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Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott

On whether LB Stewart Bradley looks fully recovered from injury: "Yeah, he does. He looks good. I think he's a week fresh, now off the injury, and his legs look fresh and I think he's eager to get back out there."

On what Bradley's return means for the defense: "Well, it's huge. We have that big body back inside from a performance standpoint, but also a leadership standpoint."

On whether he was able to make adjustments after struggling against the Detroit running game early on: "From a physical standpoint we weren't very physical, and the vision for this defense is to be a flat-out physical football team on defense, so I was disappointed in that. And then, we have to understand the run game and how to fit the run game accordingly. Now, we did a better job of that in the second quarter and third quarter, and then got sloppy down at the end of the game there, which I'm not happy about."

On whether the defensive line was getting enough push inside against the pass: "We'd like to have more inside from the two tackles, there, but they do a good job of playing consistent football. At the same time though, we have to dominate inside in the run game in particular, and take control of that line of scrimmage."

On whether he is disappointed in the defense thus far: "Well, I think we are a good defense and we've been inconsistent, which happens with young teams, in particular, a young defense in this case. But, we have to get that ironed out and that will take place over time here, and we continue to play good, aggressive football, intense, emotional football, and that will iron itself out. But we need to be more consistent."

On LB Akeem Jordan's play: "He's done an adequate job of playing that SAM linebacker position. He hasn't had quite as many reps, as I'm sure Akeem would like, just because of the sub-package that's been on the field. But just like the rest of the defense, I think we can play a more physical brand of football."

On S Nate Allen's play: "I mean, really two games into his rookie year, having two interceptions speaks for itself, as far as the production goes. Are there things that he can clean up? There are. But, as I mentioned earlier, and as you guys have experienced, Nate's a very mature young man and he's tackled well, he's really handled himself fairly well up to this point."

On whether the defensive struggles were a breakdown in the scheme or the matchups against Detroit: "Well, matchups or not, if we're in a position to make plays, we should make plays. Scheme-wise I can do a better job of putting us in position to make plays, according to those matchups and/or not matchups in particular cases, there. But we just need to make sure we execute the scheme and if we're in a position to make plays, then we make plays. And like I said earlier, wherever you take the field, whatever it is, you have to take the field with an intensity and angriness about yourself, and that's how you play good football on defense."

On whether he feels comfortable with the personnel on defense: "Well, you certainly have to understand what you have personnel-wise and what our strengths are and what our weaknesses are, and every player has strengths and weaknesses, just like all of us do. So, I have to scheme to our strengths and make sure we protect our weaknesses."

On whether Detroit having success with the hurry-up offense will lead teams to try to exploit the Eagles down the road: "Well, we were in our nickel situation pretty much the whole, it was five minutes to go in the game I believe we had our nickel on the field, so we knew it was a passing one-dimensional game at that point and we got sloppy, and that's going to change. So, we have to get that cleaned up and we're looking to do that this week, here."

On whether he sensed a letdown from the defense because the team had a big lead: "Well, I think there's a human nature part of that involved to the point, that that is human nature and we can't let that happen. We can't let that be human nature for us on defense, and a good defense, and a defense with the right type of attitude doesn't let that happen. (Instead) they keep their foot on the gas pedal and they shut a team out, right there, in that situation."

On Jaguars QB David Garrard's strengths as a quarterback: "When he's on, he's on. I mean, he's one of the top quarterbacks when he's on with what he can do with his arm and what he can do with his legs, in terms of running the football. So, he's been a little bit hot and cold, as we all know, but when he's on he's one of the better quarterbacks from an arm strength stand point, from an ability to move in the pocket and make plays with his feet."

On Jaguars TE Mercedes Lewis and how he is different from the tight ends the Eagles faced in the first two games: "Well, like I said the other week, I think you're going to see a good tight end or a great explosive receiver each and every week, and I haven't gone through the schedule that way, but you just feel like that's becoming the norm in the National Football League. So, he's right there with those other tight ends. And then you can add (number) 86 (TE Zach Miller) to the mix right there, as well. So, they spread you out and bring different tight ends on the field, and do a good job with their offense that way in staying unpredictable."

On whether Lewis causes problems for teams with a small secondary because of his height: "He is. And they throw the ball out of reach of most defenders because he is so tall, and they throw the ball high to him and allow him to go up for the ball that way."

On whether he prepares the players for a big tight end in practice: "Well, you just try and get your matchups, get your matchups as far as that goes and just know that that's where the ball is going to be thrown when he's throwing the ball to Lewis. Most of the time it's up and away from the defender."

On whether Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew is one of the most unique running backs in the National Football League: "He does a great job. You look at the young man and he's not the biggest back, but from the waist down very powerful, has great balance, and he seems to understand the defensive scheme in terms of where the cutback lanes are and knows right where he wants to go with the football. So, we have to make sure that we are sound from a force standpoint and from a cutback standpoint."

On whether the defense has lacked intensity and anger in the first two games: "Well, I think it's part of the overall consistency in what we're lacking right now, and that's going to happen with a young defense, I understand that. But, we've been very emotional and physical at times, in particular when our back's been up against the wall or when we're faced with a great challenge, in the Green Bay game, and then in the two fourth down situations in the Detroit game. So, from that standpoint I'm pleased, but from a consistency standpoint you have to take the field with the same approach, the same fire in your eyes throughout 65, 75 plays of the game."

On how he tries to combat, or at least minimize inconsistency on defense: "Well, you try and scheme around it, and then you just keep pushing the envelope, you keep pushing through the process of preparing the players and learning through each rep in practice and each rep in the game. And you're always shooting for that perfect practice, or that perfect rep, or that perfect game, and we keep pushing these players in that direction to achieve that goal."

On how you teach a small cornerback to defend lofted passes: "Well, you put yourself in the right position, first of all from a body position standpoint, and then you know where they want to go with the football when, like we've talked about with the tight end this week, they want to throw the ball up, then you have to be ready to go up for the football and judge the ball accordingly. So, you just keep drilling it and exposing ourselves to it through the film study, and then when you're in a position, you make the play."

On whether DE Juqua Parker has maximized his playing time as a backup: "He's doing extremely well. And I think he has maximized his opportunities when he's been in there, and he gives us that physical, intense player that I like to see when he goes into the game."

On whether DE Brandon Graham's injury was a byproduct of playing against bigger players inside: "I don't think so. I mean, he plays hard. He had a sack inside and did a good job. He just plays so hard that he just happened to get dinged like anybody else would get dinged, and we'll be happy to have him back this weekend."

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