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TE Celek, QB Foles, DE Cole, DE Hunt and S Jarrett

TE Brent Celek

On whether he is fully back: "I'm back. I mean, anytime you have an injury like that, you're going to come out and you're going to have a few things that you've still got to work on. But I'm back. I'm good."

On whether he is looking forward to getting quality reps in against New England: "Definitely. It's just so lonely when you're in there working out. You're still working hard but all of your boys are out on the field, which is a totally different type of work. Just to be out there with them feels good."

On whether it was tough to watch the Pittsburgh game from the sideline: "Yeah, it's tough. But we can improve and that's what you take from it. We didn't play that well, it was obvious and we're going to play better next week."

On the tight ends who stepped in while he was injured: "I talked to them. I thought they did a very good job. That was an opportunity for them to get even better and get more reps and I think they took advantage of it. Even going through this, we still got three, four weeks to go here. Hey, we can all get better."

On FB Emil Igwenagu and what he thought of him filling in at the tight end position in his absence: "Well, it's hard for him to know both of those positions Even for me being in the offense for the amount of years I've been in it and even in college, I was in the same offense, it's still hard to know a few positions. The fact that Emil could come in as a rookie and he's not screwing plays up, it just shows how smart the kid is and how good of a football player he is and he's doing a good job."

On the level of trust he has with T King Dunlap: "I've played with King for a few games here and there; practiced a lot. So we understand each other. With (T) Demetress (Bell), we had the spring together, but still working on calls and things. Working with offensive linemen just takes time. That's what training camp's for and that's what the preseason's for; ironing it out before the regular season.

QB Nick Foles

On what the last 36 hours have been like for him after his preseason debut and now taking snaps with the second team: "The game went well, and I've had the day to reflect on it. My mom and dad were here so I got to spend some good family time with them. If there is one thing I learned from college, it's that when you have games like that, you always have to improve on it. I'm not satisfied, and there is a lot of stuff for me to work on and improve on. I'm really technical with myself and I try to look at what I could have done better rather than what I did well. Today was a good day of practice. I'll go watch the film and improve on that. Like I said, I have a lot of work to do but there is some time to get it done."

On going up against a tough team like New England and what that can do for his development: "It's continual improvement. The game is going to keep getting faster and faster, and I'm going to have to keep studying harder and harder. I'm going to work at it every day. The competition is getting greater. Even at practice, I'm getting more reps and seeing a lot more movement, which is going to benefit me just getting out there and seeing more repetitions. I love to play, so just getting out there and getting reps is just fun for me."

On what he saw in Thursday's preseason game that he would like to work on: "Just when - for example, the defense is giving us something like a run play and the defense is showing that they know it - it is my job as a quarterback to help us get out of it. There are different things like that. A couple times even on the plays that went well like the (touchdown pass to WR Mardy Gilyard), even though it might've been a good play, there are still little technical things that I can make better. It's the little things that you don't want to take for granted. You have to work on the little things in football, and hopefully it carries over to the big things."

On whether it is a challenge to get used to playing with the second team unit: "I feel really comfortable. In different drills and different things, there is a mixture of different players. I've been with different o-lineman. Whether it's in the cafeteria, in the dorms, or in the meeting rooms, just getting to know the guys (is important) because when you're in the huddle, they already know you and you're all familiar. I feel really comfortable with all the guys."

DE Trent Cole

On how he feels when he is on the sideline while teammates on the defensive line get sacks: "I love it. I love watching when the defensive line is eating like that. It is so fun to watch. (I am) just happy for some of the guys who are trying to make their way and trying to make this team."

On how he feels T King Dunlap performed with the first-team offense: "I think he is doing well. He is going to get better and be a great player."

On whether he is 100 percent healthy: "I guess I will say I am 99.9 percent. It's my right shoulder so I think I just have to keep doing my same routine and taking care of things. Even though I am out here playing I am still taking care of it."

On which of his defensive teammates impresses him the most during training camp: "I am just happy for all of them. They are just getting off, running off (of) the ball, and they are making plays. A lot of guys (are here) who have been through a lot and got a chance to come out for the first time in the preseason game. Some guys are improving and trying to make their way."

DE Phillip Hunt

On whether he thinks about what he could do with first team reps if given the chance: "I just have to come out here and work hard on focusing every day. I want to keep my mind focused on my technique, and be focused on every play, day in and day out. I'll get better each day and each game, and hopefully pretty soon, I could get more reps."

On how practicing with a chip on his shoulder carries over into the games: "You come here to practice just to play on Sundays. Making everything right in practice helps you play (better)."

On whether he thinks he'll be a part of the d-line rotation after posting two sacks on Thursday: "We'll see. We have a deep defensive room and a deep d-line room. I'm not selfish where I just want to have the most snaps. I just want the team to have the best way to win the game, whether it is me playing a lot of reps. In my eyes, does it include me? I hope so. I'm ready to go full-speed ahead and get more reps. Whenever they want to put me in the game, I'm here and I'm ready to go."

S Jaiquawn Jarrett

On whether players have to have a short memory to be successful: "That's the mentality. You have to play the next play. You can't dwell on what happened in the past. You have to make sure you stay focused and continue to make sure you do not dwell on the previous play and get ready for the next play."

On whether the game was a small setback after having a solid training camp: "I'm still continuing to make progress. I just did not take the correct angles I needed to take. I just need to execute and get the ball carrier to the ground."

On whether he has gone through adversity before on the football field: "That's how I got here. Throughout life you (are) always going to go through hard times and hardships but you have to continue to fight through them. In college and high school I had hard times but I got through them so I will continue to fight through it."

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