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Alex Henery Conference Call

On his reaction to being drafted by the Eagles: "I didn't really have too many expectations. I've just been hearing a lot of different things, but I'm very happy to be going where I'm going."

On whether he will be used more as a kicker or a punter for the Eagles: "Pretty sure mostly field goal kicking, but that's pretty much what I've been recruited on."

On what it takes to be talented at both kicking and punting and what he did to help himself be picked in the fourth round of the NFL Draft: "Just have a lot of focus and know how to switch from one to the other and just handling your time well when working on one then the other. Mainly, just making sure that when you go out there and then come off the field, you have to know when you go back out there whether you did good or you did bad."

On the techniques of kicking and punting and how they are different: "It's definitely two different things. I compare it to golf: Hitting your driver and hitting your pitching wedge—two different things, nothing really comparable.  So, you really have to make sure you're focused in and out on what you're doing and at that point of the game.

On his kicking background: "I was a soccer player, a coach had me go out to kick in high school. I kicked for three years in high school, walked on at Nebraska, kicked field goals for four years and punted for two."

On potentially replacing K David Akers: "He's a very good kicker, it's not coming into replace him, it's coming in to do my job this upcoming year is really how I look at it. It's not to go in and replace someone. This is the way it was one I was at Nebraska. There's been some good kickers, I wasn't trying to go in and be like them. I was going in to be myself and help the team anyway I could that year."

On what he needs to work on at the next level: "I just will need to get with my holder and snapper. The thing is all about just getting your timing right. In college, you have to adjust to different guys. But, I don't see too much different. Every kick is the same pretty much. You just go out there hit the next kick and know it's not the last one. You just approach every one with a different mindset."

On interest from the Eagles leading up to the Draft: "Yeah, I worked with Bobby April when he came into Lincoln. I got to sit down and meet him. Definitely looking forward to working with him. He's one of the best out there, so I'm excited to work with him and help the team out."

On one of his most pressured moments as a kicker at Nebraska: "Probably in my sophomore year. We were down a few points to Colorado and made a school record 57-yarder with like two minutes left on the clock. So, that's probably the most pressured kick I've been in."

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