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Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott

On losing two CBs before facing a QB like Philip Rivers: "It's certainly a challenge, but it's a challenge that we look forward to. It's a challenge that we will expect to rise above and whoever we put on that field will be expected to execute and play at a high level."

On what the team plans to do if LB Akeem Jordan cannot play on Sunday: "It will be based on the situation. I think [head] coach [Andy Reid] answered this question earlier in the week and it really hasn't changed. Based on the situation, the personnel group that they use or the situation in the game it could be any of those two or three guys."

On whether San Diego plays with three WRs as much as anyone else: "As much as anybody, I would say yes. They're a passing offense that also has a dangerous running game. They are explosive down the field."

On San Diego's struggles in the running game so far this season:"That surprises me. When I turned the film on, when I looked at their statistics, that they are 32nd in the league because they have such dynamic players at the running back position and then an offensive line that creates movement at the line of scrimmage. I expected to see less eight-man box than I saw. There are quite a few teams that are playing the eight-man front and so sometimes that leads to an area in the passing game that they look to exploit."

On who will be the inside slot corner back when they are in the nickel: "That will be [CB] Dimitri [Patterson] at this point in time."

On what made him decide to put Dimitri Patterson in that position rather than CB Sheldon Brown: "Dimitri has a foundation built from training camp. Obviously Sheldon does over the last couple of years as well. We just feel right now that we have two good outside corners in Sheldon and [CB] Asante [Samuel] who are playing on a high-level."

On whether they are considering putting S Macho Harris at cornerback: "That's certainly a consideration, one we have spent some time thinking about. You will not see him in that role, but possibly as a backup. It's important with the lack of depth due to injuries that we do have at this time that players not only know their position, but a backup as well."

On how challenging this season has been for him in terms of dealing with all of the injuries: "It changes the complexion every Monday. That's true in this league, there are injuries all over the league. It changes the complexion of your roster. Instead of sitting down Monday morning to watch the opponent you have to get a new feel for the complexion of your roster and how you want to attack."

On CB Jack Ikegwuonu's progression injury-wise:"He's worked hard over the last year and a half or so and made incremental gains. He had a good day of practice yesterday and we look forward to him putting another day back to back from yesterday. He's done a nice job especially coming of the knee like he was last year."

On whether passing downs are the situation that LB Tracy White fits into the defense on: "It is."

On whether DE Victor Abiamiri will be back for this game: "We are hoping. I think it's day-to-day at this point, but that's what we're hoping for, yes."

On whether DE Jason Babin will be active if Abiamiri is available: "That will be a game-time decision right now. The flexibility that we have with Jason and the way he's played up to this point, you have a hard time sitting a guy like that down."

On the challenge of facing big, tall WRs: "It's important that we attack the football when it's in the air. They do a great job down the field, number one, with the wide receiver position, of going up. They have some tall receivers, as you mentioned that like to play above the rim, so to speak. It's important that we go up with them and challenge for the ball."

On the team's third-down defense: "It comes down to two things in my mind, and this is all across the board, understanding situations and situational football and being able to execute and get off the field on third down."

On who will wear the defensive coach-to-player headset if LB Chris Gocong plays middle linebacker: "I wish we had three or four to spread around, but it will actually move to [LB] Will Witherspoon being the primary and [S] Quintin Mikell being the secondary at this point."

On CB Dimitri Patterson: "He did a nice job at the tail end of last year, as you mentioned, and then the earlier part of this season with special teams, number one, and then his limited role on defense. He's incurred some injuries, which are unfortunate, but we're happy to get him back. It will be a great challenge for him this week in order to come out and execute the defense and play fast, especially coming off of the last couple of weeks of being injured."

On whether LB Jeremiah Trotter is out of the rotation at linebacker: "No, he's another one of our linebackers and he's a great leader on this defense and on this football team. His impact is still being felt."

On what he saw from CB Ramzee Robinson that made the team pick him up: "I think our personnel [department] did a great job of evaluating a player that, to me, after a day looks quick and has some experience playing at this level, which is important coming in where he joins us at this point in season."

On why the Chargers have struggled in the run game this season: "It's probably a combination of several different factors. Number one being that they have had some injuries at different points in the season, where [RB] LaDainian [Tomlinson] was injured and then [RB Darren] Sproles, now they have the two of them back and they are pretty formidable in how they approach and how they attack the defense. Again I'll repeat what I said earlier about how teams have been playing eight in the box. It seems to stop those two and as a result the running game has a hard time getting going."

On whether it is tough having to take Babin off of the field: "It is. He's done a great job. He's been very productive, which is what we look for. The credit has to go to Jason. He's prepared himself well. Last week we used him in a little bit of a different role, a hybrid role and he took the challenge and did a great job with it."

On mentality preparing young players like Patterson and CB Jack Ikegwuonu: "That's an important part of the overall growth and development of a young football player. As coaches sometimes you work half the time as a sport psychologist in making sure that the mental toughness part is there and it continues to be there through the highs and lows of the season."

On what he had to go through on this past Monday: "This Monday was not like every other Monday. Every Monday you come in and you see who's available, who's healthy, in order to formulate your defensive package in terms of how to attack. It wasn't unlike – it's just the number of injuries we had and the timing of everything, when it rains, it pours so to speak. We're going ahead with who we have available to use and we look forward to seeing those players execute and playing at a high level like we've done up to this point."

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