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DE Brandon Graham, WR Jason Avant, T Jason Peters

*DE Brandon Graham *

On his interception at practice today: "Yeah because (TE Brent Celek) pushed off of me and rolled behind me, and I just stuck with him in there and it ended up coming right in my hands."

On his speed: "Yeah, I let them know, once I get going then nobody can catch me (laughing)."

*T Jason Peters *

On what the biggest difference is with QB Kevin Kolb and RB LeSean McCoy this year compared to QB Donavan McNabb and RB Brian Westbrook: "There's no difference, they're the same guys, and I just do my assignment. It's going to be the same play and the same outcome."

On how this training camp is going as opposed to last year: "It's really simple for me. Last year I was learning, I was trying to get the technique's and stuff down. This year it's a little bit easier, I know the stuff and I have the technique down. I'm still learning a little bit, but it's easier this year."

On whether he is excited with the challenge of going up against DE Trent Cole: "Oh yeah, he's one of the top five defensive ends in the league, and that's helping me and it's helping him. On Sunday it will be that much easier for me and him."

On how he thinks it went his first year here: "From a one to ten I'd say I was about a six and a half or seven. I think that I can do better, that's what I'm working on this camp, just getting my stuff down. Last year I was learning, trying to feel out Donavan what his steps were like, and that's what I'm doing this camp."

On how is Kolb different from McNabb in terms of playing tackle: "Right now I haven't noticed anything. I'm still seven steps, five steps; I just hadn't noticed anything right now. In a couple of games in I might notice something different, but right now it's the same."

On how he looks like he's in better shape than last year: "Of course, last year I was in shape but not the shape that I'm in this year. Offseason workouts hit me a little bit, and coming in here in shape really helps with training camp."

On what his feeling is this year on getting better: "I'm just trying to go out there and do as best I can, just get better than I was last year, I gave up a couple of sacks last year and I'm going to try to correct it this year."

On whether he feels like he has to be dominant in order for this offense to work: "Yeah, any left tackle in the league, if they're not dominant, then the offense is not really going to click because the quarterback is going to be tentative. So as long as I've got his back, he's going to do his thing."

On what area he thinks G/T Stacy Andrews has improved most since last year: "His footwork. His footwork and his hands are a whole lot better, and he knows what to do with assignments a whole lot better this year."

On Andrews' pass blocking: "He's still working on his pass blocking, but it is way better than it was last year. He's coming along well."

*WR Jason Avant *

On the importance of mentoring the younger wide receivers: "It's a big deal with all of the negative role models out there, they need to see somebody that's living a life that's meaningful, that has no contradictions. A lot of times people tell kids what to do, do what I say and not what I do, but it's a blessing for a kid to see someone that lives a life that has no contradictions. So if you can be a mentor to a kid and your life is right, and you're living it before God in a way to please him, I think that these kids will take after you. And not only will it impact their lives, but it will do a whole bunch for them because they know that you're somebody that practices what you preach."

On having the reputation to be able to catch anything and whether he was that good in college: "I won't pat myself on the back, I try my best and I try to concentrate, the Lord's has given me a gift to do it and to play. And I've always been able to do it since I was a little kid, I just started playing receiver when I was in junior high school, and didn't start playing football until I was a sophomore, so I just always had a gift for hand-eye coordination. I'm thankful for it, but it's just a gift."

On how he can impact the younger receivers: "The biggest thing that I can do, they have the physical talent, there's no question. (WR) DeSean (Jackson) has some of the most God-given, I've played with a lot of players and all of the guys that are first round picks and all of that, but he has, him and (WR Jeremy) Maclin, they have some really good God-given abilities that none of those other guys have. And so the best thing that I can do is to tell them about the detriments off of the field, because that's the only thing that can hurt them. It's not that the game, injuries can't but the biggest thing for them is the stuff off of the field that comes along with playing football in the National Football League. So it's my job to let them know about the traps and it's my job to tell them, they're men and they have to make the decisions on their own, but at least I can be there to tell them, and live my life in the way that they can see that if you do it right, it's good."

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