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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

Did Cody Parkey show you enough to be the kicker? "I'm not going to make any cuts.  I know you're going to ask that question, but we're not making any cuts right now.  We'll go back, evaluate the tape, sit down and make decisions on everybody on our team."

He made some big kicks there, obviously, two over 50. Just joining the team recently, were you impressed with what you saw?

"Yeah, that's why we brought him in to give Alex [Henery] some competition, and again, we'll go through everything, what the whole week was like with him and make decisions tomorrow."

Even with one game and a couple practices, is it tough to make a decision?

"It's tough to make any decision when you're cutting anybody.  That's the one thing, they're still human beings on that side of the ball.  So I don't look at it that way.  I look at it as tomorrow's not a real good day and Saturday's not a good day.  You have 22 guys that are not going to make the team."

How do you feel about the length of the evaluation process of the kicker?

"The length of the evaluation is what it is.  I was asked the same question last week.  We have to do it just based upon what it is.  We can't call and ask for another game, we have to do it based on the information that we have."

When you went into the game, did you know when you wanted Parkey to kick, what distance you wanted to see him at?

"No, we didn't.  Because you never know what the distance is going to be.  You could say hey, we want to kick it at this distance, but you may never have gotten into that distance.  So we didn't have any set numbers in terms of how we were going to do it or how the game was going to express itself.  You could have gone out there and not been productive offensively and not had any kicks.  It wasn't he gets X, he gets that.  We knew he was going to kick off and we talked about it from there.  Myself and Coach Fipp had an ongoing conversation."

You wanted an extended look at Matt Barkley [QB], how did he do?

"I thought Matt did a nice job.  Probably wanted that one throw back in the first quarter, but besides that, I thought he treated this week like he was a starter.  That's why we wanted to make sure he was starting right from the jump.  I thought he did a nice job.  He threw some good balls in there.  I thought we caught the ball really well on the offensive side of the ball.  By and large we protected really well.  So I think overall the offense was productive and thought he did a good job."

What did you see out of Henry Josey?  He's gotten a lot of reps this preseason?

"Yeah, he has.  That's why it's a good team to come to if you're an undrafted free agent, you're going to get a lot of looks.  I thought Henry made a good statement in the games he had a chance to get in there.  He made plays.  He came from a similar type scheme from Missouri in terms of running the zone play and things like that.  I thought he had a good feel for the game.  So I was happy with the production we got out of him today.  We had a couple guys banged up, so he probably took the ball more today than we had planned on.  But we didn't have a set number on anybody.  But all of a sudden, when Kenjon and Tuck went down for a little bit there, we just had to go with the one guy."

How has Henry Josey done throughout camp in pass protection?

"He's still working on all those things.  He's still a rookie.  So whether he was drafted in the first round or whether he was an undrafted free agent, there are still a lot of things for him to work on.  But he's had a really, really productive camp for us."

Do you weigh something like that heavily when you come to your last few running back spots?

"We weigh everything.  There is not one more than another.  It's not, hey, he's this.  It's you've got to put them all together and analyze them.  How do they fit into this scheme offensively and special teams wise."

What has Damaris Johnson showed you this preseason?

"Same thing.  The one thing I think with all those guys and we were talking about it on the head set at the end of the game, there were a lot of guys that really made plays today.  I think they made some decisions that we're going to have to make are going to be difficult.  But ultimately we have to get to 53 on Saturday by 4p.m.  So I think he made some really good plays.  He's got some versatility.  He got in there at running back and made good plays in there.  He showed us the skills we know of as a returner.  Made a couple big catches across the middle on some of those play passes when they were playing two deep, and we had to work the middle of the field, so I thought Damaris [Johnson WR] played well tonight and did a really nice job."

On the 53-yard field goal, it looked like both kickers were ready to go.  Was the decision made right before?

"Yeah, right before that.  We talked about it earlier.  We didn't know how the kicking game was going to express itself.  You may never get the ball over the 50 and may never have an opportunity to kick a field goal.  So we just let the game play itself out and just kind of talked.  Both of them were ready to go.  I just kept going back and forth with Dave in terms of who he's going to put in the game."

You didn't play Brad Smith [WR] didn't.  Was that a groin thing?

"No, we we've seen enough of Brad, we didn't need to see him.  Most of our key contributors weren't there.  Boykin didn't play, Nolan Carroll didn't play.  Same thing with Brad, he'll be ready to go on Monday."

Was Polk not playing injury related?

"Yeah, Chris [Polk RB] was not able to go.  It was a physical thing."

Were you disappointed Chris [Polk RB] couldn't get out there?

