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Quotes: QB Mike Vick

On if people "just witnessed a revolution" in the NFL: "Maybe so. We've got to keep working. There are a lot of mistakes we made. I think [in] the second half, we got a little bit sloppy, partially because we killed some clock, but I can't take anything away from the Washington Redskins' defense. They did a great job, but we can do a lot of things better."

On if he feels more comfortable now than in the past couple years: "Well, I just like what we do. I feel confident and comfortable with everything that Coach [Chip] Kelly calls. We sit down and we go through the game plans, and we try to make sure everybody understands what we are trying to do. It doesn't get any better than that. We've got to keep working, continue working our tempo – doing things fast and making sure that we're on top of everything."

On if he thought success would come this fast: "It's tough because we put a lot of pressure on our defense in OTAs and training camp. They did a great job of sustaining it and playing good defense. We got a chance to see what it was going to be like, but obviously tonight was different. It was the first game. It wasn't preseason, and we had an opportunity to play with four quarters. We did switch it up in the third quarter after [wide receiver] DeSean [Jackson] scored the touchdown -we changed our tempo up. We didn't really get a chance to continue to press. I know there will be times, there will be games where we'll have to press for four quarters. I know that's coming."

On if this was the type of fast pace he was talking about or if it can be faster: "I don't think you can get too much faster than that."

On if he could believe having a 33-7 lead in the third quarter: "Not at all. That's a good football team and we all witnessed that tonight. They're very fast on defense. They are very smart, and then when you a quarterback like Robert [Griffin III] who is going to sit back there and makes sure who does all the right things even when things go right, it turns into a four-quarter game and it's 60 minutes."

On how much input he had with Chip Kelly heading into the game: "Not too much. I just tell Coach what I like and Coach is going to do what I like. When it's going to happen, I don't know. I just try to make sure I execute it when it's called and give him the opportunity to give him the confidence in me that I can get it done."

On the game tempo: "Yeah, it was a crazy game. I have never been in anything like it. When the first quarter was over I thought we were going into halftime. It was unreal. The only thing I could tell myself was it's going to be a long season."

On his key to maintain the pace and success: "The way we train and the things Coach does to help us, I feel good. I feel like I could play another four quarters. You know, it's just as important for everybody to get rest and to do things that help us to put ourselves into position where we can practice faster and be effective in practice situations and then come out on game day and be able to go four quarters and be durable. It's very important and Coach Kelly knows how to get us there."

On how running back LeSean McCoy played tonight: "LeSean [McCoy] is going to have a great year. I just feel like this year is going to be one of the biggest years of his career. As long as I think he's part of this for Eagles team and Chip Kelly's here, he's going to do some dynamic things. I think tonight everyone had an opportunity to see exactly what Coach has been trying to preach to us over the last three months."

On if he thinks he took too many hits: "Not at all. I pretty much control can everything that happen out there on the field. I didn't put myself in a position to protect myself at times, but that's what I train for. You know, that's why I weigh 220 lbs. now."

On how hard it is to defend a team with talented receiver and running back: "Very tough, and then when you have a great group of tight ends… Another thing, I have to give a lot of credit to the offensive line even though things broke down at some points in the game. They still did a great job in the running game and protection game without them none of this is possible."

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