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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

On losses on the offensive line: "That's what you've got to do.  You only have seven guys active on game day. [G/T] Matt Tobin couldn't go, so it would've had to been [G/T Kevin] Graf if we had to go with another man, if we were going to keep eight up.  But we just went with the seven that were healthy and then you lose two more.  That's what you've got to do.  You've got to be able to battle in this league. They were playing with their backup quarterback.  They lost their quarterback last week, so that's what this deal is all about.  I think everybody understands going in that, except for maybe the first game. Are you going to be at full strength and then can you endure, and I thought they made plays when they had to, and then to be able to score as many points as we did with that group, I think it's a credit. I also think [QB] Nick [Foles] just stood in there today, and that's one thing, I said it before about him and I knew it because when I played against him in college, he's going to stand in there, he's a tough sucker.  He got hit a lot today.  It's a victory, it's a division victory, so we'll take it."

On WR Jordan Mathews and his role in the game plan: "It's all by design in terms of how people decide to defend us, and obviously they packed the front and tried to take away [RB] LeSean [McCoy], and they did a real good job; hats off to them.  But if you're going to do that, then our wideouts have to step up and play, and I thought all those guys did a really good job today.  [WR Jeremy Maclin] had a big day, Jordan had a big day, [WR Riley Cooper] contributed.  It's one of those deals were we have weapons at every spot, so how do you get into the individual matchups?  Then the chess match is on; sometimes they played zone, sometimes they played man, tried to get them with a linebacker cut, cut the linebacker on [RB Darren] Sproles one time, cut the linebacker on [TE Zach] Ertz one time, and you're just kind of going back and forth.  If they're going to take the run game, then we've got to make them pay through the air, and that's what happened today."

On the offensive line and whether or not you practice scenarios with this combination up front: "Maybe, but they're usually with the twos, you know what I mean, so they've all gotten reps.  That wasn't a worry.  [G/T] Wade [Smith] obviously has the least amount just because we just got him, but I wasn't concerned with that.  You're really out of sync.  We had to bounce, make some maneuvers there,  [G/T] Dennis Kelly had to move, and we had to do a lot of different things just because of where people had to play.  That's what you have to do."

On the hit on QB Nick Foles and ejection of T Jason Peters: "I saw ‑‑ the first question I had was; Was that an interception? Because it didn't look it like from our angle, and then obviously if they rule it an interception, you can't challenge it, it goes automatically.  So just trying to confirm that part of it, and then the next thing I knew I saw a flag down and Nick was down, so I didn't see anything like that, and then there was a melee.  I did not have a good vantage point at all."

On actions of Jason Peters: "I didn't see it, so I don't know what happened.  I thought I just answered that question."

On whether or not he saw the interception: "No, we were talking about the interception. Is it an interception, is it not an interception? We can't challenge it. What was the ruling on the field? And then all of a sudden a hockey game broke out."

On WR Jeremy Maclin's catch along the sideline in the fourth quarter: "Yeah, and it's close to the sideline. That's the first thing we're asking is in the box. What did you guys see, and they felt like his knee was down, and one knee equals two feet, so got the call to confirm it. But it felt like ‑‑ it looked from my [perspective] ‑‑ we got a shot at it, but I can't confirm it, especially when it's on the far sideline.  Every decision we made in both of those challenges today were from the booth.  They confirmed it [and said,] 'Hey, throw the flag.'

On the team being 3-0 for the first time since 2004: "Well, I think a lot of our guys were 13 years old when that happened, so I'm not really concerned with that.  Our whole motto when we talk about it all the time is one down, one to go.  We're fortunate right now to be 3‑0.  They should, and they're entitled to feel really good about themselves tonight and tomorrow, and then we've got to go to work on Tuesday.  We've got to take a cross country trip and we've got to go play San Francisco at San Francisco.  I don't think anybody is thinking anything past the San Francisco game because it's a really good opponent."

On what Washington was doing to limit the run game: "They were pressing a lot of guys towards the line of scrimmage.  They had a big front in there.  They're obviously very, very big up front.  We talked about it all week long, that front seven is very formidable, both outside linebackers.  They were in base personnel [more] than nickel and really just pressing the line of scrimmage and really telling you that you're going to have to throw it to beat us, so that's what we were going to have to do.

On the pass to TE James Casey to seal the game: "Yeah, I think everybody saw we tried to run it the drive before and we weren't really gaining anything.  My decision was let's put the ball in Nick's hands.  I thought he'd make a real good decision with it.  I thought we had Coop [WR Riley Cooper] early, but their linebacker did a great job of recognizing it, coming out and grabbing Coop and it was a pass‑run option; does Nick get a chance to run it?  The only thing we were hoping we didn't get in that situation was an incomplete pass because that stops the clock, but if we get to the edge, want to get him away from everything inside, there were so many people in there, if we can get him to the edge and everybody is covered, maybe he can run for a couple yards and then get down.  At least we're working the clock a little bit.  But he made a big play, and James just has a unique way.  It happened last year in the Green Bay game at the end of the game when we needed a big play.  Sometimes James just kind of seems to be around when we need a big play, so it was huge for us."

