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Suzy Zucker

Suzy Zucker is a renowned choreographer, producer, teacher, and mentor in the dance world. Over the years, Suzy has choreographed the Eagles Cheerleaders for major sporting events, including Super Bowl XXIX, Hall of Fame Game, Senior Bowl, the inaugural NFL Kickoff in Times Square, and several NFC Championship half-time shows. She is also credited for choreographing the Eagles Cheerleaders performances for their Goodwill Military Tours to bases in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Kosovo in addition to international promotional tours to Mexico and England. In 2006, Suzy created the Eagles Cheerleaders shows for their week-long performance tour in Hong Kong including their participation in the Chinese New Year's Parade.

Suzy is the Artistic Director and Founder of The Garden State Dance Festival, a non-profit performing arts company. She also founded Dance Fusion, a nationally recognized troupe which performed at the Final Four Basketball Hoop City Tournaments in San Antonio, New Orleans, and Tampa as well as the NHL All Star Fantasy Draft in Toronto and the Major League All-Star Fan Fest in Philadelphia.

Commissioned by Hasbro to create the dance moves for their Twister Moves game, Suzy also choreographed the performances for the company's special event publicity tours with pop music stars Nick and Aaron Carter, Nick Cannon, and Jesse McCartney. While working with Hasbro, Suzy created the half-time entertainment for the National Tour of the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team. Suzy is also the choreographer for the prestigious Mask and Wig Club of the University of Pennsylvania.