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G Danny Watkins

On whether it is hard to get the coaches attention when he's not with the first team: "I mean, that's a good question, I don't know. I just came here and put my nose to the grindstone and did what I had to do."

On what he thinks he can give to the team right now: "Well, we need a win (and) that's what it comes down to. We all need to start clicking and firing on all cylinders."

On what he thinks his physicality can bring: "I don't know. I'm trying to be humble. I don't know. You'll have to ask the coach about that one. I mean, honestly these last four weeks I've just been coming in early, leaving late, just trying to get better and work away at it."

On how far he thinks he's come: "I mean, yeah, I've made ground for sure."

On who's helped him progress: "You know, just the players and coaches watching film, watching guys, just trying to be like a sponge and take it all in."

On whether the media is bigger in Philadelphia and at Baylor and whether this is the biggest media presence he's ever been around: "Oh yeah, It's different. I mean, just the media and the fans. It's strange, everyone knows who you are. And that's something that I'm still getting used to. You know, I'm just a regular guy."

On what people said to him when they saw him in public: "Yeah, people just want to come and talk. They like the story."

On his reaction to people coming up to him: "Yeah, it's weird and I'm still getting used to it because I'm just a regular guy."

On whether it was frustrating to see his team struggle and not do anything about it: "You never want to see your team struggle, whether you're on or off the field. Like I said, I think the way things are going today, I think things will be looking good this weekend."

On the technical element going from left tackle to right guard: "Yeah, and that's one of the things that you have to take the time to go through the technical aspect of it. Like I said, it's not as difficult to learn when the bullets are flying and you can take a step back."

On how he learned he had been promoted to starter and what his reaction was: "The coach called me and let me know. I was happy obviously, but like I said, I've been working hard these past four weeks and I've wanted to get going."

On what day he called: "I don't remember to tell you the truth. I've just been watching film every day."

WR Jason Avant

On whether the mistakes in the red zone are more mental or physical: "You know, when you get into the fire I don't necessarily think they're always physical things; I think that we have the talent. I think sometimes that we have, when bullets are flying it's different from practice. And some guys sometimes on other teams and coaching schemes, they force you to do some things that are kind of out of your character as far as their scheme, and sometimes they don't give you a perfect practice look, and those types of things, so you have to adjust on the fly. And I think that with that, is that mental? It can be interpreted as mental (but) I just think that we have to learn how to execute our gameplan under strenuous and live conditions."

TE Clay Harbor

On his thoughts about what he has seen since the loss to San Francisco that gives him encouragement: "If you look at the film, I mean, our offense is looking real well. I mean, we had 500 yards. If you rush and pass for 500 yards on offense, I mean, that's usually a 40-point game. And we have a lot of good things on tape, we just have to clean up the red zone turnovers. We're one of the top five offenses in the league but we're one of the bottom three in turnovers. (And) if we eliminate that then we'll be right where we need to be and we could be 4-0 right now. We still have a lot of confidence as a team and we're worrying about going into Buffalo and getting that 'W'."

On his thoughts about whether there has been a shift of mentality: "We're just focusing more on making sure we hold onto the ball and don't turn the ball over. If we get that taken care of (then) we'll be great. And the mindset is still there, you know we still feel like we're one of the best teams in the league and we're going to go out there Sunday and show people why."

On his thoughts about Buffalo's great start: "They have, they have a really fast defense that plays hard. They don't have a lot of big name guys but they do have a really great, hard playing defense. So it will be a challenge for us as an offense to do some things like we did last week, but just eliminate the turnovers."

RT Todd Herremans

On whether he thinks bringing G Danny Watkins in has anything to do with the team's performance: "I think there's two sides of it. I think if we were rolling along at 4-0 and hadn't given up any sacks and playing great, I don't know if a change would be made. We're not sitting like that. I think there are reasons for the change, and it's not just our performance it's also what Danny has done along the way. He's done a good job adjusting to his role when he was asked to take a step back, slow things down, and start learning all over again. You can't take our performance and single out (G Kyle) DeVan and say he's the reason that this is being done. That's not fair to him or Danny. Danny has obviously done enough where they think he deserves this chance."

On what Watkins has done to earn another chance: "Working on the scout team. He's been rotating in the past couple of weeks with the first group, and he's working a lot on his technique. He's been out early and talking with (offensive line coach) Howard (Mudd) about stuff. He's just taken the steps and trying to get his technique down."

