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Vick Thanks Eagles; Discusses Franchise Tag

Quarterback Michael Vick was on the set of NFL Network's Total Access at the Super Bowl as it was announced that Vick was The Associated Press NFL Comeback Player of the Year for 2010.

Vick won the award in a landslide receiving 29.5 out of a possible 50 votes. Seattle wide receiver Mike Williams came in second place with eight votes and Minnesota linebacker E.J. Henderson was third with 3.5 votes.

"It's unbelievable. I have to give all glory to God. I thank my coaches and my teammates, they put me in this position. They got me better as an NFL player, as a quarterback and took advantage of my talents. I just can't say that enough," Vick said. "I hate to continue to say that and sound redundant, but it's the truth."

In a display showing just how popular of a player Vick is once again, a Steelers fan immediately made a sign upon seeing Vick get the award that said "Michael Vick We Are Proud Of U #7."

After missing two NFL seasons due to an imprisonment for his role in a dogfighting operation, Vick was signed by the Eagles in August of 2009 on the night of the Eagles' first preseason game. In a little over a year later, Vick took the starting quarterback job after Kevin Kolb was injured and won the NFC Offensive Player of the Month Award for September 2010.

"I've come a long way. I hate to relive in the past. I always want to move forward, but everything happens for a reason," Vick said. "I think me being a part of the Philadelphia Eagles, having the type of season I had, being around the type of players I've been around and having the type of coaching I've had over the last year-and-a-half has been destined. I'm just very thankful. I'm fortunate and happy to be in this position that I'm in."

Vick credited head coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg for developing him into an elite quarterback. Vick is looking forward to working with Reid again next season.

"Andy has been great. You're talking about a great coach, a great guy to be around, just to sit down and talk to on a daily basis," Vick said. "(He) teaches you the game of football, everything you want in an individual as a player is what he exemplifies. It's just been great to be able to work with him. I've enjoyed it. I look forward to working with him in the future and I know just having him by my side is going to make me a better quarterback."

Unsigned past this season, it has been reported that the Eagles will use the franchise tag to retain his services for 2011. The Eagles could simply use the tag as a placeholder until a long-term deal can be negotiated. However, the labor situation will have to be resolved before any long-term deal can be hammered out. However, if Vick does indeed have to play next season under the franchise tag he will welcome that.

"I'm happy with it. I'm blessed. Coming from where I came from over the last two seasons, and over the last two years, this is big for me. I'm just thankful to have the opportunity to play in this league again. And have the opportunity to go out on the field this year and play again," Vick said. "However it comes, whatever happens, happens."

At the end of Vick's segment on the show, NFL Network's Scott Hanson told Vick that looks forward to covering him in a Super Bowl. Vick replied, "It will happen."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 10:20 p.m., February 5

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