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Wide Receiver Hank Baskett

On how it feels to be back in Philadelphia: "Man, it feels good. It feels like I went on a little vacation and then came back home. It feels good. This has been home to me and it feels good to come back and be welcomed back."

On the kind of interest that he was getting from other teams: "There were a couple teams who had shown a little bit of interest, but my agent and I had been contacted by the Eagles pretty much since day one. That just shows that I was really wanted back here and that makes me feel good because everyone knows I left with no hard feelings. The Eagles and the coaches, everybody let me know that they weren't releasing me on bad terms. Everybody told me that you never know when I could be back here. So, it's a good feeling to know that they showed interest from day one."

On being released by the Eagles last season: "A lot of people understand. For the people that don't, it's a wide open world that this is a business. In the business aspect, I was the one at the bottom of the totem pole; that's what happened. I wasn't released like they called me up and said I've been playing bad or my performance was the cause of it. It was just a situation that, like I said, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time."

On how lucky he felt to be hooked up with the Colts and then making it to the Super Bowl: "You have to take it in as a true positive. There are some guys in this league that have played years and have never been to a playoff game. As I sat there, to go from one winning organization with Philly to go to another winning organization in Indy, it was a very, very good experience. To be able to play with Peyton Manning, of course, is going to be a lifelong experience. I learned a lot from him and he taught me a few things. Like I said, just the whole Super Bowl experience – I know what it's like to go there now and as I was talking to (head) coach (Andy) Reid earlier, I'm glad to be back here. Philly year in (and year out) is a threat to go all the way. I'm back here and we lost the last one that we were both in, so let's go win one this year."

On whether he caught any flack for losing the onside kick in the Super Bowl: "I thought everybody was going to come down on me for it. As everybody knows, anybody who follows football, one play does not change the game. It sucks that the first onside kick in history before the fourth quarter had to happen to me. It was a battle underneath the pile, but I actually haven't been just beaten down about it. I knew I was probably going to catch some grief. Of course, it's the biggest game of the year, but not what I was expecting or anybody else was expecting."

On whether he knew that the onside kick was coming: "I took the step, I took the steps back and then I saw it coming. I went and it took a bad bounce and I don't know how I had a second chance. I crawled under everybody and got back on it. It was a long time underneath there. Guys on our team attested that they heard it was 'blue ball' so when I started getting up, another guy poked it out and that's how the guy got it. It was a long battle. I'll tell you, it seemed like we were down there for a good half hour."

On having any kind of relationship with DB Marlin Jackson in Indianapolis: "Yeah, when I heard that Marlin was coming in here a couple of the coaches asked me about him. The guy has a tremendous work ethic. When he was out there rehabbing, this and that, he is one of those guys that is the first in and the last to leave. He's very professional. I remember he wrote a letter to the team after he got injured just saying what kind of leader he was. What he said in that letter just let the team know that, this guy, he may not be out there on the field with us, but he's definitely there with us. He's going to be pushing us. He's not a guy that gets hurt and just takes off. No, he was in there pushing. He was helping the younger guys with stuff like that. He's a great leader and he's a blue-collar guy which definitely fits in here in Philly because you know, here, this is a town and a team that expects guys to come in here and be ready to work. We're not the guys who are flashy and flamboyant and all that. No, we come here to work and we get the job done. That's how it's always been here and that's one of the reasons I really like being here because people here don't mind working a little."

On taking a one-year deal here instead of holding out for a long-term deal with another team: "There was opportunity probably within next week or the week after that to sign somewhere with a long term contract. You have to look at this, I could go somewhere maybe on a long-term deal hoping to go in and become a starter, this and that. Yet, I could come here where I'm comfortable. I've talked to the coaches about playing time. I know the system; I'm only a year out of it. You never know what could happen in a year. Come back here and re-establish myself, who knows, I could be signing that long-term deal here. We just had a son and all that. The fact is that if I went somewhere else, I would have to go there, be gone the whole time, learn the whole system all over again, have to find doctors, hospitals and all that. Yet, we already have all that established here and, as I said, it's a fit where coach Reid said he wouldn't be bringing me back if he didn't plan on me coming in to contribute."

On his role being similar to what it was before he left Philadelphia: "Special teams is something that's me, I'm always going to do that. We talked about the whole offensive role and all that. We were building up something that was pretty nice before I left and (coach) said we are going to come in and continue that because we have a great receiving corps here and I felt like being a part of that nucleus since I got here. We've built something and now, today, I'm back and I'm glad I get to help go on and just take this receiving corps to the next level as a group. We have great individuals but, as a group, we've been proven to be very deadly."

On why he didn't get on the field more in Indianapolis: "I looked at it in Indy – I told (Colts WR) Pierre (Garcon) and (Colts WR) Austin (Collie) – they did the same thing I did when I came here. Remember when they brought in (WR) Donte' (Stallworth) here? They needed that veteran presence. They needed that, they wanted that there. In the couple weeks that it took me to really become comfortable with the offense, Austin and Pierre balled out. I had no animosity towards them. I remember when I came here, I made the most of every opportunity and those guys were given a great opportunity and they ran with it. It sucks just to go and watch, but we were winning and things were going good. Yet, when I did get an opportunity I contributed on offense. You know me, that's what I do. I'm an opportunist."

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