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The Moment Of The Moment Of Truth Is Here

I have been thinking about this instant for a long time. The instant that happens many times between now and kickoff against the Rams, the time I've spent daydreaming about the start of the 2008 season. What are the Eagles? We all have our opinions, and we all have the same demands: Win the Super Bowl or the season isn't a success.

The regular season is here and there is nothing else other than winning football games on the agenda. You have asked your questions since December 30 came and went. The Eagles have a team ready to go into the battle of a long, punishing schedule. They open against the Rams, a team that is looking to rebound back to respectibility. I'm sure St. Louis wants to win the Super Bowl and may even think it can go from 3-13 to the very top.

Eagles-Rams isn't about winning the Super Bowl. Eagles-Rams is about the Eagles going out and taking care of business and winning a football game and starting the season on a positive note. You know the numbers: Andy Reid is 3-6 in first games of seasons. It needs to get better right now.

There isn't much to say here. I'm not going to write down all the ways the Eagles can beat the Rams. Bottom line to me is that I think the Eagles are a better team than St. Louis and I want the Eagles to play that way. I want a win from this game, and I want a feeling of satisfaction from the way the Eagles play in the next 60 minutes.

How are the Eagles going to play it in this one? Probably very much like they do: Throw the ball early on and mix in soms runs and try to gain an advantage. Blitz here and there and go after quarterback Marc Bulger and try to force some turnovers. Build a lead and then win the line of scrimmage and go home feeling good.

The feeling I have no is more about the season starting. I wondered way back when how I would feel now. Excited? Sure am. Can't sleep? No, I don't feel that. Unable to relax because I'm so focused on this game? Not really.

What I feel is a next step. I feel that a new day is here. I feel like the best time in all the world is upon me, and a beautiful September day waits and the Eagles are going to begin to tell their season's story in front of my very eyes.

Really, I just want to get to kickoff. I am going to enjoy all the time between now and then, but I've seen all the practice and I've formed opinions on all the strategy and the players and the opponent, and now I just want to get to the game. Let's play some ball!

I'm looking at this season from an extremely optimistic perspective. I think the Eagles can win the Super Bowl. I think the first step, against the Rams, is poing to set the stage for the early part of this year. I want to hear the roar of the crowd and I want to see the Eagles play with a desperate emotion. They need to win. We all need to win.

Everything changes now. It all counts. The Eagles have to win every thing, every week. That's the goal. Win now, take a step, and let's enjoy the opening of the next phase in the Eagles' season ahead.

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