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DT Fletcher Cox

On what is going through his mind right now: "Excitement. Just ready to get back at it."

On why he wanted to be drafted by the Eagles and how excited he was when Head Coach Andy Reid told him he was going to become an Eagle: "I was excited, like real excited."

On whether he said that this is where he wanted to go: "Yes sir."

On why he wanted to be drafted by the Eagles: "It's their defensive scheme and it's a pleasure to play under (defensive line) coach (Jim) Washburn."

On whether he was aware with some of the defensive line problems the team had last year: "No sir."

On how he thinks his skill set fits in with the team's defensive scheme: "I think we played the same scheme that they play. The attack front, but also gap control."

On whether he played with Eagles LB Jamar Chaney at Mississippi State: "Yes sir, I played my freshman year with him."

On whether he heard from Chaney: "Yes sir, we actually tweeted earlier. We tweeted each other earlier."

On whether he's excited to re-join Chaney: "I'm real excited to join him."

On what he thinks of Washburn after he visited with him: "Yes sir, I mean, we had a good time. We went out and ate lunch. We worked out, we had a good time."

On what Washburn told him: "He just told me that I was a great player and he wanted to coach me at the next level. From what I did in drills and he liked the way that I learn things real quick. He just told me I had to keep working and it would come naturally."

On why the people of Philadelphia should be excited about him: "The fans and the coaches and everybody in Philly should be excited about me because I'll bring excitement with me to Philadelphia. I'm a guy with a great attitude, hard-working and a guy that never quits and always competes."

On how surprised he was that NT Dontari Poe came off the board before him: "I wasn't surprised. I don't get caught up in that too much. I was just sitting at the table, talking and having fun with my family until my phone rang and I was like, 'Uh oh, hold on for a second.'"

On whether he thought he was going to become an Eagle when the night started: "If you really want to know the truth, I prayed and asked God where he wanted me to be. (My agents), they asked me what scheme I liked the most and I looked and told them, 'Philadelphia Eagles. I would love to play in that system.' They both agreed with me that I would fit great in that defensive scheme."

On how important it is to play right away: "It's big. I get in and I learn the defensive plays and I play at one hundred miles an hour. That's what I like to do and not think it."

On whether there was anything Washburn said that made him think he would fit in well here: "Us watching tape, I'll say that much."

On who's with him right now: "It's me, my girlfriend, my mom, my brother, my sisters, my nieces and nephews and my brother's wife."

On whether he's in his hometown of Yazoo City, Mississippi: "No, I'm in New York."

On whether he thought he would be drafted in the top 10, or later than that: "I just wanted to be picked by one of the 32 teams in the NFL."

On whether he follows the NFC East rivalries: "No sir."

On whether he talked to Chaney about the Eagles since he left Mississippi State: "We've talked, I mean, when I see Jamar we talk. We talk about life, you know, 'What's going on? How are you doing?' We might talk a little ball. I love this team, like I was saying earlier."

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