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Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo

On how well the team is prepared for Baltimore's no-huddle offense: "The good thing is that (we've been working on that). That is part of every defense. In the OTAs you have time and you work on certain situations and no huddle is one of the situations that we worked on in the OTAs and in training camp."

On what he saw from LB DeMeco Ryans against Cleveland: "He showed what he's been showing us in practice. Really he just did what he's been doing in the OTAs and in training camp except this was the real deal. He made some plays and was a leader and got everybody excited. At the end he was having a good time playing the game and everybody fed off of him."

On when during the game the coaching staff determined that Ryans was suited to play all three downs: "I'm not sure when we decided not to (play him all three downs)."

On the comments last week that the linebackers would be rotated instead of playing three downs: "I think the thing is we do what (defensive line coach Jim Washburn) does with his defensive linemen. In practice, he lets them go four plays and then rotates them. When you go 10 straight plays it's hard. You have to get in shape so what we starting doing was we let our defensive backs go four plays just like the defensive linemen do. Then we rotate the younger guys for a couple plays then let those other guys come back. What we found out is (it) really, really has helped us play faster with the back end with the linebackers and the DBs and resting those guys a little bit. That's what we did with DeMeco last week and that's what we're doing this week."

On how the team prepares for potentially playing 10 straight plays on defense when Baltimore uses a no-huddle offense: "There's a chance, you don't want eight or 10 plays, but even without no huddle you can have eight or 10 plays. That's no different. I think there (are) opportunities (to substitute during a no-huddle attack)."

On whether DE Brandon Graham will get more snaps against the Ravens: "I think the key is there were eight other guys that also suited up. I think as Coach Washburn gets a feel during a game he kind of goes with the guy that's playing the best. He has a certain rotation and I think that is part of it. There is still competition. Right now there's stiff competition on the D-line. Those guys are fighting for playing time during the week (and) every practice. It comes down to who Wash feels practices the best and who does the best in practice."

On whether last week's defensive performance gives the team more confidence going forward: "The thing is we played the way we are supposed to play. When we talk about playing fast this allows us another opportunity (to play well). I think the guys got a chance to watch the Ravens on Monday Night Football. I think they got the chance to watch them on Monday night and watch them play so I think we had a good practice yesterday and today is another practice. We'll try to get better but I think the key here is every day, every game you're trying to get better fundamentally. That's the key."

On whether Graham did everything in the offseason he should have to improve his game: "Yes, Brandon did everything he needed to. So did the other guys."

On what are the keys to stopping a no-huddle offense: "I think the first thing is the different tempos that they have. Sometimes it is a fast tempo like a two-minute mode. Sometimes they'll snap it off at 13 or 14 (seconds on the play clock) and then sometimes they'll go right to the end. I think just with us the good thing is that we have been practicing hard at it and we're kind of excited to see what our no-huddle (defense) looks like."

On what the process is for relaying signals and play calls during a no-huddle period: "You know what happens is the Ravens look at this press conference too so you have to be careful a little bit."

On how impressed he was with DE Jason Babin against Cleveland's rushing attack: "Jason Babin was relentless. He was unbelievable. I think he hadn't practiced in a long time and hadn't hit anybody. I think he was ready to hit somebody. I think with the run game that was really all of the defensive front. We'll get tested again this week but we talked before about the OTAs and Wash having time to work the fundamentals with those defensive linemen. That's really been the key. That time that we've had in the OTAs to work the fundamentals with our players."

On what he saw from DT Fletcher Cox in his first game: "What we saw was the reason why we drafted him. The reason why (general manager) Howie (Roseman) and (head coach) Andy (Reid) drafted him and Wash liked him on tape. Very explosive, played hard and made plays."