On whether there is urgency this week after the team has gone 1-3: "Without question. Obviously, this isn't what we wanted to have happen and he's right. There is definitely a sense of urgency among the offense, defense, everyone around here because we need to win now and there's not really another option. We just need to spend the week preparing for the game against the Bills, and we can't look any more forward than that. We just need to get a W this week."

On whether he has felt the need to say something to the team and his unit at all: "Nope, not at all. I think there's been way too much talk about what we need to do, what we can and should be, and it's time to just be it rather than talk about it. I don't think anybody needs to be speaking among the team or anything like that."

RG Kyle DeVan

On his thoughts about G Danny Watkins progression as a player since he's gotten here: "I mean, he's learning the offense. Football in general is new to him and there's no doubt about that. So every day he's listening, he's asking questions (and) he's just trying to get better; he's trying to learn the plays schematically, and then when you're out on the field things change. So he's been doing a good job asking questions, asking me, asking (C Jason) Kelce, asking especially the older guys and seeing things that you've probably never seen before because it's a little bit of a different game in the NFL than in college. So he's just been doing a good job of trying to understand it better."

On whether he views his benching as a disappointment or as an opportunity: "I mean, I don't view it as a disappointment. I'm still here. I have a job. So I'm still doing the same thing I was doing a week or two ago, I'm trying to help this team get a win. It's not about myself or any individual on this team, it's about the team collectively and we all prepare the same way and we all try to get a win. So I'm not going to prepare any different. I'm still going to watch film, still going to study, still going to know the playbook and if something happens in the game, I can go out there and give it my all. So it's just another week."

On whether it is hard to stay disciplined when you're not starting and getting reps: "Yeah, I mean all 53 guys want to be out there and can be out there at any time. So it's all about the mental aspect from here on out; it's being disciplined to go out there and watch film on your own and make sure you know the playbook in and out. I won't get as many reps this week, obviously, because I'm not starting but if I go in there on Sunday (offensive line coach), Howard's (Mudd) not going to expect, 'oh well you didn't get to see this look in practice so it's okay you messed up'. Howard still puts the same emphasis on backups as he does the starters. So I'm still going to prepare. I'm still going to treat it as if I can go out there and play all 75 snaps minus one, you know what I mean. So that's the way I'm going to look at it."

DT Cullen Jenkins

On how the team can get rid of a defeated attitude and turn things around: "By winning. It's as simple as that. You go out there and win, and then you have a different type of momentum and a different type of confidence. Winning cures everything."

On what he saw from DT Derek Landri while he was with the team in the preseason: "He's had a lot of experience playing, and he's a smart player on the field. He feels stuff out pretty well and he has a natural knack for pass rushing. I just think that he can step in here and be able to help us out."

On whether the current personnel has the ability to make the run defense better: "Yeah. If we were just this terrible team, they'd be running up and down the field on every play. The fact that we're going out there and having stretches throughout the game where we shut the run down, and then all of the sudden we give up everything. We have to be consistent, and that comes from having confidence and knowing what you're doing, and not just knowing it but knowing it so well that when you start getting tired, you don't have to think and second guess yourself but just react."

On the challenges that Bills running back Fred Jackson brings: "The same challenges we've been having. We've been going against a lot of good backs and we've had good times and bad times. It's all about going out there and trying to put together a complete game. We've been playing partial games all year where we're looking good and we're showing enough but not putting that complete game together. If we can go out there and put a complete game together, that would do a lot for confidence and the whole camaraderie of the defense."

DT Derek Landri

On how long it takes to back into football shape after not being with the team: "Hopefully not too long because we have a game in a couple days. I can't tell you the answer to that. I've been working out, running and lifting, trying to stay in shape, and when you come back in here, you have to work yourself back into shape. It's hard to simulate football outside of it."

On how much it helps to already know the defense: "I come in right away knowing everything already. You have to refresh it a little bit and get updated on the stuff that they've been doing, but it's the same stuff."

On whether he was surprised initially that he didn't make the final cut: "Yeah, I think so. You do the things they bring you in here to do and it doesn't work out, then sure."

On whether he knew that DT Antonio Dixon getting hurt could mean he'd be back with the team: "I got a mass array of text messages saying that he went down and if I'd heard anything from them and all that stuff. People have you on Google and all that good stuff."

On what he can do with this opportunity: "I can play football. That's why they brought me here and that's why everyone is here."

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