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DB Marlin Jackson

On his knee rehab and where he is right now with that: "I'm at four months in my ACL rehab. I'm sprinting, running, back-peddling, breaking and certain things like that. So, I'm ahead of schedule and I've been blessed so far with my rehab. It's going very, very smooth. Like I said before, I'm ahead of schedule and I'm very thankful for that."

On what knee he is rehabbing: "It's my left knee."

On what the Eagles have said to him: "It's been a great visit and I think there's a mutual interest here. They feel that I'm capable of playing corner, safety, nickel and kind of want to see where things shake out and where the biggest need is at and, if I come here, where I will play."

On whether the team specified on the position that he will play: "They haven't said a specific position. They like the fact that I have the versatility to play any position in the secondary, which is one of my strengths; having that flexibility to do all those things. That's one of the key reasons why they brought me here because I have that flexibility and they like that and they like to have that in their arsenal."

On his experience at playing both safety and cornerback: "I'm experienced at playing safety. I played one full year, my junior year, in college at safety, at free safety. I started eight games for the Colts my second year at safety. I've always played the nickel back position which is kind of a combination of linebacker, safety and the corner. So, therefore, I'm used to the physical aspect of the game. Being out on the island at corner, you have to use all of your athleticism and things of that nature. At safety, it's obviously a more physical position but I've said before, playing the inside, playing nickel, playing that slot, you have to have all those things and I've always done those things. So, I feel I'm physical when I play corner, I'm a physical corner; safety, I'm an athletic safety that can tackle well."

On whether he has talked to WR Jason Avant about the organization: "Yes, I've talked to Jason Avant and he said nothing but positive things about the organization. Obviously, anybody who knows Jason Avant knows that he's a great person and his opinion really is held in high regard with me. I definitely appreciate all the information that he was able to give to me to help me out with my decision."

On his consecutive knee injuries and going forward what makes him confident that he won't get hurt again: "I'm confident that's not going to happen because I know me. The fans here don't know me, don't know my work ethic, how I approach this game and how positive I am. I wake up every day and I attack my rehab and I work so that I'll be fine and I'll be out there again. How many times have you heard about a person who's had a cleaned ACL, repaired, had it fixed and then re-tore it? There's not many times that you can find that situation. I've had two great surgeries. Dr. Andrews did a great job fixing both of my ACL's. I've had outstanding rehabs in both of my legs and this one right here is ahead of schedule, a lot better than my last one was. I bounced back well from that one. So, there leaves no doubt. I'm a positive person and I know how hard I work each and every day. I know what it takes to come back from an ACL. I've done it once already. So therefore, I know the work that goes in each and every day to get back and have your leg stronger again. I believe in working hard and putting everything that you have into this and I've done that. I didn't go into it where I knew, my mindset was not to, 'Okay, just make it back.' My mindset was to come back stronger and better than I was before because I know that it's possible."

On how long he thinks it will take before a team signs him: "I really can't say. I can't say. I had a positive visit with Baltimore, things sounded good. And it has been even more of a positive visit here. I have another visit lined up and I'll take that visit as well and we'll see how things go. But, I would really like to get something done pretty soon here."

On whether the Eagles would get back to him or if he would get back to the Eagles: "Everything is not finished up here yet. We haven't really said when we would get back; get back to you, get back to me. We just expressed the interest that just has been expressed. That they're really interested, they had me come here. They kind of just laid things out and let me know what the scenarios are and what the situations are here and everything sounds very positive."

On whether the doctors and trainers gave him any indication on what they were going to pass on to Andy Reid: "They were very pleased and they could tell that I obviously know how to rehab an ACL and that I've done my work and put the work in. They can obviously see that when they take a look at my physical and see that everything looks good. Everything looked well, it healed up good. So, I think they were very pleased with my physical here."

On whether he is going to the Jets next: "Yes, this afternoon."

On when he expects to take part in football activity: "I expect to be able to do some things at OTA's. When I say this, I don't mean get out there and go full out. I would be capable to do what is needed as a football player by mid-May, June. Training camp, wherever I am, I'll be ready to go, full-go."

On how tough it is to be a free agent and face so many questions about his health and his knee and not his play on the field: "That doesn't bother me because that's just motivation for me. Negative comments, negative things like that, doubts that people may have, that's nothing but energy coming into me to make me rehab even harder to show people what I can do on the field. My knees will be fine, I'll be strong and I'm back to being the player that I've always been. The thing about it, I feel that whenever I played, I've had these knee injuries, but whenever I play, whenever I'm on the field, I play well."

On whether he was surprised that the Colts did not tender him: "I was just surprised. The reason I was surprised was because I was told so many times that I was going to be tendered. I was continuously told that, 'You will be tendered, you will be here.' And then when it came down to the situation, it wasn't done. I didn't take it personally. I know that this is a business and that's the way that things work. Sometimes you re-evaluate things, you sit down and you don't come up with the same things that you came up with before. I understand that aspect and I definitely understand the coaches, you know, they asked from the young guys that stepped up. They have a lot of depth in that secondary, they have a lot of talented guys. So therefore, I understood the move that they made and I understood that it was time for me to move on and God just had a different plan for me in my life."

On whether the Colts are having him test the market and then go back to them: "They kind of want me to report back what offers I get. They want to know what offers I get. To truly tell you, with myself, I'm really kind of ready to move on and go in a different part of my career."

On the three teams that he is currently visiting (Ravens, Eagles, Jets) and whether his preference is to play for an east coast team or if that is where the interest just happened to be: "That's where the interest happened to be. The one thing about coming from Indianapolis is that I'm used to winning. That's number one for me is to win and to be part of an organization that has something to build and a setup that coincides with winning. That's what they have [in Philadelphia]. They have won each and every year. [Head coach] Andy Reid has done a great job. If you look at the roster, they have a top quarterback in the league, they have a great offensive line, they have weapons on offense, they generate great pass rush, they have good defensive backs; guys who are already here. They have all the pieces that are needed to win a championship. In Baltimore, they have something good going on. Coach [John] Harbaugh has done a great job trying to remold that franchise and change the culture of the Ravens. The Jets have turned things around themselves. They're on the right path. All teams that I feel have a chance to maybe someday win a championship."

On the Eagles having a very different defensive scheme than the Colts and whether he has talked to defensive coordinator Sean McDermott about that: "We talked about that, but see the Colts defense has changed. It is no longer a Tampa 2. That's the system that I have played in before. This year, it was more of a hybrid defense. A lot more blitzing and not as much Cover 2 being played. I was able to learn that scheme and see a difference throughout the league and the way other defenses are played. I felt like it helped me prepare for the situation. Being a free agent this year and getting to experience a new defense, a more aggressive style of defense. That's what the Philadelphia Eagles do. They're an aggressive defense, they try to dictate to the offense, all those things and that's the way football should be played."

On whether he did a lot of blitzing out of the corner in the Colts Tampa 2 defense: "Nickel, on the inside. Yeah."

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