On what he saw from CB Brandon Boykin in his first game: "We looked at some tape this morning and you saw Boykin. The quarterback ended up breaking contain to his right and Boykin initially had his guy covered and then the guy separated from him. The guy had about a yard on him and the quarterback threw the ball and you're think a completion but Boykin, what he did is he ended up really just diving. He really just threw himself out and was able to deflect that ball. That really kind of says it about him. He really just makes plays. He's been making plays since training camp. The game is not too big for him and we're excited about him just getting better. He'll tell you himself it is still a process. Every day he is getting a little better. Hopefully that'll happen in the games too."

On what he sees on tape that impresses him about QB Joe Flacco: "The confidence that he's operating in that no-huddle. The trust that he has in his receivers. I think we all watched the game and he just let those guys make plays. His strength and he's a big guy in the pocket allows his O-line to set a certain way because he can see over those offensive linemen."

On the adjustments CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie made during the first game after he was almost beaten for a touchdown: "I think some of that would be my fault because we go through tendencies. We may give DRC (an idea) and hey look when they do this, this is this. Obviously I was wrong there."

On what he saw from LB Mychal Kendricks in his first game: "With Mychal, he's relentless. We watched the clip that was a big play and it was a first-and-five and they had a crossing route. He was able to plant his foot and explode and I think he tackled the play for a two-yard gain. It was first-and-five and they ended up not making the first down. He's very explosive, he's relentless, and the nice thing is he wants to be good. He wants to be the best. DeMeco is a good leader and he's a good example for Mychal. He's just eating it up, the way DeMeco acts and he goes about things. Mychal is just eating that up. Mychal wants to be that type of player."

On whether interceptions are an indication of an offense playing sloppy or a defense playing well: "I think it probably depends on the media and how you all take it."

On the challenge that the Ravens' receivers and tight ends present: "They really have five guys that are really good. Those outside receivers are also very good. Really it's hard because you can't just focus on the tight ends because you have to focus on those outside receivers too. It's going to be a great challenge but our guys will be up for it."

On what impresses him about S Kurt Coleman: "His heart. I think this was powerful. I went up to Kurt and I told him, 'Kurt, I respect you so much.' To get hit like that and the guy doesn't come out it's unbelievable. I just went up to him and I said, 'I respect you so much for the way you handle (yourself).' He says, 'Juan, I have a daughter to support. I have a family to support.' You know what, that says a lot. That tells you right now what he's all about (and) what he's thinking about. I think you guys are probably the same. Some of you guys understand we all have to take care of our families. He's got it in the right perspective. It's very important for him."

On whether CB Nnamdi Asomugha and Rodgers-Cromartie changed their approach to play this defense this season: "I think the difference is for Dominique is that (CB) Asante (Samuel) isn't here so he's playing on the outside and he's not playing a position that we're trying to teach him to play. Nnam is really in the second year of the program and he got in all the OTAs and got comfortable with all of the coverages and the strength of the coverage and the damage control we have to do for the coverage. Every coverage takes something away but it gives up something. It is important to understand what that is as we're calling it so he also has a feel of alright here's what we are going to call next. Here's what's going to happen, here's what we're trying to take away in this route combination."

On whether the defensive backs were losing confidence last season: "I think the hard part is not having the OTAs and really when you look at it, they didn't have a lot of training camp either. We had already installed our coverages when Nnam and Dominique came in so it was a matter of trying to catch up. I think part of it just took a little bit for them to understand the concepts of the coverages even though a coverage is a coverage but it still has different names. Then the adjustments (and) the way you call the adjustments there is a learning curve in the process."

On what it's like to coach two different personalities in Asomugha and Rodgers-Cromartie: "On the field they're the same. They are competitors. They each want to be the best and really just in practice there is a lot of competition. Both of them work hard. I think after practice you see Nnam stay after practice and work. Dominique gets his practice during practice. What Dominique will do is he will go over and take scout team reps so that he can go against (RB) LeSean (McCoy) and (WR Jeremy) Maclin and get some work there."

On whether he is disappointed in how things turned out with S Jaiquawn Jarrett: "It's not over for him. Hopefully he does well. He is a good kid."

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