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DT Trevor Laws, S Nate Allen, QB Kevin Kolb

*DT Trevor Laws *

On whether he feels a little different this year: "I feel great this year. You know, it's my first camp where I've really been healthy. My body is feeling great. I put on a little bit of weight and strength in the offseason. (Jokingly) I got a little mustache, so I'm feeling pretty good about it."

On how much weight he put on during the offseason: "I put on about 20 pounds now."

On whether the coaches asked him to put on a little more weight to help him out: "Yeah, it helped me out. I'm in there watching them double myself last year, you know, watching some of the double teams I was taking on. Thought that if I put on a little more strength, a little more size, in my lower body especially, it would really help me out on those double teams."

On what he still needs to work on here at camp: "Every practice there's a whole list of things to work on. (Defensive line) coach Rory Segrest puts together a great list for everybody to work on every night. So, from run to pass; everything. Just tweaking, tweaking, tweaking. It's a constant process."

On how frustrating it is for him to know that he hasn't been able to do all the things he knows he can do, given that he wasn't healthy in his first two training camps: "It's extremely frustrating. I know the Eagles drafted me here to be on the field making plays and to be a big contributor on defense. I'm hoping that this year I can keep riding this wave, stay healthy and I'll be out there to show people what I got."

On whether he gains confidence from practice to practice: "Oh, no doubt. We know we have a great (offensive line) here in Philadelphia, so I'm out here going, think I'm doing pretty good for some of these guys. I know that I'm doing pretty good."

*S Nate Allen *

On the most challenging aspect of camp so far: "The mental part. Just learning to get all the plays down and just taking it all in and processing everything."

On whether he feels he's where he needs to be: "I mean, I'm never really satisfied. There's always more you can do and learn more and just got to get ready for the season."

On how he has dealt with the monotony, grind and the constant need to keep his energy level high: "You've got to love it. You've got to love what you're doing out here and I do. And you just have to keep telling yourself you're working for a purpose, you know, for the Super Bowl."

On whether he feels good about getting the playbook down: "Yeah, I'm feeling real good about it. Just every day, it's day-by-day, just kind of learning on the run and learning new stuff every day and just trying to get it all down and get ready for the reason."

On some of the mistakes that he feels he's made so far: "Just mental stuff as far as the playbook. Just common mistakes, you know, just misalignment and stuff like that. Nothing that can't be fixed."

On how the pace, tempo and hitting sessions have been out at practice compared to anything he has done in the past: "Oh, it's fast. You know, it's a new level. There's no comparison coming from college. It's fun, it's a lot of fun. It's been really exciting."

*QB Kevin Kolb *

On whether he's anxious to face another opponent and whether he thinks he's ready: "Yeah, I think we're ready first of all. And we're a little bit anxious because we've been going against our own defense for a while now. You're ready to see some other color there on the other side."

On how WR DeSean Jackson looked out in practice today: "Yeah, he looked great. He was moving good. We didn't push anything. We threw some deep balls to him and he went and got them. We weren't full speed or anything like that. It was a good little transition for him going into tomorrow's practice and I'm really glad he's back on the field."

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