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Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott

On how the Eagles prepared for QB Michael Vick in the past, and whether Vick scared them: "I think you mention a word 'scared' – I mean, he's a dangerous player and any time he steps on the field in any capacity he brings a formidable threat to the table. Just being on that other sideline, from a defensive standpoint – dangerous, scared are all those words that describe the feelings running through defensive coaches."

On why he thinks the Eagles have been successful against Vick: "Every situation is different; every game is different, but really, it all comes down, I believe, to running to the football. We're a team that, over the years, has run to the football and played assignment-sound and defensive team ball. There's no one answer but that's where it all starts right there."

On whether he has spent more time in the past year, as a defensive coordinator, thinking about how to defend the Wildcat since it seems to be becoming a trend: "Certainly it is (becoming a trend). This is a league that's based on trends and (it's) a copycat league for the most part. You have to spend a considerable amount of time in the offseason knowing how to defend the Wildcat and other options that offenses have these days. For their punch, what's your counterpunch? And so on and so forth. I'm just waiting for (head) Coach (Andy) Reid to come down to my office and find out how we're going to use (Vick) on defense."

On whether having Vick on the team adds hours of preparation time for opponents: "Again, I think every situation is different; every team is different. A formidable threat like Michael is – he's another option for our offense. I can't speak on behalf of the rest of the league, but he is a threat."

On whether the success of the Wildcat can be attributed to certain players, or whether it's more of a schematic thing:"I think, again, every situation is different, but really you're looking at a guy that in this case can not only run but throw the football, so there are options for our offense and there are options within each play I would imagine. I don't know what Coach has in mind there, but in any Wildcat offense you have to know who is behind the center and what they bring to the table skill set-wise."

On whether he can think of a team in the past that has had a threat like Vick: "No."

On whether the guys on the team are excited to practice with and against Vick: "I think any time you add a player of Michael's caliber, the expectations of one another go up and that's a good thing for this team. The competition level goes up and that's another good thing, when you have a group of guys that continually challenge one another. That's what this is all about, in raising the level of play."

On how he felt they played defensively Thursday night: "I thought first and foremost we got off to a good start. The first series, three and out, was a step in the right direction. Now, with the first group there were some things that we could have done a lot better, and the players would agree to that. It's important that we stay on schedule as a defense and (that) there is a plan in place and that we can check off all those boxes, those boxes being the fundamental boxes of getting off blocks, making tackles, making plays on the football."

On what he found out about the defense Thursday night: "You find out about players. You want to evaluate football players and you try and narrow down the gameplan so we can evaluate football players, players that don't spend the majority of their time thinking but react. For us, we found that we're an attack-oriented defense and we have guys that can run on this team and we're going to take advantage of that."

On how LB Joe Mays did: "You look from A-to-Z on it and you look how he handles himself in the locker room before the game, how he handles himself in pre-game warm up, and how he commands the huddle. That's all a part of it. Then, you evaluate the whole package, and I thought he did a nice job for his first time out there. It's important that he continues to make progress."

On whether LB Moise Fokou has put himself on the map a little bit: "He's done a nice job and it all starts with his preparation. He takes great pride in the work he puts in off the field. He brings a lot to the table at that SAM linebacker position. When the lights come on the look in his eye is the right look, the look that we want to see from our players."

On what he saw from CB Ellis Hobbs Thursday night: "Ellis was only in about four or five plays roughly, so we could evaluate Ellis just like we evaluated in practice. You're talking about a guy who is extremely quick and tough and that's what I saw. It's important that he continues to, as I mentioned the other day, absorb and digest this defense so he can continue to get comfortable with the details of this defense, so he can play fast and make plays for us."

On whether the secondary is shaping out the way he envisioned: "It has. We have players back there that can make plays and have made plays over the course of their career. But it's important with the new faces we have back there, you mentioned Ellis earlier and with (S) Quintin Demps, that they gain a chemistry amongst themselves and they get comfortable with one another."

On whether they had CB Sheldon Brown in walk thru this morning: "We did."

On whether Brown will practice this afternoon: "As far as I know, (yes), but you'd have to ask (head athletic trainer) Rick or Coach Reid."

On how Demps and S Sean Jones played Thursday night: "Quintin Demps did a nice job. They both did a nice job. Quintin, specifically, did a nice job. Again, you're talking about a young player that is really playing in his first game as a starter and he handled himself well. He tackled well. That's point A. Now it's important where we're going in terms of getting to Point B."

On whether Demps has improved his pursuit angles: "That's all part of tackling. Pursuit angles and leverage and footwork is all a part of tackling. It's an area of his game that he spends a considerable amount of time on and will continue to work on."

On how much time DE Victor Abiamiri has missed and how far behind he is: "He's missed a considerable amount of time and it's important he continues to work in terms of off the field with his conditioning, and then on the field, that he's in a way that he can help this football team. I'd be lying up here if I said he hasn't missed a considerable amount of time because he has. He has to get himself going here and mentally and physically help this football team."

On whether he feels confident that DT Trevor Laws can be that third defensive tackle:"You look for a rotation. Any time you have defensive tackles in this league, especially in the NFC East with the fullbacks and the role that they play, you need defensive tackles that can rotate to help the running game. Trevor is off to a good start. (I'm) just not sure about the touchdown dance he was doing, going on down the field (during yesterday's practice). He's done a nice job."

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