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Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

On what will occur in the off season: "I have a lot of people to talk with and a lot of coaches to talk with and really get the job done to have some changes. I think there are going to be many talks and interviews in a very short time."

Whether there will be a coaching decision very soon: "I think I could make the decision tonight but I may just have to wait till the morning. We should have a decision on the coach before the end of the week."

What he thinks of the coaching staff currently under the head coach:"I think Jason or whoever has to have an input in who is their coaching staff, under them as a head coach. Just like when we selected many of our offensive coaches Coach Garrett had a lot of input in who was selected."

What impression did Jason Garrett make on him as the head coach: "I am pleased with how he ran the team and operated the organization while being the head coach. I think he helped us to win a lot of games and in the games we lost he had us in position to potentially win those games as well."

On whether he wished he had made a coaching change sooner in the season:"I really do not think I need to revisit that. I am pleased with what we have done over the last eight weeks. I think I want our fans to have a good taste in their mouths and I think they have gotten that lately. We had some challenges today working with a rookie quarterback but we were able to finish the season with a win."

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