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TE Nate Lawrie, DE Darryl Tapp, WR Jeremy Maclin, G Mike McGlynn

*DE Darryl Tapp *

On the transition from playing on the outside to playing on the inside: "Right, inside is definitely a different ball game than playing on the outside. You definitely have to be sound in your technique and fundamentals. And that's what I'm learning now from (defensive line) coach Rory (Segrest). Like last year I played in some situations as a tackle and a pass rush, but now it's kind of more of an exclusive role in certain situations, so I'm really having to focus down, focus on fundamentals and learn new techniques."

*G Mike McGlynn *

On whether it's hard getting a consistency with players getting cut and signed: "Yeah, we've been playing together for what, three days now; we're really picking it up really good. We're getting more and more familiar with each other and I think that the guys are feeling more and more comfortable with me each day and each snap we take and we're going in the right direction I think."

On how his snap is going: "Have I had any fumbles yet? No, knock on wood."

On what the toughest thing is on learning the center position: "All of the calls and all of that, calling the MIKE out every play, and getting the snap up. All of that."

*TE Nate Lawrie *

On just getting signed and how it went: "I came in last week on Wednesday, did a work out with them, it was a pretty short work out, read some routes, and I thought it went pretty well. And it was just wait and see basically; a lot of times you don't know how things are going to turn out. And I got a call yesterday morning and drove up here and they got me in, and like I said I'm excited to be here."

On how it was playing in the UFL: "I had a ton of fun with it, I thought that it was well coached, I thought it was well run from that perspective. Dennis Green was our head coach and I thought that he did a great job with us and he brought in a staff that was top notch with a lot of NFL experience. So from that standpoint it wasn't a letdown from where I've been. Obviously they are still working things out as a league, so they have to cut some corners where they can. I thought it was well run and I thought it was fun and I think that there is good football being played there. I think a lot of guys will be able to develop there and get a chance in the NFL."

On his hunger and desire to carve himself out an NFL career: "Yeah, I love playing the game. I was blessed to go to Yale and have a great education, I have that to fall back on but I'm not in any mood to grow up just yet. I want to keep it going as long as I can, I love playing the game, I'll do it as long as I can and if that means last year going to the UFL to get some more film and to get a look out of it then I was willing to do that. So hopefully it all works out well."

On him saying that he blocks like his life depends on it: "My father was an o-line coach growing up, so it was an important thing for me to get after it on the line of scrimmage and mix it up. And I'm not a 270-pound guy so I really have to get after it and have good technique, good footwork, and just strike guys when I'm blocking. Yeah, I like to mix it up on the line of scrimmage and if my life depends on it, then sure."

*WR Jeremy Maclin *

On how it felt today to get back out there: "I felt good, my knee felt good, my legs felt good, so I think that the offense did a pretty good job today."

On whether it is a relief for him that his knee didn't bother him: "Yeah, I kind of did some stuff the last two days out here and kind of felt better and today was the first day that I actually did everything and everything felt very good."

On how important it is to have starting injured players back on the field to get more reps in: "It's very important because we all want to be on the field together, those are the guys that are going to be out there, so we are going to get out there and get all of the reps that we can get together and get that chemistry going. I think we're off to a great start and hopefully preseason will get us to where we need to be."

On how the heat was today at practice: "It's kind of weird because it's hot, but it's really not that hot. I think that the humidity is what's getting everybody and there was times out there where I was needing water and needed a cold towel but I think that is the grind of training camp. And I think that it's good for us and that it's going to help us down the road."

On whether it helps this being his second year and knowing what to do to get his body through this: "Yeah, you kind of pick up on little things that the vets do in order to maintain their body and keep their body up to par. And I've kind of done that as far as getting into the cold tub and stretching and stuff like that so I think that all of that definitely helps you out here on the field."

On where he thinks the offense is right now: "I think we are on our way, and I think that's the best words to put it in. Obviously we're not where we need to be yet, but I don't think anybody is at this point in training camp, so I'm looking forward to seeing what we can do."

On whether he provides a spark being back there on the field: "Yeah, maybe, I think that the red zone got pretty heated there and in the middle of practice guys were flying around and we eventually made the drill live, so I think that the whole offense kind of had the hot tempo and like I said we did a really good job today."

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