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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

Q: Any sense on the severity of LeSean McCoy's injury?

A: He asked to go back in on the last series. I don't think, from a severity standpoint, I don't think it's very severe.

Q: On his players responding with a win:

A: I think it's what we expected. You know, I watched them come out in training and we talked about it and I think the only people that were asking questions about not playing in the game were you guys. Glad they didn't listen to you. We don't pay attention to the fans, we pay attention to you guys because you guys write everything.

Q: Can a win like this carry over into the offseason?

A: That's a good question. I don't know. And I was joking around about that [previous question], so let's not go crazy. I think this team played extremely hard, I think they played with great effort. Obviously, in a couple games, the ball didn't bounce our way, but we all felt that, this week, it was important to get the double-digit wins. To win 10 games in this league is difficult and I was proud of those guys.  I was proud of how they came out and what their attitude was on Tuesday, their first time back.  I didn't see anybody feeling sorry for themselves. They came out and they really worked, had a really good week of preparation. You hope you can build on it, but we'll see where that goes.

Q: Can you talk about the play of the secondary and Jalen Watkins?

A: Jalen got forced in there a little bit. Nolan was down, I think in some of the dime packages we only had four guys up because Fletcher was out with an injury. I think you saw some good things out of Jalen, he made a couple plays, a play on our sideline. I also saw some rookie plays out there. Hopefully, for him, it's something to build upon. You knew that, with this passing game especially, it had been clicking in the past three weeks. I think Eli was 25 of 32 the week before. We knew it was a tall task going in. You obviously have a group of real talented receivers, like Beckham, but I thought coming up with the pick at the end was kind of fitting.

Q: Was Fletcher held out because of the injury?

A: Yeah, he was. He tried to go a little bit on Tuesday. I think really, on Wednesday, we started to get a little nervous with him. He just couldn't go. We didn't even put him in a situation where "Hey, let's work him out before the game and see what we can do." We knew yesterday he wasn't going to be able to go.

Q: What did you think of the way Mark Sanchez played today?

A: I thought, like with a lot of our guys, there were some plays where you were like "Wow, that's a hell of a play." Then there were some other times where you probably want that one back. I thought he got it out. I thought they did a good job. I thought Jason Pierre-Paul did a good job today, generating a pass rush. I think Mark got banged around a little bit but I thought he did a good job.

Q: On the special teams unit overall:

A: We talk about the emphasis of special teams and it's huge in this league. I felt that when I came in it was going to be a huge emphasis for us. To have 10 different guys score for us on returns… Tre has been a guy who came in here, he was an undrafted free agent – unique kid, real mature, never really acted like a rookie even from day one and for all those guys, James Casey had a big block on it, I think. There are a bunch of guys there that really understand what we want to get accomplished from a special teams standpoint. I think that gives us an advantage all year long.

Q: What does it say about this offense, about breaking another Eagles record with points scored?

A: I think everybody in the league kind of does the same things. They run a lot of the same concepts we run. Obviously they don't run Eli because it's a little bit different guy at quarterback, but if I had Eli, I would throw it as much as they did, too. I think everybody in the league is kind of spread out. You watch the Green Bays and Pittsburgh does similar things to what we do. These guys do similar things to what we do. Washington does similar things to what we do. I don't think what we do is drastically different from other people.

Q: With all the issues you had on offense, and you still scored that many points, what does that say about it?

A: I think we had a bunch of guys that kind of picked it up. Obviously we had a lot of injuries, especially on the offensive line. I think those guys that got an opportunity to play… I don't think they really get enough credit. A guy like Jason Kelce, and I said it earlier in the week and I'll say it again, he's a flat out warrior. To go through the surgery that he had and then come back and only miss four games and play the entire season. And obviously he wasn't the same person he was a year ago, but to go out there every single day like he did, that's just a credit to his toughness.

Q: A lot of those points came on return touchdowns. Do you think the offense over the course of the season played as well as the point total suggests?

A: I don't know what the point total suggests. It was awesome for the team, we're excited about it.

Q: You finish with the same record, but no playoffs. How do you look at the big picture when you look at the team and what kind of progress you made?

A: We have the whole offseason to do that. I don't have a great soundbite for you right now.

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