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DE Darryl Tapp Press Conference

On whether the contract extension was something that he felt he had to do and how it happened: "Actually, I don't know. I'm always prepping myself in the best position to be successful as far as working hard and trying to show that on the field. The Eagles awarded me for the things I've done prior and I'm going to try to continue to make that happen while I'm here."

On his initial reaction after hearing that he was traded to the Eagles: "When I first found out I was being traded I was shocked, honestly, because everything I heard from the people in Seattle was that I was going to be there for this upcoming year. I was looking forward to going in there and getting the ball rolling again. When I found out, it was a bittersweet moment. It was bitter because the team that finally gave me a chance to play in the league was moving elsewhere without me, but it's a sweet thing because I get to play for a great organization and be closer to home in the same instance."

On whether he had the chance to talk to defensive coordinator Sean McDermott in regards to his expectations: "I have not talked to coach about that aspect yet. We just touched base a little bit; he's out of town right now. [Eagles head] Coach [Andy] Reid did tell me I would be playing left defensive end, opposite of Trent Cole. I'm prepared to come in here and work my way up and push myself to a starting role."

On whether he looks at this situation as a fresh start or a continuation from what he was doing in Seattle: "I look at this opportunity definitely as a fresh start. It's a new city, I'm going to have a new number. So, I'm ready to continue to go forward. Those things that I've learned the first four years in the league, I'll use those things and grow from it."

On the number that he will be wearing now: "91."

On his best traits: "I feel my best traits are I'm very quick off the ball. I feel I'm an athletic end, an every-down end. I know I get a knock because of my height. That's only by, what, two inches? I'm not the prototypical size in their eyes. My weight, I'm on the same weight plan. I don't really understand the comparison, but I'm going to do everything in my power to continue to fight the things that I've been told all my life."

On whether he has talked to FB Leonard Weaver: "I have talked to big brother Leonard. Leonard was with me in Seattle and I definitely shadowed him a lot. He's a wise guy, great player and even a better person. He told me that Philadelphia is an awesome place to be. We've got great fans, they follow you through thick and thin, they want you to come out here and work and do what you need to do and they'll be right behind you. He said, 'You're going to have a blast out here.' Coach Reid and it's a top-notch organization and it'll be a special thing to be a part of."

On why a change of scenery will be a good thing: "I think a change of scenery will be good just because I'll be able get a fresh start. I guess last year I had 2.5 sacks, but honestly in my eyes, I feel like it was my best year. I had 2.5 sacks and 18 quarterback hits which was by far more hits than I had last year. Last year was just a difficult situation with the circumstances that we had in Seattle. So, stats don't always tell the story; it's what you see on the surface. I'm very happy that Coach Reid and the rest of the staff will give me another opportunity to go out there and state my case."

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