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Thursday Morning Headlines

Happy Thursday Eagles fans. Spend your day right here on, as we get you caught up on all things Eagles. Hear from Chip Kelly live at 11:40, which leads into Eagles Live! at noon. After Eagles practice (around 1:50) hear from Nick Foles as he meets with the media, and of course, get things started with today's headlines ...

Five things to know for November 7.

Casey Matthews is ready for the possible Sibling Showdown on Sunday.

Our Eagle Eye in the Sky takes one final look at the win over Oakland.

Ray Didinger explores an interesting question: What if Randall Cunningham played today?

Other Views

Nick Foles will forever be a part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Breaking down the Eagles defense on film.

Eagles pass rush must come up big against Packers.

Lane Johnson continues to grow as an NFL player.

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