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DT Trevor Laws, WR Hank Baskett, C Mike McGlynn

DT Trevor Laws

On how it feels to be getting praise for his performance in training camp thus far: "If feels good. People recognize the hard work that you've done, but at the same time there's so far to go. I know every single play. There's so much that I need to work on, so many things. So, I definitely appreciate it, but I know that there's a long, long way to go."

On how he is able to utilize his quickness and get recognized by working with the ones: "It's nice to be in there on third down rushing the passer. Usually, the last couple of years we always are, (defensive) tackles are on first and second down, so that third down should be very nice. But I get to get in there, use a little bit of my quickness and last year we had a little more (defensive) end types. Hopefully, we get a little bit more push up the middle with a little more size and power in there. So, it's been working out pretty good so far."

On whether using his speed and quickness on third down is a philosophical change by defensive coordinator Sean McDermott: "I think so. I think they see my pass rushing ability and know that I have the potential to be able to be pretty disruptive back there. Because I came in such great shape to camp, I think that, hopefully they're going to use me in there."

On whether he has done anything different this year to prepare: "I put on a little bit of size and toned down a little bit. I got a new trainer. We got a new strength coach Barry Reuben really helped me out. I also had another trainer on the side with a few of the other guys on the team and he really got us right and worked really hard. This is a big camp for me and this is the best I've felt in awhile."

WR Hank Baskett

On how he's feeling so far during training camp: "Coming back it took a couple days to get comfortable and what not, but it's that grind at camp. So, you do as good as your body can hold up and today just felt good. Some days you make plays and some days you don't, that's the thing, you're not going to make every play, but you want to be on the positive end not the negative end."

On watching QB Kevin Kolb from a wide receivers point of view:"Kevin reminds me of exactly what he is, that quarterback from Texas that you know is like, 'Let's kick some butt, take some names and have a good time doing it.' It's good, he has genetic leadership in him and I like it. We're going to miss (QB) Donovan (McNabb). Donovan had a lot of intangibles that come with the years that he spent here and I wish Donovan the best, but right now I'd say Kevin is doing a really good job out here."

On Kolb's personality being from Texas: "That's what I love, man. Hey, he wants to go out there and have some fun. It's business, but he wants to have a good time doing it."

On whether he is concerned with his spot on the team with the depth at wide receiver: "Every year I'm concerned with my spot. Nothing's changed this year. Every year's the same. As soon as you get complacent that's when you're not going to be here. It's going to be a battle whether (WR Kelley) Washington's here, (WR) Riley's (Cooper) here, anybody was here. You always have to come out here grinding because anything can happen at any time."

G Mike McGlynn

On the opportunity to work with the ones: "It's a good opportunity to have, get some work with the ones and stuff and get in there and it's some good experience."

On whether it is difficult to transition and get adjusted with all of the different lineups because of injuries: "The more and more you play together, obviously the better you guys are going to get as a unit. But we're paid to play the position. You're expected to get in there and don't lose a step."

On whether it is important for him to get comfortable with working with the ones: "Gel quick, that's all and make sure when you get in there that you don't miss a beat."

On his goals coming into training camp: "We'll, obviously my goal has always been to be a starter in the NFL. Only five guys get to do it, and it's tough, but that's my goal. I want to be a starting center, guard, wherever in the NFL-that's my goal always and get better each day and always step forward, not backwards. So, I think I'm doing some good things right now and just keeping that up and I think I'll be alright."

On whether it's been hard waiting to get the opportunity to start: "Everybody here, they're the man growing up and you're always starting. I started for four years at Pitt. In high school I started and you sit back and you sit for a couple years, you get frustrated and stuff. Everybody wants to play. You just have to wait for your turn and when your turn comes you just have to capitalize on it."

On whether he thinks guys are comfortable with him making the play calls on the field: "I think so, yea. I think they're pretty comfortable with me making the calls. Like I said, the more and more we play together, the easier the transition will be."

T Winston Justice

On the cohesion the offensive line is building during camp: "I think that's what camp is for, gelling and building that camaraderie. I think this offensive line is really accomplishing that."

On having depth along the offensive line: "If one person goes down, we know we have another person that can do just as well, if not better than the person in front of him. Mike McGlynn came in today, played center and did a great job. So, we have depth and I think the only thing to do is get better from this point."

On whether it is easier to go out and play because of the strong cohesion with the offensive line: "Yes, and no. You're always striving to get better. There's always a new challenge, so you're always thinking about your steps, you're always thinking about your technique. It's never you just go out there and it just happens. It's a constant struggle to get better and to strive to improve."

On whether there is a difference blocking for QB Kevin Kolb and RB LeSean McCoy than QB Donovan McNabb and RB Brian Westbrook: "We all have the same coaches, so they're going to be in the same places. So, actually the blocking is pretty much the same. The quarterbacks are going to be in the same place and the running backs are going to hit the same hole. So, the blocking is the same, but I think we need to work on our intensity, finishing and us as an offensive line getting down the field."

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