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Quotes: Locker Room Defense & Special Teams


Eagles K Alex Henery**

On whether he was ready to kick the 53-yard field goal that K Cody Parkey attempted and made:

"Yeah, I was ready. It was one of those things where the coaches made the decision who was going in. I had no say in it."

On what was going through his mind watching Parkey hit a 53-yard field goal:

"He had a good hit. That was what was going through my mind. We are teammates and we support each other. You don't root against one of your teammates. He had a great day. He was hitting the ball well and I was proud of him.

On when he knew he wasn't kicking the 53-yard field goal:

"Three seconds before it happened."

On whether he would like to have a shot at one of the 50-yard field goals:

"Yeah, with the wind that way, those are in my range. I think I could have hit those."

On what he thinks happens now to him:

"I think they make a decision. It's out of my control, so whatever happens, happens. Everything happens for a reason. That is how you have to approach it."

On how it feels to be ready to kick a field goal and have the coaches call the other guy's number:

"I don't know. I don't think too much into those situations. I don't make the decisions, so you have to let it go. I have to be ready for the next one."

On what he wants the coaches to see in him now:

"I think, other than the two kicks, I think that I am a pretty consistent guy. My first three years here, I think I have kicked the ball well. My kickoffs have been getting better. It's just one of those things where I think that I am always improving, but it's out of my hands."

Eagles S Earl Wolff

On what S Nate Allen not playing tonight means in terms of his competition with Allen for a starting safety position:

"Honestly I don't really know. I can only control what I can control. I just come out every game and play and try to make the most of every opportunity."

On whether he is disappointed that he played tonight and Nate Allen didn't:

"I'm not happy but I wouldn't necessarily say I'm disappointed. I feel like tonight I needed those reps. I'm still kind of getting back in it. I saw things tonight a lot better than I saw them in the first couple of games."

On whether there will be a role for him on the defense:

"I'm not really sure. I'm just taking it day by day."

On what it's like not being sure what his role will be on the defense:

"My goal was to win the starting job in preseason. I don't really know where I'm at now. Nate [Allen] didn't play today, which means that he is the starter. I don't know how much I will rotate in if I do. I don't know too much. All I can do is control what I can control and that's me going out there and making plays and trying to play a great game."

On whether he feels he improved throughout training camp:

"Definitely. I feel like I progressed each and every day. I got more comfortable and played better, and that was my goal."

Eagles K Cody Parkey

On having a nice night with two 50 field goals and having some good kickoffs;

"Yeah, just doing my job. I try to make kicks and kick touchbacks and that's what I am trying to do every time."

On whether he was aware he would be going out for the second 50-yarder;

"Coach Chip Kelly told me if it was another long one we want to see what you got. It was another long one so I just went out there. Alex Henery and I were warming up in the net so, but they let me have it."

On the feeling he had after hitting the 54-yard field goal and the crowd reaction;

"I didn't even hear anything; I just zoned it all out. It's a big ball, but I look at it just the same as an extra point. I do my thing and my job is to put it through the uprights."

On what was at stake during the 54-yard attempt;

"I think that scenario was a good one for a lot of kickers. You can put a lot of pressure on yourself, but the way I looked at it was it's just another game. Another game for me to show what I have and every game from here, that's how I look at it."

On whether the 53-yarder was affected by him hitting the 54-yarder;

"I definitely had confidence going into it; it was a yard closer so that's always nice."

On his overall performance;

"I think I did pretty well. There is always room for improvement. I would like to have back a couple kickoffs; I didn't kick them as far as I wanted to. For the most part I think I did pretty well; but it's not up to me anymore. I did what I could and I guess we will see what happens from here."

Eagles S Nate Allen

On what he's seen from this defense:

"Really good things, you know we've had a good training camp, and we've made leaps and bounds in a lot of areas.  We're improving every day and this week coming up we're going to get into it.  The bullets are flying now, so it's real from here on out.  It's exciting and everybody is fired up and ready to go.  We're going to take this little bit of time off and come back ready to rumble."

On how things change between the preseason and regular season:

"Everything counts now, tempo and everything is going to pick up.  Games are going to pick up, yeah everything is going to pick up now because like I said the bullets are flying and everything is for all the marbles now."

On what he thinks the defense accomplished during the preseason:

"A lot of good things, we did a lot of positive things and improved in areas that we needed to improve in and you know we're still improving.  We're just gelling, and everything is looking up and moving forward.  We're going to come back this week and be ready."

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