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DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim Conference Call

On being selected by the Eagles: "My agent said something about I might go to Philly and that excited me, but I wasn't trying to really read into what other people were saying."

On playing defensive end or linebacker for the Eagles: "I have no idea. I'll just be happy to play wherever they want me to."

On coming to Philadelphia for an interview: "I came for an interview. It was about two weeks ago."

On a position or philosophy best suited for him: "I think I'll be playing defensive line and I don't care where they want me to go."

On being selected this high in the draft: "I didn't really even think about where I might go. I would just be happy to go, honestly."

On watching the draft: "I watched some of it, parts of it. I wasn't watching until I got the call."

On what he was doing instead:"I was just lying down and looking at the ceiling."

On the spelling of his last name: "Te'o is my mom's last name and Nesheim is my dad's last name."

On playing for the fan base in Philadelphia: "I love how rabid the fans are and I love watching their defense play. We watched a lot of their defensive line when I came on my visit and it was just really exciting to see how hard they play. Even when I talked to Washington [defensive coordinator] Coach [Nick] Holt about it, he said that they are a great defense to play for and I would love to go there. That's what I was thinking as soon as I watched that film."

On what type of player he is: "I think I am tough and definitely durable. I think of myself as a high-effort guy and I'll do whatever is asked on or off the field."

On playing linebacker in college: "I played a couple snaps, but I dropped into coverage in our defense, so I have no problems wherever they want me to go."

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