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Where Are They Now? DT Beau Allen

Beau Allen
Beau Allen

It'd be hard to go wrong if you make your New Year's resolution to be more like former Eagles defensive tackle Beau Allen.

For one, you'd definitely be personable and seemingly always having a good time. And secondly, like him, you'd be the Honorary Captain for the Eagles' New Year's Eve game against the Cardinals at Lincoln Financial Field.

"I think I could still get out there for a couple of snaps with the boys, but it's truly an honor," Allen says. "I never thought I would be honored in such a way at a game. I'm humbled. I enjoyed my time in Philly so much. So to come back and have this special occasion, it's kind of surreal for me a little bit. It's very special to me, and I don't take it lightly.

"And I really appreciate everybody involved. I'm happy I can go out there (on the field for the pregame coin toss) with some of the guys that I played with like (Jason) Kelce and Brandon Graham and Fletcher (Cox) and Lane (Johnson) and everybody else."

Chosen in the seventh round of the 2014 NFL Draft out of Wisconsin, where he didn't miss a game and totaled 94 tackles and eight sacks, Allen was just as reliable as an Eagle and played with an energy that would light up Lincoln Financial Field.

"That was just on the outside. I was kind of freaking out a little bit on the inside," Allen says. "When you're a seventh-round pick, you really don't feel like you have any room for error. If you have one bad game, you might see a reduction in reps. And that's something that you never want to have as a player. You never want to feel like coaches can't put you out there. So it's hard. But that's why you love football."

Which is easy to do when you're winning, something the Eagles did with regularity in Allen's fourth season. They went 13-3, easily handled Minnesota in the NFC Championship Game, and then earned the Lombardi Trophy after beating New England in Super Bowl LII, 41-33.

"There's so many good memories from that 2017 season," says Allen, who had two tackles in the Super Bowl, which was played in Minneapolis, a 20-minute drive from his hometown, Minnetonka. "And looking back, it feels like another lifetime, honestly."

Cox and Graham, two of Allen's D-line teammates from his previous life, are still providing good memories for Philly fans while making a difference on the field for the Eagles.

"It doesn't surprise me at all. I mean, Fletcher's an animal. I'm so excited to watch him play," Allen says. "It's incredible how physical he is and how physical he's been for so long. And you've got to give a little bit of love to Brandon Graham. BG is kind of the same thing. He's a leader out there on the defense and for the whole team, really.

"I love watching this defensive line play. They remind me in a lot of ways of the year we had in 2017. Just very deep. We talked about Fletcher, he's an old man-dog like I was saying, but Jordan Davis, who's a big nose guard, young, and so much strength there. And Jalen Carter, who's so slippery. And then a guy who I really, really want to give some love to is Milton Williams, who does so many things right. I don't know if he gets enough shine from the national media, but his technique is unbelievable. So there's all sorts of guys that deserve a lot of love on that defensive line. And rightfully so. It's a great unit. It's really fun to watch."

Retiring in 2022 after seven seasons with the Eagles, Tampa Bay, and New England, Allen, or "The Butter King," is now co-hosting a podcast with Nate "Dr. Fax" Collins.

"Fax and The King is a podcast I do under Chris Long, another Eagles legend. He has a media umbrella," Allen says. "We do it at least every Wednesday. So check it out. It's a fun time. It's not quite as fun as playing, but not many things are."


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