that against a good quarterback. Those are the things that we need to get cleaned up. It wasn't as bad as I think it looked. Russell Wilson did a really nice job. He made some plays tonight. We have to be better with some of those plays, but take your hat off to him. He made some plays."  

On defensive coordinator Bill Davis' comments saying that he regrets some of his blitz calls that resulted in touchdowns:

"Every defense can stop that. We just have to execute better. Maybe a little bit more awareness by some of us. Every call will stop anything we just have to execute better. I don't think it had anything to do with the way he called the game."

On drives being extended by third down penalties:

"You can't do it. You can't have penalties, you can't beat yourself."

On the ability to not hang your head after a tough loss like this:

"We have a bunch of professionals. We'll look at the film just like every week. We'll get it corrected, we have to play better and we'll move on. We'll go in Tuesday, correct everything and then we move on to Dallas."

LB Brandon Graham

On defense's struggle to stop the Seattle offense:

"They just made some plays on key third downs.  I think, overall, the effort was there, we just need to clean up some things. "

On the defense being on the field for 40 minutes in today's game:

"You don't want to be on the field for that long, but that's what we train for, and that's what we prepare for. We still almost gave ourselves a chance at the end, but we didn't come through. They just did better than us on this day."

On the likelihood of seeing Seattle again in the playoffs:

"I can't wait. We just have to win out and hopefully we see them again.  Hopefully we can clean up what we did wrong so we can go out there and do our thing."

On how important the Dallas game is next week:

"We definitely need it. We need every game from here on out because at the end of the day we're still sitting tied for first in the division with Dallas. We need this one coming up and we will be playing with our hair on fire next week."

DE Fletcher Cox

On whether he was pleased with the defense's play:

"We will watch the tape. We will see where we made mistakes. We will correct them and get ready to roll for next week, Dallas at home."

On whether the offense's struggles tonight wore on the defense:

"We knew we had to get off the field on third downs. They converted on some of them. We had some penalties. We just have to get better at it. We have to take this loss. Nothing about losing is fun. We have to get ready for next week."

On the play of Seattle QB Russell Wilson:

"We knew he was going to run around. We wanted to keep him in the pocket, but of course he got out a few times and made some plays with his feet and a few downfield."

On the play that Wilson escaped his potential sack:

"There were two plays. I missed him twice. It's just part of football. He made me miss. A few times, I got him off his spot and other guys made the plays."

On Wilson's elusiveness:

"Sometimes Wilson is going to pull the ball down and go no matter what. At times, he's looking to throw. I think the guys did a good job of coverage. So, this game is over with. We will put it behind us and get ready for next week."

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