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DE Brandon Graham, WR Jeremy Maclin, RB J.J. Arrington

DE Brandon Graham

On whether it feels good to be going against the first team offensive lineman: "Yeah, it feels really good to go against the first team offense because that's the real work right there, and if you beat those guys then you know you are doing something right."

On if he knows where he will be playing exactly: "Well no, I don't worry about that. I just go out there and just go as hard as I can and they'll see on film where I should be and I'll just go from there."

On him recapping the first couple of days of camp: "I feel like I have done a pretty good job, but there is more down the line that I need to work on that me and (DL) Coach (Rory) Segrest talk about every day, and that is just staying low and making sure I come off as hard as I can and watch that ball and be the fastest man up the field."

On if it is still important for him to work on his hands: "Yeah, that's the biggest thing because when you are able to use your hands really good then you'll be able to do exactly what you want to do, and that is to get to the quarterback. I think I've done a good job and that's why we have more practices, to keep on working, and that's what I am going to keep doing."

On if he was fired up on the fourth down stop the defense had: "Oh yeah I was hyped, I wish I was out there, but I was on the sideline. It started something in the practice though, and it woke me up a little bit more."

WR Jeremy Maclin
On how it is working with QB Kevin Kolb so far: "It's been great man, it's been great. Everybody had their question marks but I think he's definitely answered those and now we have a team that grows as a unit. And by that I meant everybody but the football team had their question marks but like I said, for a guy that hasn't played much in this league he has definitely shown as much poise and the confidence as a guy that has been playing for five or six years as a starting quarterback."

On if he is content being the number two receiver and WR DeSean Jackson being the number one: "It's different, I wouldn't necessarily call it what it is, obviously last year he had more yards and he caught a few more balls and obviously made a lot of big plays. You can call it that, but at the same time you look at the San Diego game where (WR) Jason (Avant) had a huge game, and the Tampa and Dallas games where I put up pretty big numbers, so it just all depends. I'm not taking anything away from (WR) DeSean (Jackson), he's a great receiver and I'm lucky to have him on the other side of me."

On whether it feels like he has a better opportunity being here for all of training camp this year: "I suppose, I think right now is kind of the key part of doing it, with coming to a whole new face of who's running the team and (QB) (Kevin) Kolb . I think that all of the time that we can get together is key and I think that being here definitely is going to help us in the long run."

RB J.J. Arrington
On the last time he had pads on: "During the Super Bowl. Super Bowl 2008."

On how difficult it is to come back from microfracture surgery: "Me and Reggie (Bush) went to the same doctor, Dr. Andrews. He's the best in the business as far as I know. I mean, I have no complaints right now. Things look pretty good to me."

On whether his chance with the Eagles is a freshstart: "In that way, yes it is. Just to come back and learn the playbook with new teammates. It's good. (My Agent) said the (Eagles) have pretty much been asking about me the whole offseason. This is one of the teams I was going to come to actually before I signed back this year with Denver."

On whether he was concerned about not passing hisphysical: "I knew that I was going to pass it. I've been practicing the last two months, or three months. They started working me in the OTAs in Denver and then I did mini-camp and then I started training camp Wednesday with the rookies. So, I've been doing everything pretty much from there."

On whether the Eagles offense suits his style of play: "Yes, it's different terminology and getting some of the stuff, but it's coming together."

On where he fits into the Eagles running back situation: "Whatever coach (Reid) needs me to do, I'm willing to do whatever I need to do to help the team. I've played on special teams my whole career, so I'm happy to do whatever I need to do, third down, whatever."

On his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield: "I definitely think I can bring that here. I used to run routes and stuff outside the backfield, so I figure once I understand the routes and the motions I'll be pretty good with that."

On the NFC Championship game with the Eagles versus Cardinals: "That's where it started at. I played the whole first half and then I tore my meniscus two minutes before the halftime. That's when all the problems started happening and I found out I had cartilage damage when I had the MRI the next day. But I remember winning that game and all the confetti coming down and that's it, then went to the Super Bowl."

On the feeling of tearing a meniscus: "I didn't feel it at all. That's the thing. I didn't get hit. I didn't get hit or anything. It was just something that happened. I had a bone bruise all year long that I was playing with, so that bone bruise, just playing with it so much ended up messing my cartilage up and messing my meniscus up."

On when he decided to have the surgery: "I had my first meniscus surgery right after the Super Bowl, a week later and then the Broncos brought me in a week later and they had some questions about my knee. But the next week they signed me, they still signed me. But then four months into it when I was rehabbing and everything and got ready to go they gave me another physical and then my knee didn't heal like it was supposed to, so that's when I got released. The surgery happened on June 10th, 2009 and then rehabbed the whole season and then came back to the Broncos."

On whether he watched any football last season when he was rehabbing: "The first few weeks, it hurt me. The first two weeks I couldn't watch football, but then I started watching it. I knew I needed to watch it just knowing I was going to come back I would need to still know what was going on in the league and just watch my position and see what was going on. I was a fan and a student of the game last year, that's pretty much it."

On whether he was a free agent or unrestricted free agent when he signed with Denver: "I was unrestricted."

On whether he was concerned that the team wouldn't want him after the surgery: "No. You just have to keep your faith. I mean medicine is getting so much better every year. I wouldn't be surprised that in two more years microfracture will probably be six months (laughing). I'm being serious though because that's how much better everything's getting, so you never know. I just went to the best doctor I knew and a couple people had it by him and it did pretty good, so I just did everything he told me to do."

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