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Defensive Coordinator Sean McDermott

On Sunday's loss to Dallas: "Any time we lose I'm disappointed in myself. That's number one. We didn't play well on defense. We gave up 24 points and we lost. Any time we lose I'm disappointed in myself number one."

On whether he thought he had the right gameplan going into Sunday: "Yes, that's what you do. You go into a game believing in your plan. The players believe in the plan and you go out to execute the plan."

On when he realized the gameplan wasn'tworking: "Like I said, when it doesn't turn out your way obviously the X's and O's weren't right. That's were trying to get corrected this week and that will be the plan going into this weekend."

On changing things when you are playing a team two weeks in a row: "You go back and you analyze the whole picture, the big picture, every different phase of the game from one-on-one matchups to the X's and O's and you come up with a better plan to put our players in a better position to make plans and succeed and win a football game and move on."

On whether Dallas changed anything between the first and second meeting: "No, they really didn't. I give them the credit like I did after the game. They played well. They executed. They came out and made plays and we didn't make enough plays. They won one-on-one battles. We didn't win one-on-one battles and we're going to look to change that this week."

On Dallas being a difficult team to matchup with: "The first game we held them to 13 points until the one big play we gave up midway through the 4th quarter. This time it was 24 points obviously, but they're a good team. They have good personnel. We have to do a better job coaching and that starts with me as I mentioned before. We have to go down there and execute and win one-on-one matchups."

On the play in the second half: "We gave up 7 points in the second half really on a play, some broken tackles down the field. That was encouraging and the first game for us was encouraging holding them to 13 points as long as we did. They're a good offense. They're going to make their plays and we have to understand that and remain mentally tough within that. That's all part of what we're taking going into this weekend."

On the play of LB Jeremiah Trotter last week and how much he will play this week: "Based on situation, just like the other positions, whatever the situation calls for you'll see Trotter or some other players."

On whether there will be any personnel changes going into Sunday's game: "If we feel like it's going to help us win that's what we'll do and if the situation calls for it. The combination of situations and using our player abilities, whether it's rushing the passer or covering, whatever that may be, we're going to try to do that to develop a formula that helps us win."

On how difficult it's been that players aren't settling into their positions: "You never want to have guys moving in and out of different positions, but you're forced to do that. You're forced to adapt and overcome. That's what we do. We turn it into a positive and we look at it as a challenge. The players that are in those positions on the field have to make plays. They're expected to perform. If you are not performing and not producing at a position, then you're not going to play. If you are out there, you are expected to play and play at a high level."

On LB Chris Gocong: "He could play at a couple of different positions."

On Trotter doing a good job at stopping the run, but not being great in pass coverage: "Yeah, that's the slippery slope you're looking at there, understanding our players and what they bring to the table. Trotter is a heck of a competitor. I think we all noticed a difference when he was in the game the other night. He plays with great intensity. We just have to make sure that we scheme around that going into this weekend."

On whether he would put Dallas QB Tony Romo among the elite quarterbacks in the NFL: "He's one of the elite quarterbacks in the league and the way he's played this year on a consistent basis. We've seen it over the years from Romo where's he's been up and down, where he's had his peaks and his valleys. But this year I think the consistency and probably the maturation process that he's gone through has shown week to week."

On how Dallas reacted to their blitzes: "We blitzed on one of the first or second runs there that they broke off and didn't execute the blitz the right way. Then we backed off the blitz a little bit which I take responsibility for; I should not have done that. There are always going to be blitzes in every gameplan and there were blitzes in that gameplan just by situation. We're just not going to go out and blitz carelessly or aimlessly. We're blitzing with a purpose and remaining fundamentally sound within and around that blitz."

On the combination of Dallas running backs Felix Jones and Marion Barber: "They've really turned into similar backs. I think early on in Jones' career perhaps they brought different things to the table, inside versus outside runners. But they've developed into similar backs where both run inside, both run outside, both break it up inside the hash marks look to get outside of the numbers down the sideline, and really Jones has adapted Barber's physical style of running."

On whether he thought they were going to get more pressure up front: "We were and that's one of the areas we need to pick-up this week in terms of getting pressure with your four-man front."

On Dallas TE Jason Witten's ability to get open in the last game: "We wanted to jam him more than we did and that didn't get done. That's something we have to look at this week and we've looked at. You're talking about at Pro Bowl caliber tight end and really we have to jam him at the line as much as we can and take him out of his routes and the timing of his routes with the quarterback. We're going to have a better plan going into this week to get that done."

On S Sean Jones and S Macho Harris having different skills and thus playing in different situations: "That's right. You hit the nail on the head. That's why we use them both in certain situations. Whatever they're good at, that's where we're going to use them."

On Jones and Gocong playing in Sunday's game because of their experience: "It's something we have to consider being in a playoff game and a primetime game. The speed of the game is going to be faster and for young players to play in those games it's a little bit of a unique situation, a first time for those players. We've taken into consideration as we gameplan this week and we'll look to use each and every player that's in uniform for us this weekend.

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