On the injury to Foles: "Yeah, they said he was okay, and the question is do you have to use a timeout to get him back in the game because of the injury, so we were just asking the officials.  Our doctors said he was fine to go.  The question was, was he going to have to be out, and then because the injury occurred because of the penalty, they said he could come back in the game."

On play of Foles: "I thought he made some big‑time throws. The one right at the end of the first half that he ripped right off the linebacker's ear to Jordan [Matthews] was a big time throw.  They're throws that he's made since I've been around him.  What you've got is you've got a guy that's just an unbelievable competitor and understands what the game plan was and really took advantage of it."

On getting Maclin the ball: "I never talked about Maclin getting the ball."

On getting Maclin more involved in the offense: "Yeah, I said that we hadn't done that yet, but it wasn't like we were specifically game planning him for that."

On Maclin's play this season: "That he's a big‑time receiver, and that's what we knew all along.  It just really depends on how people want to play you.  We feel like we're talented at the wideout spot. We feel like we're talented at the tight end spot. We feel like we're talented at the running back spot.  Fortunately for us, if you can shut one phase of our game down, we're not on the white board trying to draw up plays saying, 'Hey, what do we do now?' You've got to be able to have both and I think to have both and be balanced like we were, if you're going to force us to throw it then we'll take it.  We're an equal opportunity team.  If you want to let us take some shots in the pass game, we think we've got some guys that can do a good job, and those guys did it today."

On the long pass to Washington WR DeSean Jackson: "I saw [CB] Cary [Williams] was in coverage.  I don't know what the coverage was, so I don't know if there was supposed to be safety help, so I've got to get that from [defensive coordinator] Bill Davis."

On whether he had a conversation with Jackson today: "No, I did not see DeSean today.  I saw him on the field, but ‑‑

On the long field goal by K Cody Parkey: "We just run out there and kick it, kick it straight.  I've got total confidence in him.  I've seen him kick 50‑yarders since he's been here, and it's well within his distance.  We always go over pregame, and [special teams coordinator Dave] Fipp goes out there and charts with the kickers and what distance he's good for and what distance he's not good for.  We took a little shot there, I thought we had [TE Brent] Celek on the pass play. We missed it, so just trot the kicker out there.  It was 3rd and 8, so we knew we were going to throw it in that situation, and we missed the pass to Celek, so Cody has got to go out and kick a field goal, and that was the difference in the game."

On whether or not Jackson was talking to the Eagles bench: "No, I didn't hear anything from him, and I didn't see any of that to be honest with you."

On the decision to go with RB Chris Polk as a kickoff return man: "Yeah, we were excited just to have Chris back, and [asked] how do we get him back into the fold.  He's healthy.  I asked him if his hamstring was sore after the run.  But he's healthy, he's a productive player, we need to get him back there.  It was in a lot of our thoughts, but he got hurt so early in camp, we never had a chance to get him there.  But Coach Fipp was working him in special teams and he had a real good feel for what we were trying to do in the return game, and we felt like we were going to be able to get a return on them, that they weren't a team that was kicking it through the end zone, so we felt like we had a pretty good chance in the kick return game to get something going there. Chris came up big.  That was a big answer for us after that first drive that they had."

On coming from behind three weeks in a row: "Yeah, we don't talk about getting down or anything like that.  We just talk about playing each possession, and I think that's the important thing.  It was a strange game just from how many ‑‑ the lack of possessions we had in the first half, hadn't really been involved in that before, and when you answer with a kick return for touchdown then the defense goes back out on the field, you're kind of sitting there for a long time.  Then we throw our first pass and Mac takes it ‑‑ should have been a touchdown, and we got a penalty called, but it was kind of just a weird up‑and‑down kind of game.  They were playing the short ball control passing game, their quarterback [QB] Kirk [Cousins] did an outstanding job all day long in trying to take what our defense gave him and it was just tough for us to get on the field. But when we get on the field, you can't say, 'Boy, we wish we were on the field more.' So you've got to take advantage of it when you're on the field, and I think offensively we moved the ball fairly well.  We stalled a couple times in the second half.  That was disappointing.  But overall for what we had to play with up front, that was a pretty good day."

On play of linebackers Marcus Smith, Casey Matthews and Emmanuel Acho: "Yeah, it's tough really from where I'm standing during the game to kind of see where those guys were.  I know [defensive coordinator] Billy [Davis] and [inside linebackers coach Rick] Minter's plan was to rotate Casey and Acho in there, keep those guys fresh, and we thought about in passing situations when we moved Marcus in there that he can give you some help in some nickel situations.  I didn't see anything glaringly wrong from what they did, but I can't sit here and say they played outstanding, either, until I really watch the tape tomorrow."

On confidence in C David Molk: "Well, that's what we've got, so that's what we've got to do.  I'm confident Molk knows what's going on."

On what Foles did differently today that he did not do previously this season: "Well, he won.  But he did that the first two weeks, also.  I just thought he stood in there and threw the football and delivered it on time in a lot of cases.  We talked about a little bit earlier that pass he had right at the end of the first half was a huge throw for us.  Hitting Maclin again down the seam was a big throw for us, and then biding time a little bit on that last play right there at the end of the game and zipping it in to Casey just made ‑‑ I think when it was necessary, he came up with some big‑time throws, and we needed every single one of them today."

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