"We have no control over it.  If his leg isn't healthy, he can't go.  That's unfortunate for Chris because I know how much he wants to be out there, but that's the game.  He can't do anything about it.  He's done everything he can from a rehab standpoint.  It's not like he's not doing what he needs to do.  He's done everything.  I really feel for Chris because I know how much he wants to be out there."

How much does the versatility of Damaris Johnson play into your decisions?

"I think it plays in at every position.  When you're talking if you're not the starter what is your contribution on teams, especially at the wide receiver, running back, tight end, linebacker, defensive back, and obviously the offensive and defensive line are a little different, but that has to be the whole factor.  So that's where we have some difficult decisions, that is a positive, for us as an organization that there are so many battles that we have to kind of hash out tomorrow and Saturday.  But it's also still tough because you're going to have to tell some people that they didn't make the team."

In Barkley's case where was he this time a year ago?

"He's a year older.  That was a joke.  You've got to laugh at that one.  We got nothing out of that one (laughing)."

But statistically there is a clear difference with Barkley?

"Yeah, he's not a rookie anymore.  He's been here for a year.  He had a really good off season program for us.  You know, you saw a lot of maturation with a lot of those guys that are in year two that all of a sudden the game has slowed down for him a little bit.  He makes some really good decisions in terms of putting the football on people, so he's way ahead of where he was last year at this time.  But I think hopefully that's expected.  If someone was where they were a year ago and he had only been here since just preseason camp you'd be disappointed.  But I'm happy with the direction Matt's headed in."

When you talked about the cuts the other day and you really showed heart and how tough is it for you?  I just get a sense it's one of the more difficult things you have to do with a football team.  How difficult is that for you?

"I think it's difficult.  You really don't have to do it in college.  You can carry 105 guys on your team.  When people walk on, you don't have to make cuts.  You make decisions of who is going to play in the game.  But it's everybody's goal to play in this league.  We told them on the first day and I said it before, you've got 90 days and you've got to cut to 53.  There is math that goes on there.  If you don't make our team, we hope you make another team.  Sometimes you sit there and you see some guys and it's difficult.  You wish, I'll tell you one thing, I wish I could buy stock in people, because there are some people… Alejandro Villanueva - I'd buy stock in him as a human being.  He's going to be successful.  He told me when I talked about the reasons we were cutting him loose.  He said, coach, successful people have to make difficult decisions.  You don't have to explain anything to me."

Is that important?

"It is important.  That's when the reality part of it sets in.  What he's done and the type of person he is, and then you've got to be able to tell him that he's not going to be able to make it right now.  So that's why times are difficult."

You talk to every one?

"Yeah, I talk to everyone, our position coach talks to everyone."

Do you ever get emotional when you tell a player you've really done a good job?

"Probably, yeah, at times you get close to these guys.  We're with them for a heavy chunk of time."

When you look at big picture, how do you feel about this team going into the season? "I feel like we're headed in the right direction.  I'm not a prediction guy, but I think I feel we're headed in the right direction is the best way to say it."

Did you show some pistol looks tonight if there was a pistol, what's that give you offensively?

"Yeah, we showed those earlier games when the back is offset, not offset from the quarterback you can run plays in either direction.  But we've run that a couple other times in the preseason.  But it's something that's always been in for us."

Are you comfortable enough with your two kickers that one of them will be the guy week one and you don't have to go looking elsewhere?

"I can't answer that question, so I don't    we'll see how it all plays out in the next day or so and what happens on other teams.  You have to keep an eye on what's going on.  You don't gain anything by saying this.  We're going to analyze it and ultimately make the best decision for this team, that's what we're going to do.  We're going to gather all the information before we do it."

Your thought process on the nose tackles and their reps

"Bennie [Logan DT] didn't get a lot of reps early, so there were some guys that we needed to get reps that we just felt like those guys needed snaps.  And I think Bennie will be the first to tell you he needed snaps.  Didn't play in the second half, but we wanted to get him some snaps in the first half.  Of course at camp, he probably didn't have as many snaps as Cedric or Fletch.  So I wouldn't read anything into it.  It was just a matter of making sure we had enough of Bennie and Bennie came out of it healthy.  So we'll build upon it from there."

Has Chris told you of [Matt] Tobin's [T] injury?

"I haven't gotten any updates.  But from what everybody told me, I think Tobin had an ankle.  I think Kenjon had an ankle and Tuck had a shoulder.  So I think they'll obviously update me tomorrow, but there was nothing.  They just said they weren't going to be able to finish a game, but they didn't say anything else after that."

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