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Eagles Locker Room: Defense/ST


On if the Larry Fitzgerald touchdown was a great call versus the blitz: "Every call is designed on offense to go to the end zone and on defense to stop anything they have. The one big play, we blitzed them and we almost batted the ball and they got the slant. The other one we had a four-man rush to have more coverage. They made two big plays on two different calls."

On if there is a pattern with receivers getting behind the defenders: "I don't think it's a pattern. There's a whole game and a whole bunch of deep balls that we stopped. They made a play at the end. I don't want to excuse them and I don't want to say anything about it being the end of the game where we really needed a play. There was no better call or a way to execute it. Just one of those things at the end of the game that is so important. The rest of it doesn't really matter as much. At the end of the game you have to make the plays to win."

On if this loss hurts more because of giving up a touchdown at the end of the game: "We lost the game. The offense almost came back, but at the end of the day we can't let them behind our defense and we did."

On what his plan was with Mychal Kendricks: "We were kind of feeling him all the way through. They were playing a lot of four and five wide receiver sets. Nolan (Carroll II) kept cramping up so we were losing him and having him and moving in and out of different combinations. Mychal played 15 snaps I believe, maybe 10 to 12. It looked like he did OK and we'll see how he comes out of it at the end."

On if the safety was deep enough on the last touchdown: "They got behind the defense. They're never deep enough if they get behind the defense. They can't be behind the defense and they did. They're all attached. The rush is attached as well as the coverage, the underneath coverage, the deep coverage. The Philadelphia Eagle defense got beat on that last play."

On playing the next teams on the schedule and their high-caliber receivers: "We're excited about the challenge. We make that play on 3rd-and-6, this whole conversation is different. One play, they got behind in a crucial point. We had to play that one better. There's not a blanket problem. We have to stop the big plays and not let them behind us."


On the loss: "It's just one game. It came down to one second at the end and we were that close to coming out on top and that's what happens in the NFL. The margin of error is very tight, especially on the road. I think that we fought and I think that's one thing that we always hang our hat on, always being in the game and fighting to the end. Just didn't bounce our way."

On what he saw on the game winning touchdown to John Brown: "He just got through the coverage. He's fast enough to make a play and they made more plays than we did."

On what the coverage was on the last play: "It doesn't even matter. They made more plays than we did."

On stopping the deep ball: "One, we came with a max blitz and they played a pick route to go and took it the distance. That's what good players do, they make plays. Especially in zero (coverage). We know that. The more and more we call zero, when it does break, eventually it will be a big one. We're fine with that. We live with that. The other one, we just have to stay on top. They made a play."

On the general mood of the team after the game: "I don't think anybody's confidence is hurt. I think we're looking forward to the Texans."

On what he takes away from this game: "There are no moral victories in this league. I think you take what's on the film. I think the good things are we fought and we made plays to put ourselves in position. We also made a bunch of mistakes that could have changed the game either way, in all phases of the game. There's a lot to be encouraged about. It's one game. This didn't make or break us as a team. It didn't make or break our confidence, and we're looking forward to the Texans."

On if 21 penalties kills the flow of the game: "That's something we have to clean up, especially early in the game, the first couple of drives. Some of them, when they're aggressive penalties, you can't really get mad at. If it is hands to the face or little contact pass interference, those kinds of things happen. We can live with those, we just have to clean up for next week."


On what his assignment was on the John Brown touchdown: "They made a play."

On if giving up two deep plays for more than 75 yards is frustrating: "They made plays and they made one more play."

On if they have a feeling that they should defend against the first down on 3rd-and-6: "We have to play deeper in that situation. They made a play. I thought I was going to be able to catch him but I couldn't make that play. He was fast enough to get away from me."

On what the defense is looking for on the last touchdown play to John Brown: "We just have to play deeper. He made a great play. He was probably one of the fastest guys we went against. We gave him a free release and he made a play. Carson (Palmer) threw a hell of a ball and he made the catch."

On if 21 penalties killed the flow of the game: "We can't allow those things to happen. We have a team that fights and they just made more plays. That's the way that it is. Hats off to those guys. Hats off to Palmer and Brown and speeding his way to the end zone."

On how disappointing this loss was: "It's disappointing for everybody. We're not going to point fingers in this situation. We're going to stay together and continue to believe in the system, continue to believe in each other. We will get them next time and prepare for next week."

On if there is a pattern to giving up the deep passes:"They made a play."


On what happened on the last Cardinals touchdown: "We were in quarters. They hit us with a double move. I just got sucked up. That was it."

On grabbing his left hamstring on that play and the extent of the injury: "I'm not sure. I have to do some tests and stuff. I don't know exactly what I did to it. We'll see."

On what he would have done differently on that coverage: "Get my depth. (Reporter: "Before the snap?") Just as the play developed."

On if he was expecting deep help: "No. That guy was vertical. I have to stay with that."

On the defense playing well with the exception of the big plays: "We played well. When your number is called at the end like that, we have to make a play."

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