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DE Cole, CB Hanson

DE Trent Cole

On how the defense has looked so far during OTAs: "We're looking good. I'm really excited to get the season started. We have some new additions, and we're glad to have (LB) DeMeco Ryans and (DT) Fletcher Cox. These guys look really good out there, and all around it's looking good so far."

On whether he notices a difference with Ryans out there: "Like I said, he's a new addition and it always feels like it's different with a new guy. He's a big linebacker and we're looking forward to him helping us out and getting it done."

On who he sees stepping up to be a leader in this year's defense: "I'm a believer that everybody needs to be a leader, especially as a vet. That's how it works. We have to set the tone and the line that this is how things are run here. When new guys come in, as vets we set the tone and keep doing the same thing. Since I've been here, if it's not broke then don't fix it."

On how DT Fletcher Cox has looked so far: "I'm impressed with him. He's a guy who is going to develop very well for us. He's done a great job and caught on really well, and (defensive line coach Jim) Wash(burn) is giving him all the help that he needs and teaching him a lot of new things."

CB Joselio Hanson

On whether this is the fastest team he has been on: "This is definitely the fastest team I've been on. We brought in some fast rookies (at wide receiver), and we already have DeSean (Jackson) and (Jeremy) Maclin. Jason Avant is looking fast out there, too. We're looking pretty fast and explosive."

On what he has seen going against WR Marvin McNutt in the OTAs: "He's really athletic, long, and he has deceptive speed. He can really get open when he needs to. You can't really tell now, and we'll see when we get the pads on just how good people are."

On whether he can tell that the other cornerbacks are more comfortable this season: "I know DRC does and he's feeling good. He's playing off all his instincts and he has had a couple picks so far in the OTAs. He's feeling good."

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