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Darryl Tapp, Macho Harris, Jason Avant

DE Darryl Tapp

On what he can do to win a starting position: "Energetic, I go all of the time, and I play ball."

On how he feels about gunning for a starting position: "If you're not gunning for a starting job, why play? Nobody wants to come here to be a second person. Everyone's going to push forth their effort and try to be a starting guy. If not, you'll still be in great shape and starting the season off right."

WR Jason Avant

On how it felt on his first day of camp: "I feel good, coming back out, seeing the guys, everyone's back from the offseason and just running around. But it felt really good. We are looking forward to it and just thank the lord that we have the opportunity to come out and play a game like this that we enjoy and that we love to play."

On how his diving catch looked like he was in the mid-season form already: "No, I'm not in mid-season; I still have a long way to go. That was with no pads on and with no defenders out there that really challenge you so, that catch I thank God for it, I thank Jesus Christ for it, but I got a long way to go."

On whether it was different with Kevin Kolb today instead of Donovan McNabb: "We've been acclimated to that, that was something for mini-camps but now we recognize that Kevin is out here and we got the timing down with him so we are pretty used to seeing Kolb out here."

On what his expectations are for the Eagles offense this year with Kolb: "We always have the same expectations to be one of the best in the league, to get further than we did last year and to compete for a Super Bowl and I think that Kevin is going to put us in that position and I really believe this team has the talent to win it."

*S Macho Harris *

On what his expectations are for this training camp: "I think to just try to get better and try to bring the big one home, that is my expectations but camp is a time where you build team chemistry and coaches evaluate players and see what they got."

On how he feels at playing cornerback: "I feel good, I feel pretty good and I've been to the OTA's and still coming around, I took a year off playing safety so I still have to get the footwork right and stuff like that. I can always improve on all aspects of my game and try to get better."

On if his mindset is cornerback or if he is still thinking about safety as well: "Whatever the coaches want, wherever they want to put me at, so be it. I'm going to play it."

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