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Reporter Mock Draft: Who Is There At No. 14?


On the final pre-draft edition of the Journey to the Draft podcast presented by AAA, we solicited the expert opinions of reporters and analysts who closely follow the teams ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles. Here are their selections and potential other options at each pick.

1. Cleveland Browns

Pick: DE Myles Garrett, Texas A&M

Why: "The Browns need a surefire impact player, and Garrett has been described by some as a generational pass-rusher."

Other Options: "The only other player I would consider there is Mitchell Trubisky, but only if the Browns believe he can be their franchise quarterback and don't want to risk losing him."

2. San Francisco 49ers

Pick: CB Marshon Lattimore, Ohio State

Why: "The 49ers desperately need defensive help. They cut Trumaine Brock after his arrest, and Lattimore has the highest upside out of any of the defensive backs in this draft."

Other Options: "Defensive lineman Jonathan Allen because he has a high ceiling, but the 49ers cannot afford to miss on this pick."

3. Chicago Bears

Pick: QB Deshaun Watson, Clemson

Why: "Quarterback supply and demand."

Other options: "If I were the GM Solomon Thomas would be my pick, and I believe this would be the best-case scenario for Chicago because they would TRULY be torn which way to go.

"Thomas' ability to overwhelm guards from a 2- and 3-technique spot will force double teams and create single teams for Leonard Floyd off the edge. This piece would enable defensive coordinator Vic Fangio's scheme to flourish. I just feel fairly certain that they're going to pick Watson on Thursday night."

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

Pick: DL Solomon Thomas, Stanford

Why: "The Jaguars want to employ platoon rotations on the defensive line. Thomas is versatile and can be used all over the line as a rookie. Just 21, he is a terrific run defender with plenty of upside as a pass rusher. I think he could be a long-term strongside end for the Jaguars and a Jim Johnson-style 'fastball' on third down."

Other Options: "I considered Leonard Fournette and Jonathan Allen here. Fournette fits the running back need, but he's more of a power back and it looks like Jacksonville wants to run a zone-blocking scheme. Allen is essentially a more experienced Thomas with an injury history."

5. Tennessee Titans

Pick: DL Jonathan Allen, Alabama

Why: "Getting better on defense is still a goal. Have to keep getting after Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and slow down Lamar Miller and the Houston run game."

Other options: "Top-rated wide receiver is certainly a strong possibility."

6. New York Jets

Pick: RB Leonard Fournette, LSU

Why: "The Jets have much greater needs at quarterback and defensive back, but Fournette is a once-in-generation talent that is simply too good to pass up. Two years ago, general manager Mike Maccagnan drafted Leonard Williams despite already having difference-makers on the defensive line. Fournette will be a game-changer from day one for one of the league's worst offenses."

Other Options: LSU safety Jamal Adams and Ohio State safety Malik Hooker.

7. Los Angeles Chargers

Pick: S Jamal Adams, LSU

Why: "A super-ideal board for the Chargers here with two high-profile offensive players off the board assuring they'll get one of the top-five defenders in the draft. Adams is the pick here because he's maybe the most polished secondary player in the draft."

Other Options: "Malik Hooker would be in strong consideration because of how he'd look in the back of Gus Bradley's defense, but Adams is too solid to pass up. The team could also look at defensive line help if Thomas or Allen happen to slip."

8. Carolina Panthers

Pick: RB Christian McCaffrey, Stanford

Why: "Panthers want to get a playmaker to take some of the burden off Cam Newton."

Other Options: "Their first choice is probably Leonard Fournette, but the do-it-all McCaffrey is an enticing option for them as well."

9. Cincinnati Bengals

Pick: DE Derek Barnett, Tennessee

Why: "The Bengals need to upgrade their pass rush, and with Solomon Thomas off the board, Barnett seems like he could be a situational pass rusher in his first year with Cincinnati. They currently have Michael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap as their defensive ends. Pass rush is one of their biggest needs."

Other Options: "They could also potentially add another wide receiver to the fold and Corey Davis could be a potential pick there."

10. Buffalo Bills

Pick: S Malik Hooker, Ohio State

Why: "New head coach Sean McDermott wants to win right away and selecting a quarterback high is not going to win right now because he won't play. McDermott REALLY values ball skills in his defense. They'd prefer to trade down, but if Hooker is there I think they'd be ecstatic."

Other Options: "The Mitchell Trubisky interest is not smoke. They want to make sure to do their due diligence on all of these quarterbacks just in case they may fall in love with one throughout the process."

11. New Orleans Saints

Pick: DE Charles Harris, Missouri

Why: "The Saints need to add a cornerback and a pass rusher early in this draft. Pass rusher is more pressing and Harris can complement Cam Jordan well opposite him. Corner is very deep in this draft, and the Saints could target Adoree Jackson or other corners late in Round 1."

Other Options: LB Reuben Foster, QB Mitchell Trubisky

12. Cleveland Browns

Pick: QB Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina

Why: "The Browns have started 26 quarterbacks since 1999 and need to stop the madness. They're still taking heat for passing on Carson Wentz last year. This is the pick they received from the Eagles in that trade, and they can redeem themselves by landing their quarterback of the future."

Other Options: "Others they might consider here would be Alabama tight end O.J. Howard or Clemson receiver Mike Williams, but I don't see either of those happening if Trubisky is available."

13. Arizona Cardinals

Pick: QB Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech

Why: "I've learned Mahomes is soaring up draft boards and is part of the conversation for Arizona in the first round."

Other Options: WR Mike Williams

If the draft shakes out like this on Thursday night, who would you want the Eagles to take at No. 14?

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